Friday, October 23, 2009

Kreativ? Who Moi?

Actually, whoever thought up the spelling for this award is the creative one. But I'm just happy they made the award, and someone was nice enough to pass it to me to worry about why they spell funny or go all grammar Nazi like Amber on them. So without further ado~ The Kreativ Blogger award~

What I'm supposed to do is write 7-10 facts about me then pass the “Kreativ Blogger’ award on to other favorite bloggers of mine. So read on...if you dare:

1.) This one's pretty obvious if you have read any of my previous blogs this month. I am addicted to all things "ghostly". I love horror fiction, horror movies, haunted houses (yes, even the cheesy man made ones), ghost tours, documentaries about the paranormal and the shows on TV. But not all of them. I looovee Ghost Hunters but not Ghost Adventures. I will even watch grade "B" horror movies just because I am so addicted. October is by far my favorite month and Halloween my favorite Holiday. I can give you a lecture on it's beginnings, traditions and whatnot. One day I'm going to do an overnight lock in and one of America's most haunted locations. I even found a tour group that does them! Woot woot!

2.) I believe firmly in reincarnation. I know this seems to go with number one, but it really doesn't. I have this strong belief for two reasons #1 was a dream I had once that was so vivid and lifelike I woke up crying and missing someone I had never met. #2 is because I had this amazing sense of familiarity when my family visited Scotland as a teen. I could pick things out, tell where we were and just felt like I'd "come home" the whole time I was there. #3 is because of my youngest son. He spoke accurately and with great detail about his sheep farm he used to have in the Australian outback when he was three. Right down to how his daughter broke her arm and the helicopter had to come to take her to the hospital because it was so far away. At 3!! He would walk around in his little cowboy boots shaking his head and looking confused and saying "I'm a stranger around here". It was eerie. We were briefly involved in a study that the University of NC was doing at the time.

3.) I hate red stuff. Drinks, candy, food. Not a fan of the red stuff. I only eat green, orange and yellow Starburst or Skittles. I won't touch the purple, pink or red ones. I don't drink red Kool-aid. Or eat red licorice or lifesavers or cough drops. I don't know why I have this odd aversion. But I do. There are some notable exceptions...I love "Fruit Juicy Red" Hawaiian Punch. I eat ketchup every now and then. I love marinara. And I love red wine. Weird, huh?

4.) I have Fibromyalgia and the worst immune system in the world. And yes, skeptical people Fibro is a very real disease. You can click the above link for more info. I was skeptical myself until it stopped me in my tracks and derailed my hustle bustle lifestyle. I try not to let it keep me from doing things I love but I do have to make some concessions. My body and I are engaged in a wary truce. I have a theory that this is how you differentiate people with very real chronic conditions and hypochondriacs. People with real chronic conditions try very hard to function as normally as possible, they are still sympathetic when others are in pain, and they try not to complain because they are convinced that everyone is sick of listening to that bullshit. Hypochondriacs milk any excuse to stay in bed. Tell you all about it because they want sympathy. And are quite sure that they have the worst pain/sickness/misery of anybody anywhere. I have a very low tolerance for hypochondriacs and whiners.

5.) My secret crush is...drum roll please...Stephen King. Mmmmk. So not a secret. I have read every book, article, short story, made up biography every written by him or about him. I also kind of crush on his son Joe Hill. It's not really about looks just about their fantastic minds and creative abilities. My friend Roxy went to Maine this summer and I actually asked her to take a picture of the front of his house. Unfortunately, she didn't get to. I don't even know what I would have done with it...but I still wanted it. When I see a trailers for a good scary movie I often wonder if Mr. King is anticipating that same movie. Or if he's going "why didn't I think of that?!" Crazy. Yes. Obsessed stalker fan? No...pshaw.

6.)I'm easy to please. Really. I get excited over the silliest stuff. A new movie. A new book. I love the anticipation! A pretty view. A new episode of my favorite show. A good conversation with someone. Making a new friend. A really good coupon. My cat who purrs when I just look at her. Someone else cleaning something up in the house. A snickers bar. A compliment. Really really easy to please.

7.) I'm nearly always cheery. I'm that friend people go to to get cheered up. I can find a silver lining in anything. And no matter how bad the situation, I can make you laugh. This is a choice I make. I waded through a very dark period in my life and now I make a conscious decision to look for the "happy" in everything. I allow very little time for "feeling sorry for myself". And I get angry with people who wallow in their misery. Everyone has bad stuff happen (and be sure, that someones stuff, somewhere is way worse than yours!) I think you acknowledge that stuff, give yourself a small time for grief, and go on. And happy people live longer. It's like a scientific fact. Seriously. Read this if you don't believe me.

