Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friends, family and revenge...

Everyone who reads this blog rocks my socks. You will never know how much your comments meant to me last week. I could check my email with my cell phone while in town and the constant flow of comments and emails that were sent my way filled with support and comfort really helped. Some of them even made me smile, if only briefly. So thank you to all of you. And thank you for returning even when the blogs have been sad. I just needed to get it out.

One of the few bright spots in the week was getting to see relatives I haven't seen in a while. There aren't many who don't live around here; my aunt, uncle & cousins who live in Ohio near my sister and her family, and my cousin and his wife and baby who live about 3 hours away. And my two youngest cousins who live two hours away. Yes, my family is completely crazy (some certifiable) but I was really proud of the way we all pulled together. I had thought that it would be a clusterf*ck. Because it's a family that loves to argue. And I knew that some of the family hadn't realized that death might come so quickly. And some blamed themselves and others for decisions made. So when we all met at the funeral home, I truly expected it to go badly. I was completely surprised in a good way. Decisions were discussed and made quickly with very little dissent. At one point, angry words were spoken, but they were quickly dispelled with, everyone only concentrating on what they thought Grandma would want. And in the end, it was a beautiful funeral. I think it was exactly as she would have wanted it.

My children were amazing through the whole thing. They made me proud. Not only did they behave in a respectful manner towards everyone, they pitched in with my sister's children. They spent alot of time watching and entertaining their younger cousins to lesson the burden on Hildi & I. Part of it was because their really good kids. And part of it was because, well, who wouldn't rather be swimming at the hotel pool then standing around the last hour and a half of the viewing? I hate that it was for that reason we all pulled together so well, but I'm still proud.

So as not to be a total downer...we did have some fun, mostly of course, before grandma's passing, but some later in the week too. Lu's boyfriend Luke spent most of the week with us so he could help out with the little girls and also to be there for Lu. He'd made the mistake of telling Lu that the last time he spent the week with us he got tired of all the "ur mom" jokes. (so sorry that we have the sense of humor of 13 yr old boys). And she told me. And I told everyone. And we drove him crazy with it this last week. Even my Dad got in on the action. A typical example~

Lu: It's too big.

Sean: Ur mom's too big.

Me: That's what she said.

Dad: Who said?

Hildi: Ur mom.

You have no idea how many times we can work this into a conversation. Trust me, it's an astronomical amount. Poor Luke. And poor my mom, because she totally didn't get it most of the time. And poor Hildi's oldest daughter who still doesn't understand why we think it's funny to say that.

And then there was this conversation with Lu~

Lu: Cousin S's baby is sooo cute!

Me: Yeah he is. He looks just like his Daddy did. (my cousin and I are only 18 months apart in age and spent alot of time together growing up, even living in the same house from time to time).

Lu: Did he have blonde hair when he was little?

Me: No. His hair was always dark. We always had the same color hair. People thought we were brother and sister.

Lu: Well you don't have the same color hair now. He has sooo much gray!

Me: Um. Duh Lu. That's because I dye my hair!

Lu: Oh yeah.

My cousin thought this exchange was hilarious. Although I did point out that even if I didn't dye my hair, I'd still have less gray. And I finished the convo with a "nanny nanny boo boo". I'm still trying to get back at him for this one time...

Apparently, when I was 4 and he was 2 1/2, my mother and aunt heard screaming (me) coming from the bathroom. They rushed in and discovered me on the potty and my cousin standing in front of me with two huge handfuls of my hair. Seeing as how I had to use both hands to keep from falling in, he'd strategically planned his attack for when I was defenseless. Many years later, I felt compelled to pay him back. Being in possession of a photo of him peeing in the public swimming pool (he was like four at the time), I put it in a photo frame that sat atop one of those tabletop fountains. Appropriate, no? Then I gave it to him as a wedding gift. Don't cross me...

Again, thank you all. Have a peaceful Sunday!


  1. It sounds like you were able to find some moments of laughter during a difficult time period. I'm glad to hear that.

  2. I'm happy to hear your family was able to pull together during a tough time. We love "your mom" jokes at our house, it really can fit almost any conversation. Occasionally I'll throw a "your mom" at one of my kids and they'll look at me quizzically, "um, that's you". Always fun. Hope you and the family are healing well and finding comfort in each other.

  3. Glad everything went well for you Spot, it is great that family can come together when needed and actually act like adults.

    And speaking of that I will be careful to make sure you have no pictures of me that will do my reputation harm before pulling any pranks much less your hair :^)

  4. Who ever said revenge must be in a timely manner? As long as you get it, life goes on! Glad your fmily pulled together during this time and you even had some laughs.

  5. Thank goodness for a little bit of humor during such a trying time. So glad the family behaved themselves.

    I bet that pic hasn't seen the light of day since you gave it too him. LOL!

  6. Nice post...sorry for your lost. Also, my work is the mecca for ur mom jokes. And the "that's what she said" variety as well. Unfortunately, the D's nuts joke is also prevalent lately.

  7. * Does a dance! * SQUEE! You do "ur mom" jokes, too! Another reason why you are awesome, yeah.

    And this post made me think a lot about my own grandmother's funeral, where things could have been a disaster but they ended out fine.

    I heart you, Spot.

  8. I'm sorry to hear your sad news (I was out much of last week)...but as always you make me laugh with your family tales, proving once again that families coming together with a sense of humor can get you through anything. Your family's love (and laughter) shines through!

  9. My mom gets all kinds of crabby when my brother and I launch into a "your mama" fight. So we do it all the time. Natch.

  10. And yet, you still managed to make everyone smile! Spot, how do you DO that??

    It's the crappiest of reasons for the fam to get together...but I'm glad you got to spend some serious quality time together!