Sunday, March 14, 2010

Breakfast should be "self-serve"

Sean and I were arguing this morning. Well, not arguing really, because our arguing involves raised voices and glares. So let's just say we were "discussing vigorously". Discussing what, you might ask. Breakfast of course, and who's turn it was to make it. You see we have this kind of loose agreement to trade days with the breakfast making. I say loose because sometimes we observe it and sometimes we don't. And sometimes we get lucky and someone else throws breakfast our way. So he came into the family room at 10 am this morning and announced~

Sean: Do you know why I'm here?

Me: To find out what I'm making for breakfast?

Sean: Bingo.

Me: Nothing. Can't we just have cereal this morning?

Sean: Sure, if you make it.

Me: You seriously want me to get up and go to the kitchen and pour your cereal and milk into a bowl for you? You were just in the kitchen!

Sean: yes, but now I'm in here. And it's your turn.

Me: You're ridiculous.

Sean: That's how the arrangement works. I made you breakfast yesterday.

Me: Um. Yes, because I'm actually doing something in the mornings. I thought we agreed Sunday was everyone for themselves anyway??

Sean: No. We did not. You tried to get me to agree to that.

Me: Well I'm not doing it today. I don't know why breakfast isn't your job anyway. I make you lunch and dinner everyday.

Sean: Yes, because you're the mom. It's your job. I'm cutting you slack with breakfast.

Me: Do you know how many mothers make their 16 yr olds breakfast, lunch and dinner? Oh wait...NONE.

Sean: Of course they've seen "Wife Swap". Some of those mothers wait on their kids hand and foot.

Me: Um. Yes. But then the other mother comes in and says how ridiculous that is! C'mon, I'm waiting for you to come up with some nugget of brilliance to convince me that I should do this.

Sean: Nugget of brilliance?? You still wouldn't give in.

Me: I might. I respect the brilliance. I just think you should use it for good instead of being so self serving.

Sean: But I'm not "self serving", that's the whole reason we're having this argument. I can't even argue with you if you're going to be like this. Try to stay focused next time. *and he leaves. And I'm still giggling*

Oh and btw, I totally caved to peer pressure...I started to Twitter. Please find me on there so I can follow you. I put a link in the sidebar. Because it's easier to stalk you that way...

Have a restful Sunday,


  1. I will never be able to describe someone as "self serving" without giggling - which is probably going to take away some of the impact. Thanks a whole mess o' nuggets.

  2. Oh dear, Sean.... you are CLEARLY taking your wonderful mother for granted. I make my own breakfast and lunch every day (which may contribute to the fact that I forget to eat, but that's another story).

  3. I like the skew of his logic. Ya' know, he would probably make a dynamite lawyer.

    No -- I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  4. I guess you need to set the kitchen counter up like a Holiday Inn Express! Gee! LOL!

  5. I always get a kick out of Sean's logic. Peristant, isn't he...but you won! this time.

  6. Mine have been getting their onw since they started high school. 2 of 3 have IBS and don't do breakfast anyway. I do love the "nuggets of brilliance" though! Hey, can't he just have the nuggets for breakfast? LOL

  7. This sounds like a conversation I have with hubby on the weekends. Problem is if he cooks, he won't clean and he uses a zillion dishes.

    I flipped out yesterday because we had no electric and wanted to make a big breakfast and was opening & closing the fridge - I was like "what are you insane? power has been off for 16 hours and you think opening & closing the fridge is smart?"

    Luckily the power came on. He cooked and I cleaned --- CEREAL - it's a beautiful thing - dishes go in dishwasher. Oh wait, he's afraid of the dishwasher. (can you tell I'm sick of cleaning and sick of winter).

  8. Bahahaha. Wife Swap. So many of those families are ridiculous. It makes makes me glad for my family.

  9. I do love your conversations with Sean! In my house, breakfast is, if anything, coffee and oj (and for me, a cigarette), but there is cereal, musli and eggs and toast available to all who are so inclined.

  10. If the every-second-day routine worked it would be great but seeing as it doesn't,abandon ship! every man/woman/dog for themselves!! :)

  11. Dr. Spot and Sean the lawyer how much better can this get :^)

  12. Any sensible child knows that the best way to manipulate a mother is to stop eating. It might take a day or two, but maternal instincts will kick in and your favorite hot meals will soon be headed your way.

    Long ago, my mom once bought some kind of gross kashi-like cereal and said we couldn't have any of our favorites until we ate that box. Our hunger strike lasted less than two hours before she caved. Most mothers (and quite a few dads) are incapable of seeing their kids go hungry. Children of the world, exploit that weakness!

  13. Yes, there are some CRAZY ass women on Wife Swap, that's for sure.

  14. Breakfast is a crap shoot here. Sundays, I can manage. I just got a waffle maker. The rest of the week is dicey. Today I actually let my daughter have ice cream for breakfast, it's just like yogurt.

  15. Geez ... my 7 and 5 year olds even make their own breakfast ... Sean, buddy ... yer spurled!

  16. 30 minutes after I woke up, still drinking coffee, hubby asks "What for lunch?"

    Seriously? After ignoring him for another 30 minutes, he got up and made his own lunch!