Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy *cough cough* Spring???

First, have I told you peeps how much you mean to mean?? Well consider yourself hugged. And notified. So many get well wishes! And funny comments. And Elly's outrageous comment. Those made me laugh so hard I'm gasping for air. Which is why I kept ineffectually punching Sean in the leg yesterday. Because he'd make me laugh. And then I'd try to sock him one while going "*cough cough* Stop *cough* making me *cough* laugh! *cough cough* I can't *cough* breathe!". So yeah, I'm still sick. Okay Angelia, I hear what you're thinking girl. You sound just like my sister Hildi. "Go to the damn doctor".'s Sunday. So that means I either fight the ER waiting room/docs or go tomorrow to see my doctor. And the ER docs? Not so bright. I've had pneumonia at least once and sometimes twice every winter for the last 20 years. I've been hospitalized for it 6 times and once I had to go to the doctors every day to get IVs, because I begged him not to put me in the hospital (the children were toddlers and I didn't want to leave them). These last few years I end up in the hospital because I've managed to develop allergies to all but a handful of oral antibiotics. So if those don't work, I'm stuck in there on IVs. I hate that.

In those years, I've grown to know my foe. I know how he feels in my lungs. I know how he sounds. I'm pretty sure I can pinpoint the exact moment that his little friends invaded my chest. (Of course it was the middle of the night and I had a fever, so I could just have been trippin). I also know roughly how sick I have to be for the ER doc to get the diagnosis right. If I go to soon he diagnoses a sinus infection, a respiratory virus, the flu, a bladder infection (no joke. true story), an allergic reaction. Three days later, I'm in the hospital because I have pneumonia but the doctor didn't listen. He didn't hear any rales in my chest (because it solidifies in my lungs and you can't hear anything). Did you know that chest x-rays actually lag behind two days?? That the picture they get of your chest is how it looked two days ago. Weird huh? The crazy shit you learn in the hospital!!

So, even though Hildi's yelling. And Lu and Sean are saying, "c'mon mom, let us take you in". My hubby, says "you're mother's right. she's been through this before. She'll know when to go". It's a sad fact. So until then, I'm laying on the couch, watching really weird TV shows and Sean is my caretaker while the others work. He's damn good at his job. Except for not leaving me alone. (Stop watching me sleep kid, you're creeping me out. I promise to keep breathing.) And trying to make me eat. Pneumonia makes me not hungry. (It's the only thing that ever does!!)

So keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow the doctor says "wow. you have pneumonia" and gives me the kick ass drugs so I can get off the damn couch!! Although, I'm not sure why I want to. This is what spring is looking like at my house~

Those are pics Sean snapped for me yesterday. It snowed all day long. We ended up with about 3 inches. (Another reason I didn't want to go to town yesterday). Spring, wherefore art thou??!



  1. Hope you get better soon, Spot. May our coughs end up in a galaxy far far away. :)

  2. You know your body better than anyone. But seriously, I'm a tad worried about you too. Sounds scary. See the doctor tomorrow.

  3. Oh Spot, I sadly know exactly how you are feeling. My doctor told me I have pneumonia on Friday. If I could pass you the chicken soup I would!

  4. That pneumonia is some scary stuff. Daddy has been getting it for just a little longer than you and yes at least once or twice a year.

    I hate to say it, but I DO hope your doctor gives you all the lovely drugs that will get you better.

    Sean..thank you for taking such good care of your mother!

  5. Sean is so sweet. He needs to get tougher and drag your arse off that sofa and to the doctor's office, and I'll bet he's strong enought to do it! Seriously, your kids are the best! I sure hope you get some antibiotics in you and are feeling better soon.

  6. I never knew that about a chest x-ray. And it weirds me out.

    I'm sorry you're so sick. If I knew your address, I would send you a happy get-better and all that jazz card.

    Luv you lots!

  7. I'm with you on the Spring thing.

    We're getting snow tomorrow.


  8. That REALLY weirds me out about the xray. Are there other parts of my body on a time delay? Oh probably my brain. Duh. Definitely my brain. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, frickin' get better all ready or I'll feel guilty for making you laugh! Um, quick, think about drowning puppies. No laughing. So there.

  9. *Cough!* I'll try and make you feel better by coughing WITH you...not AT you.


    Sean: I want you to sit on the end of the couch and videotape your mom coughing/snoring/gasping/rattling and tell her you're putting it on YOUTUBE if she doesn't get her butt to the doctor, pronto. (Don't tell her I said this...I will DENY.)

    Oh, wait....

  10. Ha, now you sound just like MY sister. She ALWAYS get pneumonia when she gets sick. ALWAYS. She loses her voice too. I NEVER lose my voice. I was always kind of jealous of that (strange..).

    Don't go to my page until you are on the antibiotics for a while. The video of me and the girls car dancing to Imma Be will make you laugh. So WAIT.

    Hey, it snowed in Dallas too (AGAIN!). Crazy weather!! We had more snowfalls this year than in the last 40 years. What a winter. C'mon spring!

  11. I am a true believer in "knowing one's body" so I fully trust that you have things under control. Unless you don't. Unless you're one of those stubborn types that refuses to believe you need any extra help from say, those medical types of people. But I can't imagine that you're that kind of person, right, Spot? Right? Hmm? =)

  12. Being sick is cruel isn't it? For it turns a laugh into a painful coughing fit. And that is just not fair, especially if you're like me and love to laugh more than a lot of things.

  13. Aw man, Spot! Get better already - wouldja?

    I'll try and send you some Spring.