Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bedtime Conversation...

So last night, when my hubby came to bed I was still awake. Yes, I know it was 12:30 am but I was trying to finish the book I was reading and I’d taken a really good nap while watching TV from 7:30 to 9:00. So he comes in and lays down and we have the following conversation:

Me: So your sister called tonight.

Him: Which one?

Me: The annoying one. I didn’t feel like talking to her though so I didn’t answer.

Him: Uh huh.

Me: So you’ll never guess…she was calling about the freakin holidays already!!! It’s only what? October 3rd? Oh shit…it’s your Gma’s bday. You shoulda called her.

Him: Yeah. Ugh. I hate the holidays.

Me: Yeah so she’s all chipper like “I’m trying to get everything all organized for the holidays. Thanksgiving with Dad’s side is at my house at 1:30 just like last year. And we’re gonna do Christmas with his side on the 27th of December. That’s a Sunday . At 1:00.” Did we even go to her house for Thanksgiving last year? Because I don’t remember. In fact, seriously I don’t remember Thanksgiving at all last year. Maybe I was sick and stayed home? Cause when it comes to Thanksgiving last year, dude, I got nothing.

Him: (Thinks)I don’t remember either.

Me: Well we weren’t with my folks because they all came here last Christmas so my parents must have went to Dani’s for Thanksgiving. I can’t believe I can’t remember Thanksgiving! But this year it’ll be at my mom’s since Christmas is at my sisters.

Him: I don’t know if I can handle both holidays with your family.

Me: What? As opposed to your family?? Are you freakin kidding me? Besides, we probably won’t make it to Dani’s for Christmas. Since Mo went to Iowa instead of Ohio we’d have to get a hotel and Mo won’t be able to go since she works retail and Luke’s folks will want to see them too. Maybe next year when they move to Ohio.

Him: whew. I was not looking forward to that.

Me: why?

Him: all of us in one place all day.

Me: um. That’s how it is when we go to my mom’s for a holiday.

Him: hmm.

Me: so this is one of the easy Christmases. We only have to go to you Gma’s on Christmas day.

Him: Those are the best holidays. When we only have one place to go and it’s only for an hour or so.

Me: Yeah. Then we come home and you take the boys hunting and I have the house to myself. And not that I don’t love you guys, but after all the cooking, shopping, wrapping, decorating- you know those things you totally never ever help with- I’m ready for a rest.

Him: I hate Christmas. Once Sean turns 18, I’m done. No more Christmas. If you think I don’t do anything now, just wait.

Me: Um. Hun, the only way you could do less towards Christmas is if you were dead.

Him: I’m working on it.

Me: That’s not fair! Don’t give me hope like that! I know you don’t mean it.

Him: Oh I’m working on it. Believe me. One hostess cupcake at a time…

At this point, we both rolled over to go to sleep. But 5 minutes later I rolled over quickly and said ~

Me: Wait!!! I do remember Thanksgiving!

Him: Mmuph? (I’m pretty sure he was already asleep)

Me: No. Nevermind. That had to be Easter.

Him: We went to my sister’s for Easter?

Me: I think so. Because Mo was showing off her tattoo and she didn’t get that til February.

Him: Was I there?

Me: Um. Duh. It was your family.

Him: Who else was there?

Me: Your Gma, your Dad, your brother and his wife, your sisters….

Him: Huh. Okay. Want to get naked?

Me: Not so much.

Him: K. Goodnight.

I love our bedtime convos. And I still can't remember Thanksgiving.

wondering how you lose a holiday,


  1. Oh, man! Isn't it frustrating when you can't remember something? I can relate though...I tend to block out most of our holidays with my hubby's family. And somehow..."wanna get naked?" works its' way in to every conversation me and the hubby have. Hmm... =) Love your blog and look forward to reading more!

  2. HA! Favorite line: "Um. Hun, the only way you could do less towards Christmas is if you were dead." HA!
    What is it about conversations that make 'em so much fun to read?? You got a serious bark of laughter out of me for that one!

  3. Why is it that holidays are supposed to be so freakin happy and I'm always dreading them ....and I'm hosting so no travel.

    I think it's the thought of being with all of my family in one shot...almost feel like someone is continuing throwing pie in my face.

    btw, found you via I don't care for your tone and LOVE you...

    Btw, your SIL calling on 10/3 about the holidays isn't bad. When my sister used to host the emails started in AUGUST...

  4. Mindy~ thanks for stopping by and commenting and finding me humorous. As you will note, you were already on my blogroll. =] And yes, after nearly 20 years, all traces of romance have been replaced by "wanna get naked"? Glad to know, I'm not alone.

    Kathryn~ glad you enjoyed that bit! That is exactly what I said, in a very sarcastic voice because, it's true! The man has always hated christmas. My favorite line in the whole convo was...I'm trying, one hostess cupcake at a time. His cholesterol is high and he's not allowed to have Hostess anything, I don't even buy them, and yet...I still find Hostess wrappers in odd places. As heart attack seems to be the majority cause of death in his profession, I try to safeguard against it. Unfortunately, he thwarts me at every turn.

    Little Miss~ It is always a pleasure to meet someone new. Thank you for stopping by, commenting, and enjoying! I will stop on over to your site today. About your SIL, Really?! What is up with these women? Maybe they should get hobbies. When I host Christmas, you're lucky if you know what time we're eating by Christmas Eve. Geez.