Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The one where I whine a little...

You've been forewarned. I'm feeling slightly whiny so no doubt that's how this post will come off. If you don't feel like listening to it, you are cordially invited to skip this one. And I won't be mad. Pinky swear.

We had a lovely weekend. Really, the wedding went off well. The reception was a lot of fun and ended far too quickly. The whole thing was great. I did not get drunk as I had planned. I did drink quite a bit of some really excellent wine but it was spread throughout the day and at the reception I kept running into people who wanted to talk and when I talk, I get so animated that I forget to keep drinking. So I was on the sober side when we left for home. Lu went ahead and drove since obviously she hadn't been drinking. We got home around midnight thirty and crawled into bed.

Enter Sunday morning. My legs refuse to work properly. I've mentioned before that I have Fibromyalgia and my leg muscles are a lot of where the problem is focused. All the walking, standing and some stairs Saturday pretty much insured they'd be screaming at me Sunday. So it really was no surprise. I rested a lot of Sunday. Watched some movies that no one else would've watched with me. One was a 1945 black & white horror film I'd never seen before. It had an awesome plot. I didn't mind my down time.

Unfortunately, my body wasn't satisfied with just one day. I've been having this problem lately. When I sit at my computer my feet swell up and then it hurts to walk on them. It’s been a couple of months and I probably should have called the doctor sooner, but I was busy. (Yes, that is my excuse. That and I get sick of doctors.) And now it’s to the point where after a while they go numb. If I sit elsewhere and keep them elevated they do better. So I've been trying to work in breaks. Although breaks make me crazy- they feel so unproductive.

And now there are these bright red dots all over my calves and shins and a few above my knee. No, it’s not a rash. They are flush with my skin and don't itch or hurt. They're just there. They look like larger versions of the petechia that Lu gets when her platelets are low. So I called the doctor. And he wants to look for zebras instead of horses. (That’s what I call it when they do elaborate tests and it turns out to be something simple). So tomorrow they'll take an ultrasound of my heart to make sure its functioning properly. I'm no doctor, but I'm betting it’s something simpler like autoimmune vasculitis and all I need is a course of steroids. But we'll see. Meantime I'm laying low and grumbling because I'm not feeling productive. Of course, there's no one here to grumble to because it’s the busy time of year.

Fibromyalgia is like that. I go for weeks feeling fine and respecting my limitations and then it flares and I have to sit a few rounds out. I'm not much for sitting on the sidelines.

On the work front though, I still managed to finish the edits on the first manuscript for Angelic Knight Press. I posted a book review at See Spot Read yesterday. And an author/publisher interview at The Author Spot. I have a new manuscript to edit for a client not involved with Angelic Knight, and one client due to send me one mid-July. I have a new book to read for review next week. And a book to beta read for a friend. Plus my own two works-in-progress to work on. So legs be damned...I'm busy!

Thanks for listening those of you who stayed. I feel better for the venting. And if you know of anyone who's had a similar problem, do tell. I'll take my suggestions to the doctor next week.



  1. I'd fight the damn thing with you if I could!

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling the best, dear. The only assvice I can offer is to maybe consider a 'standing desk". Research has shown that we are not designed to sit for long periods of time, and people who have switched to standing desks seem to like it. Check it out :

  3. I hope the doctor's get their act together today! I would be a bit grumpy too. I'll be thinking good thoughts :)

  4. Yuck! That sucks, Spot!

    I hope things settle and you are back in the saddle in no time.

    PS - you can whine any time you like ... I'll keep reading, I owe you a few...

  5. I don't mind your whines! I'm glad you can share and have a place to come to. Life is not always rosy. We know. I hate that it has flared up. Have you tried sitting on an exercise ball at your desk? (stop laughing)

    It could help! Maybe move you around enough not to go stagnant. Lol.

    I'm on round two of antibiotics for a monster sinus infection. Hoping this one works! I'm sick of working with a headache and in fact, told them I was not working tomorrow, but resting and getting better. Yay me.

    It's hard to stop when you know you could push through the pain (cause your tough). But sometimes you just have to be a wimp. :-) Have another couch day and get better. :-)

  6. Whine away. You are allowed! You've had an awful lot going on. I sure hope you find out what's going on healthwise and I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.