Monday, June 6, 2011

The one where I pay homage to Oil of Olay

Seriously, if you're not using it- you probably should be. That shit really works!

My mom got us started on moisturizing our skin at a young age. It was so ingrained that by the time I was a teenager, I didn't even think about it. Shower, moisturize. For me, it goes together like peanut butter & chocolate, Beer & pizza or swimming & summertime. It just fits. First we used Noxema, then as my mom got older she switched to Oil of Olay. As did I. And while I often write about how silly I think it is for women to go to extremes to stop the signs of aging (plastic surgery, botox, expensive dermatological treatments), I don't think its the same thing as using a product here and there. Or dying your hair (because seriously- I'm in massive need. These grays are getting ridiculous). So I dye my hair, I moisturize with Oil of Olay and recently I started using the Covergirl Oil of Olay foundation. Its a little pricey, but worth it. Case in point~

Sean and I took CJ back to school in Springfield on Thursday last week. We had also planned a shopping trip to get some of Sean's gear for his travels this summer. Springfield has a store called Gander Mountain and that's where we headed. Well besides camping gear, Sean has been wanting to buy a new hunting rifle. So we mosied on over to the gun department. The manager, a guy probably my age, came over to help us.

Manager dude: What kind of hunting rifle are you looking for?

Sean: Small game. I was thinking maybe I'd try Coyote hunting.

Manager: How much were you looking to spend?

Sean: About $750. *insert me choking here. $750?! WTH?*

Manager: I'd recommend this blah blah *that was when I tuned out- although I noticed that the tags on the guns said "varmint"-that made me giggle some*

Me: Do you have a card or something? Do you get commission? Because we aren't buying today.

Manager: No, but I'm the manager so it all helps me. I'll write down the gun info. If you guys are going to comparison shop don't let anyone talk you into the blah blah, its just not a good gun.

Me: Oh we'll probably come back here, its just that he's not 18 and I don't have a FOID card.

Manager: That is a problem!

Me: Its okay, we have plenty of friends who are over 21 and FOID carriers. We'll bring one of them.

Manager: Well just be sure they have the money. We can't do sales where one person is buying and the other is paying. It just looks funny. Like if you were buying the gun and your brother was handing you the cash. *he must have noticed the startled looks on me & Sean's faces*

Manager: I mean, well, uh, I just assumed he was your brother.

Me: He's my son.

Sean: Her youngest son. *thanks for that Sean*

Manager: Oh. I'm so sorry!

Me: Are you kidding me? You just made my day. Possibly my week.

Seriously guys, its the Oil of Olay. Or the blood sacrifices to the full moon. Nah, its the Oil of Olay.

Happy Monday,


  1. I would leave a longer comment, but I have to head out to buy some Oil of Olay!!!!!

  2. NICE!! That would be the highlight of my month!
    Hummmm...Oil of Olay huh?

  3. Don't you just love when that happens? Although it rarely does anymore. It's more likely I'm mistaken for SuziCates MOTHER instead of sister and THAT really pisses me off! I guess I should switch to Oil of Olay exclusively instead of sporadically!

  4. Back home in NC he probably would have assumed you two were dating, regardless of whether or not you're kin.

  5. Now I feel like I ought to go buy some of that stuff!

  6. You're a girl after my own heart...a post on skin care AND firearms :)

  7. Wow! Look at you hot mama!! You are an Oil of Olay cougar. I'm ready to see you on the next commercial. :-))

  8. I couldn't use the stuff, it made me break out with black heads. Noxzema tho' makes me nostalgic. It's always nice when someone thinks you're much younger than what you are :-) I can still pass for 27-30 on my good days. lol. Avoiding the sun like the plague, olive oil as a moisturizer, brown sugar as an exfoliate -lemon juice as a bleaching agent and sliced apple as a toner goes a looong way for improved skin- but avoid the oven and hungry people ;-)

  9. Suzi~ too funny!

    AA~ it is the highlight of my month so far!

    Peg~ you've got to be kidding! Yes, trust the oil of olay. The foundation really is amazing.

    Elly~ Haha! That would have been even funnier.

    WW~ I think you have a few years before you need to start!!

    Claudia~ just keeping in real!

    Angelia~ I'm too tired to be a cougar. I'm more like a housecat. Lol.

    R.L.~ you're skincare routine sounds delicious!!


  10. I wonder if that stuff would help my bald head any. Silky and shiny. Oh, yeah!


  11. Guts to love the Oil of Old Age (as I have called it since I was a kid)

    I think genetics may have a small hand in your youthful appearance ... and you do look very young, Spot.

    But, hey! I've heard that stuff works and have been threatening to start buying it for some time. I like their facial wash cloths ... they work great.