Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good News/ Bad News...

First...I've been so busy lately, I meet myself coming and going. This week is out of control. As a result, I'm behind on reading and commenting on other's blogs. I will catch up! Hopefully tomorrow before I head to Springfield to pick up CJ. We got some news on my grandmother yesterday and they've moved her condition to "comfort care". Which means they are only making her comfortable in these last few weeks. And we really are only looking at weeks. I'm spending a lot of time at the nursing home. I'm holding up well with regards to grandma. She's 87 and she's had a long life. At this point, she's not lucid much of the time, and I think she's ready to go. Spending that much time in the vicinity of my family however, is very trying. I may begin drinking heavily. I mean vodka in a Nalgene bottle could pass for water, right? I'm kidding. And then again. I'm not.

My Grandma and I

I wanted to participate in Little Miss Blogger's Rant and Rave Wednesdays, but I'm a day late and a dollar short (story of my life). So today is "Good news/Bad news" Thursday. Enjoy...

The Good News is I've started to find work on the Guru website. The bad news is some of the companies are less than professional.

The Good News is my family will all be here for Easter. Consequently, the bad new is that my family will all be here for Easter.

The Good News is one of my friends got an agent to ask for her novel manuscript, and I am sooo incredibly thrilled for her! Seriously, this is the best news ever. The bad news is I haven't even finished my novel.

The Good News is that puddle I stepped in on the floor of the kitchen and then tracked all over wasn't cat pee. The bad news is it was water from the sink which was leaking profusely. (now fixed)

The Good News is that Lu took me to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie "The Last Song" last night and it was amazing. The bad news is that I bawled my eyes out and have a lingering headache this morning. Not to mention how awful I looked when I walked out of that theatre!

The Good News is Sean had a telephone job interview and they really wanted to hire him. The bad news is they couldn't because of his summer jobs and trip so they told him to call back in the fall. Which means I continue to pay for his gas & insurance...and truck repairs.

The Good News is I started working out on my Wii Fit again with the kids and we are having a load of fun. The bad news is apparently I gained 5 lbs since January and if that thing yells out "obese" one more time I swear to Bob it's getting tossed out the window.

The Good News is I started submitting again. The bad news is I can't quite seem to find the time to write fiction. Darned kids thinking I should spend "family time" with them and all. Aren't they supposed to not like spending time with me by this age??!

The Good News is the weather got sunny and warm. The bad news is we hit a record high of 81 degrees yesterday. For real weather? The hell?! I do not want to go from heat to AC in the same week.

The Good News is Lu is cleaning my house today. The bad news is that I have to go to town to do the grocery shopping, pick up meds, and flea stuff for the cats. (Hello warm weather, please keep your pests outside).

That's pretty much my week in a nutshell! Feel free to play along.

Happy Thursday,


  1. The good news is you can run over the wii fit when it's mean to you like that. And there is no bad news when running over a wii fit.

  2. I am sorry about your grand mother, but I will also point out how incredibly lucky you are to have had her in your life so long. I never even met either one of my grandmothers - both gone before me.

    Happy Easter, Spot!

  3. I love that pic of you and your grandmother...she may not be 'lucid' but she looks totally fierce in that shot!

    Have a great Easter weekend Spot!

  4. Heck girl, you got a lot going on...I say pull out the old nalgene bottle and transfer the vodka! Hope things calm down and get better soon. Hugs!

  5. Your Grandma looks like she's about to kill someone in that picture.

    I'll be seeing The Last Song with my friend next Saturday. I'm pretending Miley Cyrus isn't in it.

  6. You are in my thoughts, and I wish you the best. You're wonderful, and I love you to death!

  7. You and your Grandma are in our prayers Spot.

    I got one for you:

    The Good News is Tim is cleaning the house for us.

    The Bad News is we had to clean up after Tim cleaned the house for us.

    sad to say--True story. :^)

  8. Yes the family coming to town...totally get the good and the bad. And the AC, yep I had to do that. 80 in the apartment tonight. Sucks.

    So the good news is the house is almost done, like next weekend move in hopefully. The bad news is I had to pack up all my crap and move it. Can't wait for you to see it.

  9. My heart goes out to you and your family regarding your grandmother. I pray for peace during this time.

    And Wii Fit actually says "obese"? How freaking rude!!!!

    Btw..Vodka doesn't smell. LOL!

  10. Oh, sweetie...I'm sorry to hear about Grandma. I've been known to put wine in a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup on more than one occasion. Just try to remember not to say "Cheers" before you take a sip.

  11. I am so sorry about your grandmother's decline. Grandmas are just the best...all love and warmth and no issues. At least I hope this is your experience, and by the look of that lovely photo, I am guessing I'm right. You are lucky to have had her so long.
    Hey, I see we both took off some time in parallel; good! that means I didn't miss many of your posts! I will check out your site though.

  12. The good news is wii fit says EVERYONE is obese, that is, unless you are a 100lb teenage girl then you are average. WTH wii? WTH?

    I am sorry about your Grandma, but rejoicing her life will be celebrated for it's longevity. Thinking of you all during this time.

    Have a sweet Easter and please try not to go insane or do? We like you either way!

  13. Every day is full of the good news and the bad news. Fortunately, we always have the next day to have more good news than bad! I liked your post. I guess it is a glass half full or half empty thing. I see you always started with the glass half full. You are an optimist at heart!

  14. The best news is I'm in the good news bit. Amazing! I was feeling weird but I feel better now. There is bad news, but there is good too. Thank you my dear friend.

  15. Also write the novel. I want to see it! (No pressure...)

  16. Carolyn~ if it didn't cost so much, the thing would be dead!

    Dani~ yes, I was blessed to get to spend so much time with her.

    Brite~ she was a fierce lady in her time! The first to use a rolling pin as a weapon! Thanks so much.

    suzicate~ thank you. I'm seriously considering it...

    WW~ seriously? I love Miley Cyrus. And yeah, grandma looks kind of scary in the pic.

    Una~ thank you girl. Right back at you!

    Jimmy~ too funny! Thank goodness Lu is better than Tim at cleaning. My house looks amazing!

    Roxy~ congrats on the house! I'm sure it looks great!

    Hadassah~ I know right?! And it says it in a little Japanese girl's voice!! Thank you.

    Kathryn~ Hahaha. That would be funny. I can just imagine someone else accidentally taking a sip!

    DfG~ I was indeed lucky to have her. She is all those things you said. Thank you.

    Angelia~ or if you are a 16 yr old boy with no body fat and a perfect BMI. When he steps on it says "great!" Grrr...

    Dr. Soosie~ thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am an optimist!

    Tina~ I'm trying! And your news really is the best news. I'm so happy for you!!


  17. The good news is I'm addicted to your blog. The bad news is I'm your newest stalker and that's me making that noise in the bushes. But more good news, I brought my Kleen Karafe filled with vino, baby!

  18. The bad news is you have a whole heck of a lot going on...the good news is that vodka is available at pretty much every corner! Happy Easter!! =)

  19. AHHHH! 80 degree weather? How I envy you!!
    We had a blizzard yesterday... Bah!
    Anyway... the good news is a got to take a break yesterday. The bad news is I have a lot to do today.

  20. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. :-(

  21. So sorry about your grandma and Sean's job loss.

    Hopefully next week will be better.