Friday, March 26, 2010

Eek! More Aliens!

So after two people mentioned it in their comments, and my Dad told me about it on the phone, Lu rented "The Fourth Kind" on DVD for us last night. She, Sean & I stayed up past my bedtime late last night to watch it. The phone call with my Dad had gone something like this~

Dad: So you really don't want to move to Alaska.

Me: Oh but I do! Because Sean and I watched this program on Animal Planet called "Killer Aliens" and it's all about the exotic pets that people are having shipped in and then they get loose or people just set them free. And they are destroying Florida's natural ecosystem. Did you know they actually have a bounty on Burmese pythons?? And they have a monitor lizard problem. I am absolutely not getting eaten by something like that. So it's a move to the frozen north for me!

Dad: *laughing at me* But not to Alaska. There's bad shit there. There's a movie you need to see.

Me: You mean "30 Days of Night"?! Best vampire movie ever! But I'm not moving to Barrow, so it's cool.

Dad: Well you don't want to move to Nome either! I was talking about "The Fourth Kind".

Me: Oh!! Did you see that? Sean and I have been wanting to see it forever! Was it good?!

Dad: I thought it was. Very creepy. Your mom fell asleep (no surprise there). Did you know the FBI has visited there over 2000 times since the 60's?

Me: Wow. That's creepy. Sean and I were just discussing aliens & anal probes the other day.

Dad: Why doesn't this surprise me?

Me: Because you know us?? Anyway, it's cool. I've decided to move to Maine. I've decided I can handle creepy killer clowns and black bears.

Then last night, we were watching the movie, and it is very good! Kind of hard to get used to at first, because they incorporated actual audio and video from the true story. That's right peeps, this is a true story. Which makes it even freakier. Anyway, several people claim to have seen a white owl outside their window. So they show a very creepy white owl. And~

Me: Maybe it's not aliens. That owl looks like a demon to me. Look look! It's head is spinning. Definitely a demon!

Lu: Owls can turn their heads all the way around.

Me: Um. Duh. Because they're demons! OMG! Has no one but me made this correlation?? You're welcome people. Problem solved. Owls are demons in disguise.

So now I'm afraid of owls. Fabulous. And alien abduction. Lu actually asked to sleep with me. When I pointed out that it wouldn't matter, they seem to take people out of bed even when someone is sleeping right next to them, we decided to leave the outside lights on instead. Although, my real plan was that if the aliens came I'd tell them to take hubby. It's not like he'd even wake up anyway. And his short term memory is pretty shot, so I doubt he'd even know on any level that the abduction happened. And besides, he deserves it for this conversation before we watched the movie~

Me: I'm totally going to wake up with butt pain and think the aliens got me.

Sean: Why the H would you wake up with butt pain?? Who does that?

Me: Um. Me. Duh. Fibromyalgia. I have weird pains all the time. It's why I take muscle relaxers.

Hubby: (passing through on his way to bed) Yeah, but don't worry, the butt pain is not aliens, it's just me.

Me: Eeeew! Did you really just say that?? You freak.

Lu: Wow Mom, those muscle relaxers must really knock you out.

Sean: But there's some muscles even they can't relax!

Anyway, see the movie. It's creepy good. And you might want to learn ancient sumerarian. You know, just in case. Have a good weekend! Watch out for aliens and owls! You know I will!



  1. Hahahah! Your family is so cute! I love reading your conversations. They always make me laugh.

  2. I probably will see it. But during the day. I'm not brave enough to see it at night.

  3. Argghh!! I can't believe hubby said that. At least your dad didn't hear it. I'm reading a bio of Stephen King and it seems he's afraid of everything. Spiders, squishy things, the dark, psychotherapists, the number 13 etc. You're in good company with the owl thing. Have to find that movie now.

  4. My wants are simple. I just want to place a recorder in your house. Your conversation would be all the entertainment I needed.

  5. OMG! Spot! It's like you and your family are IN MY HEAD. I was feeling listless a couple of nights ago, and it was hot and stuffy here in Kuwait, so I decided to pop in two "frozen north" movies that would give me the heebie jeebies: 30 Days of Night (which I luuuhuuuv) and The Fourth Kind (which my brother recommended). The latter creeped me out like no other movie in recent memory. Especially since my dad had been telling me about a book he read that discussed the ancient Sumerians and how they tie in to stuff like the 12th planet (Google it - it's weeeird) - for a scientist, my dad gets an awfully big kick out of reading pseudoscientific books. hehe

    Anyways, just wanted to share. Ramble over. :D

  6. OK, so I didn't read your post, but I'm saving you to favorites and I totally will. I loved your response to bloggess' post, Carolyn. You poor girl, I hope you scored some hot rich boy in college and are now a stay at home mom of 5 grown children. But that experience led to your being one of bloggess' best responses ever, so I hope it was all worth it.