8.) I'm not religious in an organized go to church every Sunday kind of way. I'm spiritual. I have my own beliefs and I believe in them. I don't just say them because I think I'm supposed to. I also do not try to shove them down anyone else's throat. And I don't think they are the only true beliefs. I respect everyone else's beliefs and their right to differ from mine. I love people with strong beliefs, even when they are different. Because passion for what you believe in is what gets you through tough times. Okay...except when that passion makes you strap on explosives and kill people in the name of your beliefs. That's obsession. And I can't really see any higher being condoning that. Like "that's take out those non-believers!" Yeah, can't see that.

Okay...I could probably go on for days...but I'm stopping here. And passing the torch to others! My peep picks are:

1.) Mark
2.) Carolyn
3.) Danica
4.) Gay guy/Straight Guy (yes that means two separate posts!)
5.) whispering writer
6.) Heather
7.) Hildi(NO! This is not like giving it to myself! I'm giving it to Hildi, for her funny if somewhat infrequent posts!)

Thanks to everyone who wades through my oftentimes ridiculously long blogs and comments and returns! Thanks again to Amber for both of my awards. They look so pretty in my sidebar! And I can't wait to read the posts of the bloggers I chose!!!


PS- yes, tomorrow we're back to the scary!


  1. Congrats on your award!

    And thanks for passing it on to me.

    I also enjoy the ghost shows and believe in reincarnation.

  2. Wonderful post, Spot! It's great learning more about you...your passions and poisons!

    Congrats on your award...and congrats to all the recipients! More great blogs to read and some of my (already) favs....God, you have good taste.


  3. We are thrilled and honored. Thank you so much for the recognition.

    I am always impressed by folks who are fearless when it comes to blogging about their beliefs and inner thoughts. I am not nearly that brave.

    Keep up the good work. But I like (and eat) red.

    Thanks again.

  4. Two awards on one day? its about time your awesomeness was rewarded!

  5. whispering writer~ Thank you! And congrats to you. I just started reading your blog but I enjoy it alot! It never fails to make me laugh and your kids are adorable!

    Kathryn~ thanks lady! I'm glad you like my choices and thanks for the congrats. It's kinda like christmas. Lol. I hope you noted that I tagged you for a well deserved award in the post just before this one!

    Straight Guy~ Hmmm...if I'd known you like (eat) red seriously, I won't hold it against you! And you guys deserve the award. I really enjoy your blogs. I may or may not be too outspoken Thanks for the compliment!

    Mark~ why thank you sir! It was fabulous. Of course only my fellow blogbuds truly understand. Everyone else is like huh? what? oh that's nice. And me's freakin fantastic! I'm the queen of the world! Okay, not really but close. lol.


  6. You have an awesome voice, Spot! (Plus you look out for us chickens - huge.) Congrats on your awards. I'm sure there are many more in your future, but given your powers, you probably already know when and where. Revel in 'em Babe!

  7. You are awesome! Congrats on your award, very well deserved.

    Thank you so much for passing it on to me and for thinking I deserve one. Just adds to your awesomeness!!

    I think I figured out how to put it on my page, we'll see!

    P.s. Pics of Stephen King's house. I got 2 but they don't show the great detail of the gargoyles and spider web gates. Will put them in my wednesday post.

    Again, THANKS!!

  8. Cynica~ Thank you so much for the compliments! Your posts are really funny too, just infrequent (much like my sisters, lol). And no, that's the best thing, my spidey sense did not kick in and I was suprised. Yay!

    Heather- Thank you and you so totally deserved it! If you have trouble with the images you can get the code at or I can email it too you. Simple as pie. Pie that took me 3 hours to make that And pics of Stephen's house?!?! Oh bless you most amazing blogbud!


  9. Hey Spot. Sorry about not reciprocating sooner. It has been an odd couple of days.

    Call me a technotard, but I am not 100% certain what I need to do here. (Could be my lack of attention span...)

    If you have an interest in emailing me the road map ... like Marky Mark ... I will oblige.


    Loved your post!

  10. Thanks for the kudos Spot! I know you so much better after reading all that. And I'm a chicken and am scared of all things ghost. I'm pretty sure Stephen King must be a goblin to be able to think all that up. And my mother-in-law is a hypochondriac and you just nailed the definition.

  11. Danica~ I'm sorry I didn't see this until today, but you did your post brilliantly without my help!

    Carolyn~ Thank you for the comment. A goblin, huh? Maybe. That or just weird like me. And I think everyone knows at least one hypochodriac!