Monday, October 5, 2009

And you're gonna do that when?

So first off today….lets have a big “Woot Woot”. I have 11 followers!! That’s double digits baby! I know, to some of you…that’s small bananas, but I’m thrilled! Of course, I was thrilled with the first follower. I’m kind of easy to please that way. My sister says I live my life with totally no regard to whether others approve or not, and she envies that. And for the most part it’s true. I have come to the “it’s my life, I live it the way I think best, and the only person I’m responsible to is the one I see in the mirror each night” philosophy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love validation. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear people say “I like the way you do that”. I don’t think you can ever truly get past wanting some recognition of a job well done. Whether it be, raising your kids, keeping your house clean, writing a blog. A pat on the back is always welcome. I do these things to please myself but that doesn’t mean I don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling when someone says “Your kids are great”, “Your house looks amazing”, or “You crack me up”. So thank you, thank you, thank you lovely followers, commenters, and lurkers. I love you one and all. On to today’s post:

No. I did not put this picture up so you could focus on how dirty my windows are. Nope, not so you could ask why I have a frosted glass full of sponge paintbrushes. Not why there is a three pack of scented bubble blow. Nor why there is a little glass jar of xmas tree light replacement bulbs. Focus people! Obviously, this is my kitchen window sill, right above the sink. Did you notice the strange white powder all over it? Yep, so did I.

And I called my hubby into the kitchen and said~

Me: Um, I’m a little afraid to ask, but what in the heck is that white stuff all over the window sill?!

Him: Sh*t! I meant to clean that up. I guess I got the sink and forgot the sill.

Me: uh huh. But what is it?

Him: Well, I was putting dishwasher soap in the dishwasher last night and we’re almost out and the powder was all clumped in the box. So I shut the box and I was shaking the h*ll out of it to break it up and the little metal thing flew off and powder went everywhere!

Me: (giggling hysterically) You are such a Goob! That’s hysterical.

Him: Btw, you should probably put that on the grocery list.

Me: duh.

Him: Don’t worry about it, I’ll clean it up.

Me: okay.

So that conversation was pretty humorous, right? The picture of my husband shaking the box of soap (probably hard enough to pulverize the lump of soap) and then it going everywhere? And my complete and utter surprise and confusion when I found the powder all over the sill? Right, I was even giggling myself. That day . But I’m not giggling anymore. Know why? Because I took that picture this morning!!! Five days after the preceding conversation. Remember the “don’t worry hun, I’ll clean it up’? Apparently I should have asked for an estimated date that he might accomplish this. You know like which century? Argh!

So I’m taking the picture this morning and my son, Sean asks- “what are you doing?”

And I tell him. “Huh.” he says. “I’m not sure what’s funnier~ the fact that dad forgot to clean it up, or the fact that I never even noticed it.”

These are the men I live with. It’s okay to feel sorry for me. Go ahead. I do.

Washing the windowsill (because damnit, someone has to)


  1. Love it! My husband is that way with his's like he totally doesn't see them on the floor...every where on-the-floor! They must be blind.

  2. I've never done that before.

    Well specifically I've never done that before, but on the topic of similar things... well I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me.

  3. So, I don't have dishwasher soap all over my window sill...but, I have 9 day-old dirty camoflauge laying on the floor of my laundry room waiting to be "specially" washed with "special" soap by my husband. Yep, special soap. For his special clothes. Waiting. I understand. And I feel sorry for you, as I feel sorry for myself. =)

  4. Now, seriously. Would a woman even think to shake the hell out of the box of dishwasher detergent in the first place?
    I think not.
    It's such a is not cleaning it up. I'm sorry, but it's true!

  5. Kid~ I have decided that men definately have some kind of selective eyesight. My husband can shoot some tiny little clay round thing (yes, I know they're called pigeons, but they don't even look like pigeons) a gazillion yards off with one eye closed, but he can't see a full trashcan right in front of him...hmmm...there's got to be a name for this disorder!

    JP~pleading the 5th are we? Very diplomatic of you.

    Mindy~ indeed! Because it has to be "special scent free" detergent right?! Because otherwise the deer/turkey/lion/bear might "smell" them, right? Yeah. I got that down. If you're ever mad at him...just throw in a dryer sheet. OMG honey!!! I'm sooooo sorry. It's just habit. *snicker snicker*

    K~I might. If it was the last of the detergent. Only because it's too far to run to the store. But more likely I would have just washed the dishes. Geez. I wanna be a guy.


  6. LMAO! My life can only be so amusing.

  7. okay let me calm down from my giggles.

    As I am new to Blogger, I also have gotten excited to see I now have 3 followers. Thanks to you. I hope I wont bore you too often.

    That was hilarious! I DO have to ask to a timeline and even that doesn't always produce results.