Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I cannot tell a lie...

So I'm pretty much an idiot I've decided. Now, that may come as a big surprise to some of you, but not so much to others. "Why?" you ask. "What is this idiotic thing you've done Spot?". I've forgotten some things. This really isn't all that unusual of an occurrence for me. I forget things alot. Whether it's because of my age, my fibromyalgia, or my general spaciness I couldn't say. But it is the reason I make notes for myself and write a hundred sticky notes a day so I remember things. But the sad fact is that sometimes I still forget.

So this was going to be a post where I gathered up all the sweet stuff people have awarded me in the last couple of months and do the requirements and pass them out. But...I saved the award pictures, but wasn't smart enough to write down where they came from. Brilliant, huh? So I'm looking at the cute award pics going...??? So I will be doing some hunting and figuring that out and doing that post later this week. But I did receive one over the weekend and since I do remember from whence it came, I'll do it today!

I was quite lucky to have Jimmy over at Just My Opinion, decide that I am honest. Thank you very much Jimmy!! Now, those of you who have been reading this blog for some time, know that my biggest pet peeve is honesty and sincerity, or the lack thereof. I believe honesty is always the best policy. It doesn't have to be brutal, but it does have to be honest. And I pull no punches with this blog. I'm honest with you all, but most of all, I'm honest with myself. So without further ado...

The Rules Are:

1. Thank the person giving you the award.
2. Post a link to their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Post 7 tidbits you're readers don't know.
5. Hand it out to ten other bloggers.
6. Post links to their blogs.
7. Post a link letting those bloggers know.

Hmmm...7 tidbits you don't know about me yet? That's a toughie...

1. I've recently started doing freelance writing. I'm not going to get rich anytime soon, but apparently 40 is not too old to start a new career. Especially if it's the one you've always wanted. I have Kathryn to thank for that. She has been a mentor, passing on info, pushing me to get my work out there, and answering zillions of dumb questions about finance stuff, contracts and deadlines. She's an amazing woman who not only believes in "paying it forward", she always does it and encourages others to do the same.

2. I've recently started submitting works of fiction again. Okay, this is the honesty award...I submitted one story to one magazine. I got a lovely rejection email (aren't computers great? You can now be rejected ten times faster!). It made my stomach hurt to submit it (seriously, as soon as I pressed "send", I almost vomited). I haven't submitted since. But I will.

3. I've recently come to the conclusion that I suck at writing movie reviews. Thus the failure of What Spot Saw. They are much harder to write than I thought they'd be. I'm going to delete the blog and just pass along movie info here. I really want to do another blog with some fiction on it.

4. I hate waiting. It makes me horribly insecure. Waiting for a potential employer to get back to me, waiting on a rejection/acceptance letter, waiting on a phone call. Really, I start second guessing, and doubting my abilities until I'm convinced that I'm a failure. I know right? So at odds with my personality.

5. I have 3 tattoos. A really awful one on my back right shoulder of a unicorn on a cliff at sunset. Note to self: NEVER let a man who learned how to tattoo in prison give you a tattoo at your kitchen table. Thankfully, I didn't get hepatitis, but I do have a 'not well done' permanent piece of artwork there. I have a beautiful set of three stars (one for each biological child) on my foot. And the word "mother" in Gaelic~ "mathair" on the inside of my right wrist. They were done at an actual tattoo shop by a wonderful artist. I want at least two more. Seriously, they're addicting.

6. I absolutely adore the ocean even though I live no where near it. I try to visit it at least once a year. I love to swim, but even when I can't, just being near the ocean makes me happy. My dream is to live somewhere on the coast eventually. I'm thinking Maine, because I also love mountains and snow.

7. When I'm really really stressed, I get optic migraines. That means I lose vision in one eye and sometimes it doesn't hurt, but other times it's accompanied by sharp shooting pains in the eye. They are relatively rare, happening only about two to three times a year. I've noticed that only two people stress me out enough to actually cause them...Lu and my mother. Go figure.

Whew! That's done. Can I just tell you how hard that was?? Having done these award things before, I feel like there's not much new to tell. Lu called while I was doing this and I told her I was having trouble and she replied "that's because you tell people everything all the time." She's probably right. I feel like readers who've always read this blog already know everything there is to tell. So I hope I didn't repeat myself or bore you! Now to pass on the fun...

1. Dreamfarm Girl~ her blogs are not only honest, they're inspirational. Her writing, much like her quilting, is spectacular. And the way she can liken life to quilt making is truly exceptional.

2. Unabridged Girl~ Mckenzie is nothing if not honest. She's also a brilliantly talented young writer. I never read her blog, that I'm not amazed by the insight she has for someone under 30. This is one writer that I can't wait to see published. (Note to Mckenzie...I'm totally expecting an autographed copy of your first book...)

3. The Dork Side~ this is a young girl who also tells it like it is. I feel like I've come to know her through reading her posts. I know about her ballroom dancing, her creative crafty side, and her writing inspirations. Plus, she's got an adorable blog design. Get to know her!

4. Buggin Word~ Elly is honest. She's also hilarious. If you think I'm funny, you haven't read Elly. But be warned...there are no taboos on Elly's blog so if you are offended don't come running back, pointing fingers. But if you aren't prudish and like to laugh so hard you nearly pee...go, read Elly.

