Thursday, March 11, 2010

For the love of Bob, make your own damn dinner!!

So, last night I got an email from Kathryn at From The Inside...Out. It's okay, go check her out, I'll wait. *tapping foot, counting to ten* Back? Awesome. Moving on...anyway, it said to call her because she had too much to say to type or text. So I headed in to hubby's office to use his phone. I figured Kathryn was calling for one of three things...a.) Medical advice. Because I've got those mad diagnostician skills I told you about. or b.) Parenting advice. Because I'm radically good at parenting. Everyone knows that. Again because I told them. Or c.) A good quote. Because I've become distinctly quotable thanks to Suzicate and unabridged girl. In truth, it was none of the above. It was more in the way of opportunity and information because she's become a mentor to me. Which I appreciate to no end. And yeah, we also just chatted because, hey, we're girls, that's how we roll.

Anyway, it ended up being a long conversation because, much like my blog, I tend to go off on tangents and wacky sidebars. Hubby came in and stood by his desk for a minute or two, until I shooed him away (yes, I shooed him out of his office. I gave him my "I'm very busy and your way close to me yelling" glare). And then Sean drifted in and I turned my back to him in my best "I'm very busy and so I'm ignoring you" signal. He left. Then Lu got home from work. Late. But she brought donuts so that was cool. The thing was past dinnertime. Way past dinnertime. And since it had been before dinnertime when I started talking, my natives were getting restless. I overheard this conversation in the kitchen, outside the office door.

Lu: where's dinner?

Sean: She hasn't made it. She's been on that phone for like 3 hours!*as if! It was more like 1 & 1/2!*

Lu: Who's she talking to?

Sean: We don't even know but we're starving!!

How is it that it never occurred to anyone that they could start dinner on their own?? Lu was brave and came into the office. Since I'd overheard the convo, I started talking before she even opened her mouth~

Me: I'm talking to Kathryn from New York. It's about blog stuff. It's important. Can you just make some Spaghettio's or something? Please?

And off Lu went. About the same time, Kathryn's son Taylor came to her looking for dinner. My gosh, do they have an internal timer or something?? So we agreed to end our convo for the night. I made it into the kitchen in time to take over the grilled cheese sandwich making that was accompanying said Spaghettios. As this situation arose because I cook dinner every night, I'm pretty sure that my family is spoiled.

Anyway, one of the questions Kathryn asked me really made me think. Like all night long. Even though it was GhostHunter's night and I was busy watching Jason & Grant hunt ghosts, it was in the back of my head. The question was easy..."what do I want out of my blog"? But the answer is more difficult.

I started the blog for me. Kind of an online diary. I kept it secret at first from friends and family. I had the blog with my sister that they all read. This one, I wanted to be more about me. I wanted to be able to say what I felt without the possibility of hurting anyone's feelings or worrying anyone. I wanted to be able to break down, if that's what I needed to do. But somewhere along the way it became more for entertainment. I discovered that I liked being funny more than being serious. Oh, I know, every so often I still throw in serious, because you can't be funny 24/7. Not and be sincere as well. Because sometimes, life just isn't funny. As I gained readers and commenters and started following other blogs, I became part of a community. I began to care very much about my fellow bloggers. I even call many of them friends. And the blog became me talking to those friends. Sharing the insanity I call my life, and also anything I need to get off my mind.

And the other purpose that serves is that I'm writing. Everyday. Because writing is my passion. And my husband pointed out that I spend way more time writing my blog and commenting others than I do on my fiction writing. And he's right. The blog comes first and it takes roughly 4 hours a day to write, edit, post and then read & comment others. Four hours I could be writing fiction. (Or cleaning my house. Hahaha. Just kidding. That's not happening!!) But it doesn't matter. The truth is I do need to put more time and effort into the fiction writing, because maybe someday, that will help pay the bills. But the blog will still be. Why? Because it's gratifying. It's validating. It's what gives me the courage to write the fiction. And hopefully it will give me the courage to start submitting. And it gives me practice at writing. And practice makes perfect, or at least better.

So, what do I want from my blog? I want to entertain. I want to connect. I want to touch other people (no, not in an inappropriate way!). If I can make some money off of it? Well, hell yeah! Who doesn't need some extra cash nowdays?? But I don't expect it to make me famous. And if, at some wondrous magical point in the future, I get famous? This blog is still going to happen. Because this blog is the first thing I've done in a long time, that's just for me. It's my vice. And it's a good vice. Because it's cheap and not illegal. And I don't feel hungover in the morning. So, in essence, I'll keep writing if you keep reading. Okay, so we both know, that I'd probably keep writing even if you stopped reading, but it would be a hell of lot less fun!! And I'd probably get all depressed and start writing poetry about death and NO ONE wants me to go there...

air kisses to the people who help keep me going,

What do you want from your blog?


