Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The one where I have random conversations...

This post will just be a jumble of some random conversations.

Me: I don't know how our bed keeps getting so messed up. Every morning the sheet is completely untucked and the comforter is balled up in the middle.

Mike: It's because they aren't flannel sheets.

Me: Duh. Because it's summer.

Mike: It doesn't matter what season it is, it's always arctic in this house.

Me: That's because I'm allergic to heat.

Mike: No one is allergic to heat.

Me: I am. Its probably very rare. I think I can get you a doctor's excuse if that will help.

Mike: How about we just put the flannel sheets back on the bed.

Me: No.

At the Doctor's yesterday~

Me: So obviously something is broken in my body. I need you to fix it. I don't have time to be feeling bad.

Dr: It doesn't work that way.

Me: Why not? I take the car to my mechanic and tell him it's broke and he fixes it. It should totally work the same way.

Dr: *rolls his eyes* I'm going to do these twenty bazillion tests...

Me: And then you better fix it. You went to school for this way longer than my mechanic.

Sean came home briefly yesterday looking for something in his room (which is also my office at the moment). He was talking to me for a few minutes and then~

Sean: You better pay attention. This is important.

Me: *turning from my desk* yes?

Sean: The blackberries are ripe.

Me: That was the important thing?! You've just told me about ten things and that was the important one I needed to pay attention for?

Sean: Blackberries don't pick themselves, you know. And cobblers don't bake themselves. My stomach thinks that makes it very important.

In the waiting room for Lu's dr visit~

Lu: What are you doing?

Me: Being bored

Lu: You're reading a magazine. How can you be bored at the same time?

Me: Because I can multitask.

Happy humpday folks,


  1. hahaha. I love your dialogues..I wish I were that witty.

    At my house last night as I'm on the couch writing:

    Me: Stop talking. I'm busy.

    Hubby: Look kids *to the pugs*, mommy is too busy to play with you

    Me: Mommy doesn't know when daddy's getting a job, so she has to work

    Hubby: *stays silent*

    Yea, it's a laugh-o-riot at my place :)

  2. smiling...thanks for lifting me up today! I so need to steal those dr. lines for later use!

  3. I think what you told the doctor makes total sense. Besides... the car can't tell them where it hurts and they figure it out!

  4. and the blackberries, did you bake some cobblers? Marie

  5. Ha!
    Sooo ... what does a fella have to do to get in on those blackberries??

  6. Claudia~ Oh my. That was not a funny convo. You may need lessons in snarkasm. Lucky for you, I'm a PRO!

    Suzi~ you are very welcome. I'm glad people think we are insanely funny and not just insane.

    Peg~ I know right?! I could probably figure it out all on my own at WebMD but no one will give me a prescription pad.

    Marie~ I have not yet picked or baked said blackberries. Alas, I have no time.

    Dani~ All you have to do is come pick them. I'm sure the cost of the plane fare would be totally worth it!