Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend fun and how Lu isn't cool.

So it's Monday. Again. What is it about Mondays?? But it's okay, because I'm actually making today my Sunday. I had a way busy weekend and of course that means I'm exhausted and my muscles are screaming so I'm taking today easy. Too bad for the rest of my family, who actually have things to do. Why was I busy this weekend?'s my facebook status from Saturday as a hint~

"I'm off to see the wizard! Or at least spend time with my family, which is kind of like 'not being in Kansas anymore Toto' and there is a wicked witch. So yeah, it's basically the same."

Hildi had driven in from Ohio on Friday and Saturday she and my parents came down to see my Grandma. So we all congregated at the nursing home. Sean had gone in with me. Now, I may have mentioned before that my mom is not always a nice person. In fact, she's often bitter and hard to be around. By the time Sean and I made it to the nursing home, my sister was about to climb the walls. She has a much harder time dealing with mom than I do. So after about an hour of sitting around Grandma's room, trying to talk to her (she's very hard of hearing and refuses to wear a hearing aid, thus making us practically scream at her), my mom suggests she take Grandma for a walk (Grandma was in her wheelchair) and she tells Hildi to come with her. I pat Hildi's back in sympathy, but she turns around at the door and flips the rest of us off. We giggle. A few minutes after that, my uncle shows up, he sits with us for a few, but then he decides he can't handle sitting there. (Grandma's roommate at the home is a barely conscious woman who makes these horrible noises when she breathes. Seriously, I wonder every time if it's her last breath). So he sets off to find the others. Well, five minutes later, Hildi comes running into the room. That wheelchair was flying!

Me: What the heck?! Are you and Grandma playing NASCAR?

Hildi: (panting a little) No! I was trying to get away from Mom & Uncle! I thought if I got far enough ahead, no one would realize we were with them!

Me: (giggling) what are they doing now?

Hildi: Spreading the hate. Talking loudly (neither of them has an 'inside voice') about other races.

Poor Hildi! Later, it's just Mom, Sean, Grandma & I sitting around.

Grandma: Do you ever just forget what you're going to say?

Me: Actually, sometimes I do!

Grandma: I seem to forget everything anymore. Somedays I forget where I am.

Sean: I know two other people just like that.

My Mom gave him the stinkeye until he said~

Sean: Uh. I didn't mean you Grandma...

I ended up staying the night at the hotel with them. Hildi didn't want to stay in her room by herself. We went to breakfast the next morning and it was kind of strange to be just the four of us again. Mom, Dad, Hildi & me. I'm so glad that Hildi's fam is coming for Easter next week!

So, I'm going to leave you with a conversation between Lu and myself from Thursday. She was lovely enough to get up that day and clean most of the house. Of course she left me the heinous bits, like the bathrooms and refrigerator. As she was dusting the family room, and I was at the computer~

Me: I need to buy some nose bones. I really want this nose ring out.

Lu: What did you call them?

Me: Nose bones. You know, the straight ones.

Lu: That's what I thought you meant. Is that what they're called?

Me: Duh. Haven't you heard them called that at FADZ (our piercing place).

Lu: Yeah, but I thought maybe they made that up. You know, like your Canadian friends and "stabby".

Me: Ugh! Would you get off of it! They actually say "stabby" in Canada. Like when I say "I'm going to get stabby on you". So really, it's like I'm speaking another language and you should be impressed.

Lu: I'm not. I hate it when you say that. "Stabby" is not a word.

Me: Would you please stop taking the fact that you aren't cool out on me?

Lu: That's right Mom, I'm not cool. I'm just a loser.

Me: I did not say you were a loser. You just aren't urban hip like me. It's okay, I still like you.

Lu: Well, that makes my day right there.

Me: You're welcome!

I hope everyone survives Monday. ;]




  1. Nascar wheelchair races? I think you're on to something there!
    Hope you have a restful! =)

  2. Stabby is so a word...along with stabtastic, stabberific, stabilicious... I could go on. You know you missed me.

  3. Lu, uncool? Not a chance! However, I think stabby is a great word that I'm adding to my vocabulary.

  4. What's up with everyone and their hatin' monday mood? I love mondays. I've always loved mondays. And I love wednesday as well. Actually I love all days of the week. =P

  5. "I'm off to see the wizard! Or at least spend time with my family, which is kind of like 'not being in Kansas anymore Toto' and there is a wicked witch. So yeah, it's basically the same."

    I just about peed my pants. Seriously. I love you.

  6. I heart "stabby." Pbltt on Lu...except for the part where she was cleaning. Let her say whatever she wants so long as she's cleaning.

  7. Oh, isn't quality family time the best? Ugh...NOT....

    Siblings are coming for Easter and we're doing our Easter Egg hunt. Sure, I may be the youngest participating at 44, but it is a family title we all covet.

    Loved the conversation between you and Lu. It cracked me up.

  8. Hating Monday? I don't worry about that anymore, I have been retired now going on eight years and to me Everyday is Saturday so it's all good.

    You and Lu sound like Cindy and Melissa (my wife and daughter) typical Mom and daughter conversation, the deal with Melissa is she is just like her Mom but will never admit it, and lashes out when I point it out to her Ha Ha, the house sure is quieter since she grew up and moved out, she is cooler now Ha Ha

  9. Mindy~ I did enjoy it! Thank you.

    Mepsipax~ of course it is. And yes, I did miss you.

    Suzicate~ No really, she's not as cool as me. I still have hope for her though.

    KT~ way to march to your own drum! I don't know anyone who likes mondays!

    UnA~ thanks girl! Glad you got to laugh!

    Elly~ I know right?! Yay for the cleaning, boo for the vocabulary police.

    LMB~ indeed not. There is a whole weekend of it coming up. I hope it doesn't get ugly!

    Jimmy~ as I've said before, Monday can still get you even if you're retired. The Universe is perverse like that. It just doesn't care!!


  10. Lol! Family, can't stand 'em, but we love them anyway.
    And you and Lu crack me up :P

  11. Stabby IS a word ... IT IS ...

    "sta.bee; adjective
    1.feeling or showing anger or strong resentment (usually fol. by at, with, or about): to be stabby at the dean; to be stabby about the snub.
    2.expressing, caused by, or characterized by stabbiness; wrathful: stabby words.
    3.(of an object or phenomenon) exhibiting a characteristic or creating a mood associated with stabbiness or danger, as by color, sound, force, etc.: a stabby sea; the shine of stabby implements of destruction.

    See, Lu ... stabby IS a word!!

  12. I love the image of Hildi flipping yall off and racing gradma down the halls! LOL!

    I just spent one day with my family and OH MY! I feel ya!

    A Nose Bone, Yikes!