5. Out Numbered Two to One~ she tells it like it is raising four kids from toddler to teen. Another blog I never fail to giggle at.

6. The Grasshopper Tales~ formerly known as Triplets Plus Two Mommy, is sometimes funny, sometimes poignant. She doesn't hold back and that's why I love her blog.

7. The Nerdy Nomad~ C is always honest in her blogs. Sometimes they are about her life, family or friends. Other times they are beautiful photos with vivid descriptions about her travels. Her blog is never boring!! I didn't even know I how beautiful some of those countries were until I visited them via her blog.

8. The Screenplay~ I'm giving this award to Mark, even though he hasn't been able to blog much lately. Because, he's never held back. He's always given us honest emotion. Many times I've read his posts and cried my eyes out. Both in sympathy for him and his family, but also because he reminds me how blessed I am.

9. Platitude Paradise~ Danica never pulls any punches. She gives it to you straight. I know she's been having a rough time lately and not getting to post much. But when she does, she's honest about what she's going through.

10. Murrmurrs~ I'm new to this lady's blog but from what I've seen, she's as honest as they come. And funny too. I've only been reading her blog a short time, but she's down to earth and makes me giggle.

That was soooo hard! There are many more blogs I could pass this too, but most of them already have it and I think that giving it to people who don't gets them some attention they deserve. I also didn't give it to people who don't play. It seems silly to pass it on if the other person won't do the same. I hope nobody got their feelings hurt, because if I read your blog and comment, than you should know that I think you're honest. Simple as that.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Great post. I love honesty, also. BTW, I thought his name was Jimmy at Just My Opinion. I came here the other day from his blog when he passed the awards on.

    Good luck with your writing.

  2. I'm so ashamed. I have four of these that I haven't sorted out and I've forgotten where they are too. Noo!!

    If you submit another story, so will I...

  3. redwray~ thank you so much for the correction! I can't believe I did that. Well, ok, I can believe it. Sorry Jimmy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Tina~ It's on girl. I've got some I'm editing and then we're on to submitting!


  4. Honesty is good. I kick liars in their respective junk/storage. With that, congrats on the award. Now, you can tell me how much you love my return. Oh wait...

  5. Congrats on your award!

    I've been submitting my query letters to agents for my novel. I keep getting rejected. I'm not giving up though. There are lots of agents out there. Surely one of them will love my book?!

  6. Honey, you are so sweet to mention me.

    Congratulations on your award(s)!! You are one of the most down-to-earth, talented writers I know...and I just know that the rest of the world will someday agree.

    We just have to get the ball rolling!

  7. SQUEEE!!!!!!
    Thanks so much Spot! I seriously love these things ^_^

  8. Oh that was a brave move, Spot. I'm pretty sure you're going to loose at least 47 followers if they click on through to my little world. It almost makes me want to change tomorrow's post. Almost...

    For cereals though? Thanks oodles. I'll set that bad boy right here on my mantle.

    Now can we get to the really important part? How bad did the tattoo on your wrist hurt? I'm contemplating getting my next guy there and I hear it's bloody murder. Say it ain't so.

  9. Congrats. Good choices on Dreamfarm Girl and Unabridged Girl...can't wait to check out the others.I need to find out about the fibrmyalgia and forgetfulness connection. My memory started sucking a few years ago. I have fibromyalgia, but have not been recieving treatments (meds) in several years. It got much better when I had a hysterectomy. When it acts up, I just take 800 motrin. Except when I vacation at the ocean (I live in a Beach city but not directly on the water) where I am right at the water, I am in so much pain that the combination of meds still does not make it bearable. Is that crazy or what?! Anyway, It would be nice to be able to pin my fuzzy mind on someting other than aging or dementia.

  10. Congrats on your award and congrats to the winners. I think it is the best award out there!

    Kathryn is a fabulous person!
    Sorry your work got rejected, but it took guts to get it out there. Keep trying, it will happen one day.

    I just know you will move to Maine someday.

  11. Great Post Spot,

    You did so good, it's hard to open up at times but don't you feel so much better after it's all said and done.

    The migraines come and go for me also, and I do love it when they go.

  12. Spot -

    First, I hate waiting, too. And I can't write movie reviews, either. My idea: this is a great movie or this sucks, the end.

    THANK YOU so much for thinking of me, and giving me this lovely award. You are so sweet. And it means the world to me that you beleive in my writing. Thank you, thank you.


    PS Thanks for spelling my name right. XD

  13. Mepsipax~ oh how I missed you...let me count the ways....lol.

    WW~ of course one of them will! It just takes a lot of persistence!

    Kathryn~ Thank you so much! I owe you massively.

    Dorkvader~ You're most welcome girl!

    Elly~ All my followers are still accounted for! I warned them, right? Don't you dare change your post! And the one on the wrist? Piece o'cake. It really didn't hurt much at all.

    Suzicate~ I answered you at length in an email. Thank you fruit loop cheerleader!

    Heather~ thank you for your continued faith in me!

    Jimmy~ oh brother, you know it!

    Una~ You are so very welcome on all counts!


  14. Oh, thank you! That was such a lovely thing to say. I am so honored. Now I must throw a little awards party at my blog and give some away, too. I've been really bad about it! Glad to know I'm not the only one. :-)

  15. I only jest noticed. Gol! Ain't you sweet!