  7. UnA~ I'm not sure cute is the write word, but I'm glad we make others laugh. Because we laugh alot (at each other) and laughter is better when shared!

    WW~ Good Call!!!

    Tina~ I think being afraid of things is good, because it gives me so much more to write about! I'm not really afraid of aliens, just their butt-probes, because, well, ouch!

    Jerry~ hehe. Maybe you should talk to the FBI because I'm pretty sure they're recording us. But that's another blog post.

    C~ Ha. Great minds think alike, although your Dad totally lost me on the 12 planet thing because I thought there were only 9, I mean 8 (stupid pluto)??

    Anonymous~ Wow. I'm pretty excited because the Bloggess gets some awesome comments. And also, I'm pretty sure that tapping into her readership is somehow equated to taking over the world. So thanks! And do feel free to become a regular!


  8. Ok, ok, your comment about waking up with butt pain and thinking the aliens got ypou made em snort laugh. Not a lot of people can accomplish THAT but you did! I would love to be a fly on your wall. You'd have me laughing ALL the time. love it!!

  9. Lu: Owls can turn their heads all the way around.

    Me: Um. Duh. Because they're demons! OMG! Has no one but me made this correlation??

    OK now you have me watching those Barn Owls that keep flying around here, I guess I'll just stay inside tonight---Thanks Spot.

    Nice Post, I am still smiling

  10. Oh man, but I love owls!

    Killer clowns. LMAO!! Has "IT" been calling for you to come?! LOL!

    Very funny stuff! I;m going to have to see if The fourth kind is on the Netflix list yet.

  11. Hey Spot,

    Stop by and pick up an award I feel you deserve, found it on my blog today.

  12. Ha! I'll have to check it out. My husband would never watch it with me though and if I had my teen watch it with me, she would likely be scarred for life, and she definitely would not fit in the bed like she used to when she was three and had a bad dream. I'd definitely rather deal with pythons than alien abductions...mostly the snakes keep to themselves...also, I don't think they have anal probe technology yet. They just haven't evolved that far. I love the conversations in your family though!

  13. Hiya Spot!
    I am pretty sure that your husband needs to sleep in front of you if you want to keep your butt safe. Just sayin'.

    Funny story. You do dialogue well.

  14. You guys are a riot! Does your hubby sit around and laugh his butt off all the time? Now that is why his butt is sore...or is it the aliens?! No, I will nOT watch that movie because it will just give me one more thing to be paranoid about! I can't do creepy. But I loved reading your take on it, somehow not as scary as watching it.

  15. Peg~ You have to love the snort laugh. Really. It's the best kind. So unexpected!

    Jimmy~ sorry! But I'm saving you. Really. You're welcome.

    Heather~ since I can't really move there til I'm rich, I don't think "IT" is calling me. I don't think "IT" has that kind of patience. Lol.

    Jimmy~ why thank you! I will definitely go pick that up!

    Mrs Bear~ I know! It's like those huge dogs that still think they're lap dogs, teenagers who want to sleep in your bed! Ha!

    Tina~ Very funny! I'm just going to start wearing very complicated pajama bottoms!

    Murr~ Thank you for stopping by! Clever comment!

    Suzicate~ No. He doesn't laugh at us, he says he's used to our nonsense!


  16. You crazy, lady ... but very funny!

  17. Meh.....Great. Read the summary of "The Fourth Kind" on Wikipedia and now I'm scared of owls too..... *looks around suspiciously* Great. And they're going to be on my yearbook page....

    Anyways, I love you and your family! I have been following your blog for about a month, first on a kindle free trial and now on the internet. Personally, I liked reading it on my Kindle more, but I'm a minor and my dad pays for my Kindle bills. He doesn't like extra charges. :)

  18. Ha, you have to read my review of The Fourth Kind. That was the end of my movie/review blog. I just couldn't keep up! Too bad. I thought it was neat to make a record of it.

    Warning-spoilers for those who haven't seen it.