Friday, June 10, 2011

The one where I get some blog bling...

Haha! Say that three times fast- blog bling- I dare ya! So my author friend Scott Niven (who you should all be following) was nice enough to pass on not one, but two blog awards to me last week and I'm just now getting around to accepting them. Not because I don't appreciate them (I do!), but because its been one of those crazy busy weeks again.

Lu had another Dr. appt. Everything is still going super awesome. She's at 34 weeks- six more to go before baby Dylan makes his arrival. She's still super adorable, but she will cut you for a cupcake. True story. Do not get between her and what ever food she's currently craving. I would post a picture but I can't find the camera I took them with. So um, maybe Sunday.

Sean finished the field work for his Eagle Project and I helped him make his spreadsheet. Now there's just a lot of data entry to be done. But its getting closer to finished. He's off to work at Cub Resident Camp on weekends and Boy Scout Camp during the week. I'll be seeing him very sporadically. Bummer. I miss that kid when he's gone. He plays the "what if" game best when I'm working out story details. He also catches mistakes in my manuscripts. And he makes me laugh when I'm in a pissy mood. So watch out for that. And if I call one of you saying "what if this guy planned on killing his wife, but she turned the tables and killed the killer and then they both decided they liked killing so much that they became a serial killer team?" do not hang up on me.

I also had a bachelorette party to throw Wednesday night, thanks to my friend K and her incredible husband C, who baked homemade strawberry champagne cupcakes for the party, it went really well. Even if C did get slightly upset that we defiled his delicious cupcakes with penis sprinkles. Hey, it was a bachelorette party! Tonight is the rehearsal dinner for the wedding and tomorrow is the big event. Sunday I will probably have to hold the couch down. Don't want that couch getting up and walking away on us. I mean, its a crappy job, but someone has to do it. Might as well be me!! I'm sure I'll need the recovery period!

So here is my beautiful blog bling:

I don't think that there was any hoops to jump through to get either of these. But of course I want to pass them along! So the Sweet blog bling goes to: Peg of Square Peg in a Round Hole
Heather of Welch Happenings Blog
Suzicate of The Water Witch's Daughter
Angelia of Living, Loving, Laughing
And also to Danica at Plattitude Paradise because she's having a rough time right now and I want her to know I care.

And the stylish bling I am handing out to some of my author blogs I follow. Their blogs are decked out in scary stuff so beware the faint of heart. Personally, I think scary is stylish! So here you go:

Rebecca Treadway of RL. Treadway's Ink (she gave me a delightfully scary screensaver!)
Blaze of Blaze McRob's Tales of Horror (because who else's boss writes a horror story just for them?)
Lisa of Jezri's Nightmares because her blog is scary good.
Claudia Lefeve over at Blog- Claudia Lefeve because she's got style!
and to Carson Buckingham at Carson Buckingham because she's not only stylish, her blogs are funny as hell! Seriously, I always end up giggle-snorting.

And that is that for today. Hopefully Monday I will have an interview for you. Not an author this time, but a lady working to get her business off the ground. And she does fantastic work!



  1. Wow Thanks!!! It looks soo delish!!

    I had to laugh at the image of Lulu swinging a knife for all those who dare think about taking that cupcake! LOL! Glad all is going well with her pregnancy.

    I would never hang up on you intentionally, but that senario might scare me so bad, my reflexs would take over and hang up! LOL!

    Thanks again for the bloggy bling!

  2. Aww that's so sweet. Irresistably so. I probably misspelled that at it is almost 1:30 AM, I'm tired and I may or may not have imbibed some red wine... LOL. I do so appreciate the shout out! YOU are too sweet!

    I had to laugh at the Lu hurting someone over cravings story. I'll have to blog about my cousin taking my chocolate yoohoo when I was preggars! NOT PRETTY!!

    Again, thanks.

  3. Awe, very sweet of you. I'd love one of those cupcakes about now, but don't think I'd have it in me to fight off a pregnant woman yielding a knife!!! At this time you are probably preparing to hold down the couch tomorrow. Hope it's all lots of fun!

  4. Wow, thank you so much! I now have a Blazing Bling! Does that sound right? Maybe . . . nah, no one would possibly think anything other than what is intended.


  5. You deserve your blog bling! (And your horror story is killer! In a fabulous way! Want more...yes, I do!)

  6. Gee ... thanks Spot. I appreciate the thought.