Thursday, September 16, 2010

The one where I hate being laid up...

Honestly? I was looking a little forward to my down time. Having some enforced relaxation after what has to go down as the craziest couple of months for our family. I was looking forward to being on the other end of the "being taken care of" side. Settling in for some naps, some movies of my choice, some peace & quiet. But after almost a week of it- I'm so done.

I miss my computer desperately. I can only sit there for so long before the knee starts aching. I miss cooking (I must admit Lu makes the most amazing PB&J sandwiches ever but I need some meat!) I miss being busy and productive and caught up in the frantic chaos that defines my life.

Sitting around only allows me time to focus on the parts of my house that are flawed and desperately in need of work. Like how bad my carpets need shampooing. How badly the bathroom needs repainting. CJ's toy box needs cleaning out. New slipcovers, new chairs. The list is damn near endless. And mind boggling. I don't even know where to start.

Apparently, relaxing is no longer in my nature. Who knew? Oh yeah, so maybe you guys did. Good call.

So today found me hobbling around (don't yell- the doctor told me I could) and making my bed, wiping the counters, making a grocery list and loading the dishwasher. I'm either OCD or just have control issues. Again, no surprises there.

This whole episode has been something else. Apparently, the Doctor told Mike & Lu that once he opened up my knee the damage was worse than what the MRI had shown. He said my knee was "way older than the rest of my body". For realz? How the hell did I wind up with the used part?! And how do I get a refund? What gives, Universe?!

I guess perhaps it relates to the recent discovery of some labs I had done fourteen (yes, fourteen) years ago that suggest I have Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Oh well, it's always something, isn't it? Life is a constant uphill climb, but the roadside viewing areas are what makes it all worthwhile.

It looks as though things are finally moving forward for everyone. Lu is doing great and went back to work Tuesday. She has a 35 hour schedule this week. Luke is looking for a second job. Sean is a full time telemarketer and he loves it. How crazy is that kid?! His phone call stories make me cry with laughter. I'll be sharing those soon. Bobby works full times. And Mike is back full swing although he'll probably be facing shoulder surgery in January. He has a labral tear and impingement from the accident.

Once the knee is healed, hopefully I can get something of a writing routine going again. I have freelance work coming out my ears. So for now, life is good.

I will soon be catching up with all of your adventures as well.

Take Care, my friends,


  1. Glad all the crazy stuff is calming down around you...and now that it is and you have a chance to rest, you start getting crazy restless! Right, no surprise there; nurturers like to nurture not be nurtured! Happy you're all settling in!

  2. I hope the knee heals quickly for you! I'd be going nuts too, I like to move and such. I wouldn't miss the cooking though, since I hate that begin with.

  3. Good to hear from you Spot!! Take care, don't go too stir crazy and over do it!!

  4. So at last the final leg of the injured is almost well. Thankfully all is back to work and soon that will be you too.

    Stop thinking about all them repairs or you end up like me...trying to put down a new floor and suddenly the is a twinge in my back. It's going to be a long day!

    Hope you can find little things to do, that don't demand much effort. Take care!

  5. I'm glad to hear all is returning to "normal" around your house...well, your version of normal, anyway. :)
    I know what you mean about downtime...I think it's highly overrated. I spend a lot of my time complaining that I get no time myself, and then when I finally do I'm bored out of my mind. Guess I'm a bit hard to please. :)

  6. I heart you, sweetie.

  7. Oh! You're only backed up to the point it's coming out your ears? Breezy! No panicking until it's coming out your ass.

  8. Super Spot does it again! Knee surgery, then hobbling to clean the next week. Meh. Relaxation is overrated. :-) Really happy to hear the fam is doing so well. :-)

  9. So happy to hear you're bored, sweetie! That's the first sign to feeling better. Remember when the kids were little? You'd always know when the meds were kicking in 'cause they'd be bored.

    Just take it something, then rest. Watch that documentary on Babies. It's awesome.

  10. "Life is a constant uphill climb, but the roadside viewing areas are what makes it all worthwhile."

    That right there is some poignant schtuff... yours?

    Get better soon, my OCD control freak of a sistah fren!

  11. So glad things seem to be winding down for you. Enjoy the relative peace and quiet.

  12. Hey Spot - You really should meet my sister. You two are SO similar that I think you would really hit it off. Let me know and we can arrange introductions. I am sure you can swap stories about your kids until they are all ready to kill you both. :)