Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The one where I begin (quietly) freaking out...

Yes, you read that right. I know, I'm usually not given to freaking out. And I'm definitely not given to public acknowledgement of freaking out. But there you have it. Why this behavior you ask? Because Friday is the day. The day of my knee surgery. Um. Yeah. I do know that it's supposed to be a very simple surgery. Yes. I do know that the incisions are tiny and require only one stitch. Sure I know that I should be completely healed up in a week. So why am I freaking out? Because last summer they gave me the same song and dance and I ended up with a 4 inch gash and major recovery, oh yeah and then it go infected and then I found out they nicked an artery while they were in there. So pardon my freak out, but me and surgery are not on good terms.

I visited Mike's aunt yesterday and we got to have a long chat. We have very much the same personalities and outlook. Having been through what she's going through just last year, we were able to really connect. I zeroed in on her exact fears because they were the same ones I had harbored. I think our talk helped some. And I know the trashy magazines, travel bottles of soap and shampoos, and Lindor Truffles I took her helped. A girl has got to have her stuff. Fortunately, so far they haven't found anything that specifically points to cancer. Now it's a waiting game til surgery when they can remove the cyst and biopsy it.

Lu and I both have doctor appointments today. Mine to discuss some hopefully minor stuff and hers with her hematologist to check her blood counts. Positive thoughts that they are good please. Then she sees the surgeon on Thursday and she's hoping to get released for work.

After the doctors visits we will be going to the visitation for my friend's husband. I'm wearing tons of waterproof mascara.

Sean started his full time job today. I think I was ten times more nervous than he. I packed him a lunch. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

And Mike and I had this conversation this morning~

Me: (knocking on his office door and entering) Um. So I wanted to give you the bad news in person since I'm such a supportive wife and all.

Mike: (turning to me expecting a money issue I'm sure) What?

Me: I'm really sorry, but Bob from "Bob and Tom" died.

Mike: Um. Ok.

Me: He was in a car accident in Arizona.

Mike: Um. Huh.

Me: I thought you loved that show?!

Mike: Well I don't get to listen to it very often.

Me: Whatever. That's the last time I break things to you gently. Next time you get a Post It note.

And today I received an email from one of my Kindle readers. How cool is that?! I always wonder about them. You know, who they are and how they found my blog, ect. So thank you Donna from Texas for the blog love! It was great to hear from you.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. I don't blame you. I think I'd be a little freaked out, too. I pray all goes well. Hope Sean likes his job.

  2. sending good karma to you and Lu. Im positive everything will work out swimmingly!

  3. Is your Dr. a dude? I hope so. Because men always think things are much bigger than the actually are. So if he says it's a tiny incision, it's probably a minuscule incision. For reals.

  4. Freaking out is natural and I have faith everything will go as planned and you will be running a foot race about this time next week.

  5. Oh gee, that sucks. Surgery is the worst. But you, my champ friend, are the bionic woman and those docs will fix you right up. Hope Lu's results were well. I'm so sorry about what you are going through with your aunt and friend's tragedy. I hereby declare a reprieve until at least next year. C'mon Universe!


  6. Perhaps you can specifically request a no-artery-knicking procedure this time?? I hope! Best wishes.

  7. I'd be freaking out too. I will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. How did Lu's bloodwork turn out?

  8. Geez, Spot ... you're not performing your OWN knee surgery? I'm disappointed in you.

    My thoughts (as always) are with you ... I wish you the simply surgery and speedy recovery you were promised the first time.

    Love to Mo.


  9. Much love and hugs!

  10. So I'm sending you some major positive juju you're way for both your surgery and Lu's test results. There's no way to sugar coat it...surgery sucks. Plain and simple. Here's hoping for flying colors! Total relate to your "Bob and Tom" comment. I always get the shutdown when I'm specifically trying to be all supportive and stuff. This "good wife" stint is hard freakin' work. :)

  11. I would be freaking too!! All surgeries have a certain amount of risks and not everyone heals the same as they predict. Fingers crassed that all goes well with you and Lulu!
    The "good wife" role sometimes goes unappreciated.

  12. Bob died??? Oh no....uhm anywhoodle. I fucking hate surgeries. I have only ever had one, and it was "minor". However, fucker tried to kill me...all surreptitiously too. Sneaking up through the insides and giving me pancreatitis.

  13. Oh, yay for the Kindle-reader-loooove! That's gotta make you feel pretty darn good.

    Yeah, guys....they never seem to react the way we expect them to. What's up with that?