Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The one where I direct you to various other "Spot"s...

That was a curious title, no? Well now that I've got you hooked...I'm going to send you on a wild "Spot" chase. I hope you guys are laughing at my cleverness, because I'm cracking myself up here and if I'm the only one laughing its kind of sad. But once again, I did not sleep well and sleeplessness and Darvocet leave me feeling wonky.

Anyway, I have to hurry and get around and leave for town today, but I was so productive yesterday that I wanted to point it out to you. In case you missed it. But just to be nice, I'll give you a Sean convo first...

I was cooking dinner last night when Sean got home. He's not quite used to being a working drone yet as it's only his third week of full time work. So to beat the "Mondays", I'd let him choose what I made for dinner. He chose his favorite: chicken Parmesan, mashed potatoes, Italian green beans and garlic cheese toast. He also had an early Scout commitment so I was making supper early and it was nearly ready when he got home at 5:15. He leaned casually against the counter and said~

Sean: So when did you tell Lizzie about T?

Mike: Uh oh.

Me: Oops? I guess Lizzie reads my blog. Why? What did she say?

Sean: She texted me and asked if I was ditching her for druggie chick.

Me: (giggling) She's teasing you. It was obvious from my blog that you aren't into druggie chick. That's funny.

Sean: (also laughing)

Mike: wait. so she's not mad?

Me: (rolling my eyes) of course she's not mad. Now she has something to tease him about.

Mike: Oh. Well she likes that other guy anyway, right?

Me & Sean: What??

Mike: She said when she was here Sunday that she was texting some guy and she was going to see him.

Me: (giggling again) you're so dense. That guy is her friend who goes to college with her, they share the ride back and forth. He's not a boyfriend honey, he's a um. friend.

Sean: he's the friend who got her hooked on Glee, if you know what I mean.

Mike: Oh.

So..."HI Lizzie"! Thanks for reading my blog! And give Sean plenty of crap because he always deserves it. =]

Now dear readers, let me point you in the direction of my other endeavors~

*There is a new post up at The Gert & Hildi Chronicles

*There is a review of the movie "Devil" by M. Night Shyamalan up at What Spot Saw

*There are book reviews & recommendations up at Gert & Hildi's Booknotes

*You can read my article about Bristol Palin mocking her mom on Buzzreactor.com. You can read my other articles there too, I am blogger Spot (of course), however, I would not recommend trying to wade through the blogger's articles. I think I'm the only "English is my first language" writer there. I'm about to draw up an editing proposal for my boss.

That's all the "Spot"-y goodness I have for you today.



  1. I am impressed with your freelancing...way to go, Spot!Ha, and way to go getting one up on Sean!!! We moms gotta' stay one step ahead of them!

  2. I always enjoy a good Sean convo. You guys crack me up!

  3. Hey Spot - at least I never got you hooked on Glee or what ever the 80's equivalent in England. So did you see that I offered on my sister's FB status that maybe her kids needed to have Aunt Spot share homecoming stories about their mom? My sister was not amused.

  4. For someone with a busted knee, you sure do get around...

  5. So I take it Lizzie knows about T :)

  6. Ooo I will check out that review, I was curious about that movie. Even though it'll probably scare the pants off of me.

  7. Wow girl you have been busy! Almost makes me want to get up and do something...Almost!

    Funny convo!! LOL!

  8. Somehow I think if she is Sean's friend (and she reads your blog) she can hold her own against those meth girls. :-) Ya'll crack me up!

    I am glad you are doing better. I have been wanting to to to what spot saw, just haven't had time.

  9. Wow! Lots of Spot-ness everywhere! Whee!

    Boy, you guys practically have "code" for everything, huh?

    I'm glad Sean's settling into the work routine...now, stop picking on him!