Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh yeah. I've hit the big time now...

So this blogging thing is really something else isn't it? I remember when I got 10 followers and I was all excited because that was double digits. Woot to the Hoo! And then the number just kept going. And now it's nearly 50. So I'm going to do a giveaway to celebrate. The 50th follower will recieve...NOT! I'm just kidding. You know I don't roll that way. I would never bribe people to follow me. Although I am thinking of doing a contest. But that's because there's something I want that I can't figure out how to do for myself. And if someone else does it, I want to give them something in return and because contests are just fun! But more on that mid-week.

Anyway, then I got excited when I started getting more than 5 comments a day. Because feedback rocks my universe. Now people were not only reading my ramblings they were discussing them. Oh happy joyful day! I felt validated. Something about my writing made people want to read it, think about it, and comment on it. Isn't that every writer's goal?

Then along came the Kindle dealio. Remember how I didn't think anything would come of that? I was ecstatic to learn that I was wrong. Oh, don't get excited, it's not like I'll make a living off my Kindle subscriptions, but I do have subscriptions. Which translated to "someone is actually paying money (okay so it's a pittance, but still) to read my incessant ramblings". Oh My Stars! (As Lu & Hildi would say). To me that was the big time.

But what happened yesterday, takes the cake. And really? I don't think anything short of publication will top it. Like ever. What was this amazing phenomenon?? I was QUOTED. For real. Quoted. And everyone knows that only really wise and famous people get quoted ( so Paris Hilton sometimes gets quoted, but that's only to make fun of her and this was so not like that at all so stop throwing that in my face. Geez).

So, basically I know that I've reallly made the big time now because unabridged girl wrote this post. With my quote at the beginning and attributed to yours truly. And I didn't even have to bribe her. And she didn't ask for this plug but I'm giving it to her anyway because the girl is talented. With a capital "T". So thank you for making my day dear. Really, I'm pretty sure I gave a little scream. Because Sean came in and said~

Sean~ What the h*ll are you screaming for?

Me~ I. Got. Quoted.

Sean~ for real? Which totally weird thing that you said did someone choose to repeat?

Me~ "It's a world full of Cheerios- be a Fruit Loop." *And I did air quotes because now that it's an official quote I'm pretty sure you have to. Or the quote police come after you. And then I showed him the blog.*

Sean~ you're right. That's pretty awesome. People might be walking around saying "And Spot said..." It's awesome and very scary all at the same time.

Me~ but mostly awesome.

Sean~ yeah. Oh, by the way, I'm totally stealing that qoute. But I'm going to say it while doing the Captain Morgan pose. You know, just for effect. *and here he demonstrates by placing his foot on the couch and his hand on his thigh and repeating the quote*

Me~ You're totally right. That does give it more emphasis.

Sean~ and Mom? You don't have to worry. You're not a Fruit Loop. You're not even a box of Fruit Loops. You are like the whole damn pallet of boxes.

I'm pretty sure that was a huge compliment. I took it that way anyway. Later I told hubby about being quoted. He always seems slightly shocked that my blog is doing well. I'm pretty sure it's because he doesn't get me. But then, his sense of humor is totally whacked. Lu was excited.

So there you have it. Why I'm now on the very peak of being famous. And to think you knew me when I was just some crazy chick with a blog. Oh wait. I'll always be the crazy chick with the blog. Just famouser.



  1. I never doubted for a moment that fame would come your way! Kudos!

  2. Famouser? how about...more famouser. yeah thats much better. Congrats on the being quoted Spot. I was quoted court. Im pretty sure your rush was a little different than mine. unless hubby is moonlighting as a court services officer... with an attitude... and a tazer...whew. LOL Have a great day Spot!

  3. jajajaja. Well, I'm glad that you haven't elt it get to your head or anything...I'm SURE you're not walking around the house saying things like, "don't mess with me Mister, I've been quoted." I just KNOW you wouldn't do

  4. I loved the Fruit Loop quote! It totally deserved to be noticed EVEN, not that my blog is like sensational or even half as amazing as this, Spot! I love your ramblings and yoru stories and your sense of humor. You're fan-damn-tastic!

  5. Hahaha, that is epic! I loved the fruit loop quote! It's one of my favorites now.
    Lol, I can officially say I knew you before you got all famous! Oh yeah, I'm cool now. My blogger friend is famous :D

  6. To be quoted is's like having your own Oscar moment.

    Strut that red carpet you deserve it.

  7. I love that quote. Next time I use it and try to pass it off as my own I will be sure to do the air quotes so it looks official.

    Congrats on all the recognition!

  8. I knew you when! I knew you when! I get bragging rights. I KNOW her!


    Congrats, you da' bomb!

  9. You mean that you can get quoted and gather a bunch of followers without bribing people?

    Well hell -- there goes that plan.

    I worry. Soon you are gonna' start hob-nobbing with other famous people. Then where will we be?

  10. I read that on Unabridged and I was like WOW, so impressed. I usually take a famous quote (almost daily) and put as my FB status...maybe I should just ask permission to post that! It is a great's going down in history! And you thought no one was listening to you!

  11. You have built an empire! Good on ya!

  12. You are hilarious. I'm not surprised that you "made it." :) How do you get on Kindle anyhow? I've seen several blogs that go through it.

  13. Oh my ... please don't forget us little bleeps now that you are famous.

    I'd love to be green eyed and petty about this - but you are awesome and totally deserve it.

  14. And then we can say we knew you when! Well, not knew exactly...

    Whatevs. I look forward to your first restraining order!

  15. Tina~ haha. Thanks.

    Mark~ um. yeah. little different maybe. I never want to be quoted in court. Lol.

    KT~ oh you know I did say exactly that!! Lol. You've got me figured out...haha.

    UnA~ thank you girl! Your blog is also amazing. It's well thought out and written. What happened to littl red writer though? It says it's been deleted??

    dorkvader~ you were cool way before that!

    LMB~ why thank you! As long as I can strut in my jammies. I can't afford an oscar dress. Lol.

    Jen~ thank you! Don't forget those air quotes. The quote police and know.

    Angelia~ you bet you do! =]

    Jerry~ oh trust me, if I hob nob, I'll write about it for sure! That would be some good material!!

    Suzicate~ Thanks! Of course you have permission. The best thing was knowing that what I said touched someone.

    DfG~ I'm trying. ;] I don't think I'm there yet though...

    WW~ thank you. That's indeed a great compliment. I emailed you about the kindle thing.

    Dani~ thank you! I would never forget the people who first made me feel like I had something to say!!

    Elly~ It's true. I guess you haven't really made it til you've been stalked...


  16. I'm so excited for you! I still get giddy over new followers.

    You've hit the big time, bbay!