Friday, June 17, 2011

The one where we examine Sean's motivation...

So we celebrated Father's Day with Mike last night. Because, of course, camp is in session and he is always working on Father's Day. Plus Sean had to leave for the other camp this morning. So the four of us managed to sit down to dinner together and give Mike his cards and present. We got him a new phone. He desperately needed one and this one is "indestructible". Yeah, I went ahead and put insurance on it because at our house "indestructible" just means "try harder". But this is the phone all the cool kids have. And by cool kids, I totally mean other guys who drop, chainsaw, hammer, run over, and generally mistreat their cellular devices. I have it on good testimony from one such cool kid that you can drop it from a ladder and it's still okay. The saleslady asked if I'd like to buy him the handy belt clip for it. I replied "No, he'd much rather drop it out of his truck as he climbs out." She looked at me oddly. Duh, lady. Why do you think I need the indestructible phone? Certainly not because he's careful with it.

This morning I made breakfast for the kids before they headed off to their respective jobs. Lu scarfed hers down because she was running late so basically Sean and I ate breakfast together. We had this conversation~

Sean: I remember going to Cub Scout Camp. Dad didn't love me enough to go with us.

Me: Don't be ridiculous. Of course your Dad loved you enough, he just had to work here at Boy Scout Camp. I came up part of the time.

Sean: Yeah, all the boys thought you were the cool mom.

Me: Duh. Because I was.

Sean: They still think that.

Me: It's because I'm awesome.

Sean: Trevor's Dad sang us some songs each night before we went to bed.

Me: Dave has a great voice. He's a nice guy.

Sean: And once Trevor walked back from the shower house to our tent naked.

Me: *giggling* That must have been quite the sight! Why would he do that?

Sean: He said it was no big deal, his clothes were in the tent. I tried to tell him it was no big deal to bring your clothes with you either. Matt went with us to camp too.

Me: Yeah, he was your Den Chief. He must've been like 14 or so.

Sean: Yeah. I actually hated Cub Camp. And they made us do these swimming tests, and I was a horrible swimmer back then and the water was so cold my lips turned blue. And nobody noticed except Matt. He made me get out of the water and warm up.

Me: So is that why you work Cub Scout Camp Staff? So you can be a great counselor and make sure the kids have fun?

Sean: No. I work there because they pay me. *rolls his eyes at me*

Well, I guess that's as good of a reason as any. And for the record- I don't remember him hating Cub Scout Camp.


  1. I worked at a Cub Scout camp one summer with my mom. We were in charge of the "daycare" for the little girls and boys too young to participate. It was a day over nights.

    A massive storm hit one day and we had screaming kids the point I had to track down some of their parents to calm the kids down...memories.

  2. At least they all knew and KNOW that you're the cool mom! That's awesome that your teenage son still thinks that!

  3. I love being part of these little chats.