Monday, October 19, 2009

Me = Awesome

So it's Monday morning and I just discovered that I'm Awesome!! Well OK, I already knew I was awesome but now I have proof!! And you already knew I was awesome because you read my blogs. And my blogs just scream Awesome. Wait? What? You want to see proof?! What kind of people are you? Geez. Okay, here goes....

How I spent my Sunday (or the awesome adventures of me...)

First, I wrote my blog which wasn't all that awesome of a blog at first glance, but if you remark my usage of the word "nonplussed" as Mark so kindly did you will indeed see that it is awesome. Why? Because I used it correctly!! Woot woot. Because I'm awesome. And I know that I used it correctly, because on Jenny's blog today there was a link to this article- Nine Words That Don't Mean What You Think They Mean. And "nonplussed" is one of the words. Which could mean I'm just a nerd and incredibly geeky, but since it's my blog I'm going to go with it pointing to the fact that I'm awesome!

Then, I decided to play around on the computer and since Mo had asked me to set her up a blog site so that she could start blogging I decided to do that. And this is what the incredible genius that is me came up with- Life, Love and Luluness. It's very cute and very her and took hours to figure out! I did, however, get a "Thanks Mom! You're Awesome!" out of it. All that's left is for her to actually blog. Because I'm not doing that for her too!!!

After all of this awesomeness, I decided I needed a break. So Sean and I put on hoodies and headed outside for that walk! Now, I do have a chronic condition and walking very far is not something I can do anymore. Well, I can, but then I end up unable to walk that night and part of the next day. So we headed down our drive and to the cemetery that is across the road from out mailbox. I'd been wanting to take some photos of it anyway. So all in all it was a 1/2 mile walk and some traipsing in the cemetery. I know, not far, but enough to completely tighten one calf muscle and give my legs the jumpy twitches after I got home. But soooo worth it. I live in a beautiful spot and the weather, though windy, was awesome. And then I made a slide show of my photos!!

And if you made it through the whole thing- yay you! I played around with my editing software some. I think the photos came out well (because I'm awesome) even though I desperately need/want/better get a new camera. So that was my day of awesomeness. Oh and yes, I did make my family dinner, fold some laundry, and cuddle on the couch with my hubby for a bit. So I got those everyday tasks accomplished too. =] Why can't every day be Sunday??!

The only unawesome part of my day was when I asked my hubby to go down and play Laundry Room CSI for me because I was making his dinner and feeding the cats (who were circling my legs like a group of hungry sharks).

my hubby: (repeating my question rather incredulously) you want me to scoop the cat boxes?

Me: (staring back at him open mouthed) my gosh, you said that like I'd just asked you to cut your leg off!

my hubby: well, more like my left nut but whatever. (this is a guy who routinely has to dig up and fix the camp's septic systems. And clean latrines and shower houses. Is cat poop really that much grosser than human poop?? I think NOT!)

He did indeed scoop. But it may have been because I was waving my wooden spoon around rather wildly. I've been told I'm scary when I have the wooden spoon in my hand.

basking in my awesomeness (and yours),


  1. You accompished all that in one day! are awesome!

    You scared him into submission with a wooden spoon. LOL! I'm going to have to try that one.

  2. Great slide show ... beautiful pics.

    One could say ... wait for it ... awesome!

  3. A: totally awesome.
    B: a great slideshow.
    C: cat poop is grosser than human poop.
    D: still waiting for the perfect blog post in which to use the word nonplussed.
    Here are the beginning words for A thru D. Place them appropriately;
    Wow that was fun, I may try a whole post of fill in the blanks

  4. Well. I'm glad I had a cocktail with which to be well hydrated during all your awesomeness.

    Because there was quite a bit.

    Of awesomeness, that is.

    Photos are awesome....hubby scooping the cat poop is gross-awesome....

    You maniacally waiving a wooden spoon at him is scary-awesome....

    And that's the news of the day. Back to you, Spot.

  5. Heather~ thanks. I can be productive (awesome) at times. Unfortunately it's not an everyday occurrence. That's why I feel the need to point it out when I achieve it! And yes indeed, wield that wooden spoon woman!

    Danica~ thanks! The pics actually look better when the slide show is bigger and they aren't all pixely but it took me like an hour to get this one to upload so I just went with it! Glad you liked them. Photographer is just one of the many creative things I wish I was!

    Mark~ fantabulous fill in the blank! Except maybe mix up those last words a little more. Make it more of a challenge. Throw in some words that don't fit! Haha. I will peruse your blog dilligently for the word "nonplussed". Wait? Is this a trick to ensure my reading?! Because you don't need tricks. I would read yours anyway.

    Kathryn~ I'm glad you're staying hydrated. I just hydrated myself with a friend. No, we were not discussing my awesomeness. Scary-awesome is still good right?