  1. "So, what do I want from my blog? I want to entertain. I want to connect. I want to touch other people ..."
    Done, done and done! Your blog does all that for me Spot and more. I like you, I like your outlook, you give me perspective and make me think and feel about things in new ways.
    As for my blog, originally it was all going to be 'Expat in Switzland' kind of thing, but it got way more personal during the 'exile', which is when other people started reading it.I never pegged myself for someone who likes to 'reveal' themselves, but I'm slowly feeling comfortable enough to take off a few veils out here in blogland.

  2. Darling, I'm so glad that you blog and that I can be one of your loyal followers. Yours (and Kathyrn's) are the blogs I'll always come to even when everything else has gone to pot and I have no time.

    I started to blog to see if anyone could like my fiction, my style, my stories. Blogging has made me prolific and given me great friendships. I love it! I love the comments and the encouragement. I love the community. Writing is my favourite thing and blogging gives me an audience, the first I've ever had. I do hope to be published and make my living from writing. Blogging feels like the start of it (don't know if it'll ever go any further!)

    Glad to know you, my friend!

  3. Yeah - you do everything you have set out to do - it doesn't come as a surprise that your blog is the same ... or at least that is the impression you have left on me.

    You were the first person that I did not know personally that started following my blog. I'm very VERY happy that you did.

    As for my blog? I have no great illusions of grandeur. I started writing just to vent some space in my head. The past year and a bit has sucked donkey balls and I had been feeling very alone... but not so much anymore.

    The fact that I have connected with some of the coolest, most generous and talented people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing - even on a superficial level has been all icing ... or gravy ... whatever your pleasure... not to mention deliciously unexpected.

    I heart my blog ... and my bleeps.

  4. Okay, wonderful lady, you've more than accomplished what you want - - and I think you are amazing (and my opinion, trust me, counts for everything... * SNORT *)! Seriously, I love your blog and how genuine you are to people.

  5. I love your blog, your honesty, your humor, and yes your wisdom. Please keep writing. I've been thinking about that very same question. I don't know my answer. I started it as a way to make me write daily. It has now become an obsession. It takes several hours a day and then I'm too tired (not physically like from house work) but mentally to work on my fiction which is what I should be doing. BUT I love the cyber friendships I'm building and reading all of their stuff etc... Am considering not blogging on the weekends so I can enjoy that time for other things. Jane recently did a post about how time consuming it is as well and cut off her weekend posts. Not sure yet how I'll proceed. First I have to find some inspiration to make me write (other than blog posts). If you have any extra inspiration send it my way. By the way, you rock!!! Did you see how many people liked your quote as my FB status?!

  6. ok. you realize that i will stalk you like crazy when you do become famous and stop writing this blog because i NEED SPOT! i need you in my life like a drug addict needs their cocaine. i won't be able to breathe if you stopped writing here..... too much? yeah, i know, sorry. i was trying out the stalker thing, lol.

  7. I'm gonna keep bugging you to get on twitter so that your morsels of entertainment are felt all over twitternation.

    And when you get super famous from your fiction writing, and don't have time to blog---you can just tweet us a sample or two!

    Come on. Ya know you wanna....

  8. What do I want from my blog?

    I just wanted to write down what I was thinking and feeling but it has turned into finding a few good people like you Spot.

  9. I also want to entertain. And to have a place where I can rant about my husband. It helps me feel better, really.

  10. Very good question. I started it as a guest blogger for my sister SuziCate.... ONE post. I thought that was gonna be it. Then so many people responded positively to my post and said that I should do it too... that I thought "Heck. I'll give it a try!" And them it became and addiction/obsession and now I can't STOP!! It's only been a couple of months, but, the people I've met in the cyberworld have been incredible and then I actually got to meet in the flesh, one of my readers/cyberfriends when I went out of town. So I guess it's the friendships, and the feeling of validation that people do read what I write and the fact that I CAN make people laugh. I love to laugh and I love even more to make OTHER people laugh.

    BTW... I really do like your blog! :-)

  11. Sweetie, you have a gift for writing...and you OWE it to the rest of the world to give the gift that keeps on....well, giving. (Was that redundant, or what?)

    I don't know how anyone could take Blogville's real people on the other side of that screen....with real feelings and emotions and...lives. I think most good writers respect those boundaries and respect each other. I know that I do.

    Love passing time with you, doll!
    PS: Taylor had a tuna sandwich for dinner. I do believe Connor opted for Frosted Flakes. Mother-of-the-year, I'm not.

  12. I don't know how I got so behind over here! Not being able to access anything personal from work really cuts in to what I csn accomplish during the day.

    I don't know why I blog. It started as a way to change some negative stuff to positive that Jason's ex wrote about us.

    It morphed to an amazing outlet that includes wonderful friendships.

    I don't want to make any money, nor be famous. I would like to improve my writing skills.

    You are EXTREMELY talented! I love reading your work. :-)

  13. It first started on myspace as a way to let my family know what was going on in my life.
    Then I liked it so much I thought it would be a great way to chronicle my little tiny life. It stretched my mind to remember things, I thought I had forgotten.
    I also started it to try to improve my spelling and get better at typing.

    I never expected to have followers. I call all my followers, Friends.