Monday, September 20, 2010

The one where I get to spend time with my kids...

I can't decide what I want to write about today. I'm having that trouble alot lately. I seem to have an excess of thoughts. But when I try to nail them down I have trouble getting a cohesive sentence. It may be the lack of sleep or the lingering effects of pain medicine. Or just a general ambivalence and sense of malaise I've felt lately. Which again is probably attributable to the lack of sleep. It's extremely hard to get comfortable. My knee, which should be healed by now, feels like someone took it off and put it back on sideways. Yeah, it's a really weird feeling. It's still swollen to about three times the normal size. I can walk without crutches, but with a noticeable limp. Anyway, enough of me whining.

I got the chance this weekend to spend some quality time with both Lu and Sean. Friday night Lu and I met a friend for dinner (at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was so good I cannot stop craving chicken). Then we went to two movies. Yep, we did a double. First we saw "Devil" and it was awesomely scary. Solid (and original) plot, solid acting. Lu was so creeped out that she debated sleeping in my room since the guys were gone that night. Then we saw "Easy A". I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Very sarcastic humor and a good lesson about human nature. We had a fabulous time and I was definitely reminded of why she's not just my daughter, she's one of my best friends.

By pure chance, Sean's schedule opened up Saturday and he offered to do the grocery shopping with me. I was elated. I mean, Mike was going to take me and that would have been alright, but Sean and I have it down to a science and it goes much smoother when he's my helper. Plus he never begs for cookies the way some people *cough cough Mike* do. So first we headed to lunch at the Mexican restaurant (never grocery shop on an empty stomach!). While there we got a chance to talk. I've really been missing him since he started working full time. He's gone all day and many nights he has activities (scouts, civil air patrol, lodge duties) so our hang out time had been severely hampered. He made me giggle with stories of the things he really wants to say on the phone and stories about the people he works with. Some of them not so savory characters. Like R, who just got out of jail after two years for drug dealing. K, whose dad is a wanted felon. And a couple of gang members. Of course, Sean is on good terms with all of them because he's so laid back. So then he's telling me about T, the girl who wants him.

Me: Well is she nice?

Sean: Um yeah. But she hangs out with the drug people.

Me: Oh. Is she a meth head?

Sean: No. I think she just smokes pot.

Me: did you tell her you don't date girls who do drugs?

Sean: Yes. I don't think it's dating she has in mind.

Me: Ooooohhhhh. Well, um, did you tell her you don't "do" girls who do drugs?

Sean: Yes Mom. She asked me if I wanted a drink at lunch the other day. I declined.

Me: Wow. She sounds great Sean, bring her home to dinner. Wait?! How old is she?

Sean: Her birthday is the end of the month and she turns 22.

Me: OMG! Does she know you just barely turned 17?

Sean: Yep.

Me: Wow. Is she pretty?

Sean: Um. She's okay. (hands me his phone which has a pic she sent him)

Me: Oh holy hell! She's not wearing a shirt!! (I mean you can't actually see anything but you can tell she's not wearing a shirt) Why would you show me that?! I'm your mother!!

Sean: Yeah. Well when I stop showing and telling you should worry.

Me: Hmmm. Good point. Have I told you lately how much I really like Lizzie? (his ex girlfriend).

Sean: Yes mother. (slightly exasperated) We're hanging out Sunday.

We had a good time shopping, it went smoothly. He refrained from knocking me into displays since I was already limping. Later, I shared this conversation with my sister Hildi, who flipped out.

Hildi: Did you call that chick and tell her to leave your baby alone?!

Me: Um. No. I don't have her number. And that's really not my style anyway.

Hildi: well you should!

Me: No. He's 17. He has to make his own choices. Obviously he's been putting this chick off nicely, which is what I would expect him to do. It is Sean we're talking about. He's been mature since he was born. I think he can handle it. Besides, he was right. If he didn't tell me about it is when I'd need to worry. Of course, then I wouldn't know I needed to worry. *I confess, I lost myself a little at this point but in my defense it was almost midnight*

I'm so thankful that I have this relationship with my kids. The one where they can tell me anything and I don't freak out. One where they want to tell me everything. (sometimes more than I needed to know). I wouldn't trade it for anything. And I guess that's why, I'm so disappointed in the woman I call "mother". I'm not going to go into any of it here, because she's told me before that she didn't want to be written about on my blog. I have to respect those wishes. I'll just suffice it to say, that I hope she gets the wake up call she needs soon, before it's too late. Because life is too short to waste.

Life, love & TMI,


  1. Phew! For a second there I thought I might have to cut a bitch. Tell that skanky drug girl that I called dibs on Sean a long time ago. Counting down the days until he turns 18.

    Just kidding, Spot.


  2. Awe, sounds like everybody is back in the swing of hearing these convos!

  3. Elly~ You made me snort Coke out my nose. Coca-cola that is. Thought I better clarify.


  4. You do have a great relationship with your kids. I hope I have the same with mine when they are older.

  5. Sean is right, you only have to worry when they stop telling you things, we too are blessed with too much info from our kids at times but I'd rather have too much and attempt to let them handle their own stuff than to not know anything.

    Sounds like you had a great time with the kids and for goodness sake get some cookies for Mike :)

  6. Oh, honey! You had me in hysterics with this one! Poor Sean....from the topless girls to his own wants to leave this boy alone! And of course, he's right: it's when they STOP talking that we have to worry. (And think about it this way: he trusts you enough not to take his cell and "respond" to the text with the photo, where you could say something very put-offish and she'd think it was from him, if you get my drift...but I never suggested that and if you tell Sean I did, I'll deny it.)

  7. WOW! You do have a great relationship with Sean and he talks like he is more than just 17. I trusthe will make the right decision about that girl.(Jeez! she must really have a huge crush on him. Whats with the topless photo?)As long as he keeps talking to you, all is well.
    Your blog rocks!

  8. OMG, Spot ... your kids are too cool. I would give my eye teeth for this sort of relationship to eek itself outta the havoc my kids and I co-exist in these days.

    ...and your blog DOES rock!

  9. Suzi~ thanks dear. Sean convos are the best!

    Amber~ I'm sure you will. My advice is totally heavy doses of sarcasm. It's good for them. Really.

    Jimmy~ if you knew Mike's cholesterol levels you'd totally be on my side of the cookie issue!

    Kathryn~ good lord. He'd kill me. Like for real. In my sleep.

    Lily~ Hi! And thank you very much!

    Danica~ good to see you sistah fren! You will have a good one. You have a terrific sense of humor and that is the glue that bonds us. Snarkasm.


  10. You are so blessed to have such a great relationship with your kids. I have a great relationship with my girls but I don't think they are nearly as open as Sean is (maybe I really don't want them to be? LOL) No, I do have great kids. We are both very blessed.

  11. You raised him right! I can only hope Sydney does just as well and keeps me in the loop. Crossing fingers at 16 - so far, so good. :-)

  12. I do envy the relationship that you have built with your kids. My mom would never be that tolorant to sit and listen, without preaching. You are very lucky!

    I guess I'm an old prude BUT what is up with these girls sending pics like that? Or better yet TAKING pics like that. Even in my hayday I would neva!! Thankfully Sean is a good boy!

  13. hi there every one - hope yous had a good christmas - pity we didnt get snow was all prepared wi sledges kids loving it any ways , all the best for new year -