Saturday, July 10, 2010

The one where I want to throw in the towel...

Alright Universe, you win, I give, now quit the crap! First, let me apologize to my faithful readers for leaving you hanging and for not getting to comment on anyone else's blog. I've lost two Kindle subscribers (go on, desert me while I'm down, rude!) but gained two followers. Weird, huh? Anyway, hello new followers! I'm normally funny and consistent, I promise.

So, here we are roughly five weeks after Mike's accident. He's doing well. Very well for someone who almost died. And let's not mince words, he did almost die. And sometimes I still have flashbacks to that trauma room in the ER and I shudder. Luckily for him, he doesn't remember that part. But he does remember coming to after the accident and being stuck in the truck and unable to breathe. But it's not so bad. Because those are the memories that make us realize he almost wasn't here any longer. Those are the memories that remind us to be thankful. The memories that remind us to be grateful for one another.

The surgeon says he's healing great and he doesn't need to see him anymore. The GI doctor cleared him. The kidney specialist doesn't need to see him for three months. Ah, but the medical doctor. He's the one who won't let him go back to work just yet. (Thank you Dr. Andrews!) Mike's doing well except for a funny little drop in blood pressure. Forty points to be exact. His BP drops forty points when he stands up and his heart rate increases the same, making him a prime candidate for another fainting episode. Remember the last one? Yeah, me too. Let's not do that again! So he took back his driving privileges and said he had to have supervision at all times. He's not a happy camper. In fact, he argued with the doctor, who then told him he was acting like one of his kids. (This does explain where Molly gets it from). In the end, the doctor won, of course. But I got to listen to Mike complain and bluster about it. It was then that I realized thinking I'd never get annoyed with my husband again, may have been a tad unrealistic. And then we had this conversation~

Me: So this is what I'm getting from all are so bored spending time with me and can't wait to get back to work and away from me. That all that time I spent helping to keep you alive and healing was for nothing because you don't care if you go back to work too soon and have an accident. Nothing matters except what you want and that since you didn't get you're way, you're going to behave like a 5 yr old.

Mike: I really don't understand how you can twist things like that. What kind of mind do you have? I don't mean any of that! Except maybe the not getting my way part.

Me: Whatever. I see how it is. You can just start taking care of yourself again buster.

Mike: I'm sorry sweetie honey punkin-poo (um. okay, so did anyone just throw up in their mouths a little? He only uses this name when he knows he's in deep sh*t) I'm just so bored and ready to get back to work.

Me: Mentally yes. Wait for the physical to catch up please. Two weeks and you see him again.

Then there's Lu. Poor Lu. I waver between deep sympathy for her and extreme frustration. She wants to schedule her disease around her life and it doesn't work that way. Sometimes you have to schedule your life around your disease. She went in for her first IVIG infusion Tuesday. Her platelets had dropped further to 78,000. We had been told that the infusion would take about four hours. Well, it took six. But they give her tylenol and benadryl before hand so she slept for the first 3 hours. But then she was angry that it took so long, when she wanted to get back to camp. It's staff week at the camp she works at and she hated taking time off. The next day she had a severe headache and nausea. They gave her meds for it when we went in for the infusion and since she'd done well the day before, they got to go a little faster and it only took four hours. But that night she started running a 101 degree fever, severe headache, nausea, stiff neck, kidney pain, aching legs and rash. I called the doctor first thing in the morning.

Here's where it gets stupid...the doctor's office made me bring her in to their office. She had blood taken first and then luckily they took pity on her and got her back to a room with a bed so she could lay down. The doctor came in finally and examined her and then said it was all side effects from the IVIG. No Sh*t Sherlock!! I told you guys that on the phone. You made me drag her in here for that revelation?! Then he says to take her home and give her tylenol. For real genius?! Tylenol? Yeah, so I've already done that because it's not my first day wearing the Mom hat. It did nothing for her. So after much discussion, he ordered painkillers and nausea meds. Hello waste of time. Couldn't that have been accomplished over the phone?? You know, while my child was sleeping in her own bed?

The good news was that her platelets were up to 145,000 so the IVIG is working. Hopefully it will buy her four weeks of higher counts. Next blood test on Thursday. When they do the IVIG next month they said they would stretch it out over 5 days in hopes of reducing some of the reaction. Hopefully that works. Luckily, she's better, only a much less intense headache has hung on. She did see the surgeon and set up a date for the splenechtomy. August 17th. Unfortunately, it will be a full surgery, not laparoscopy. So there will be a smallish scar under her left ribs. The surgeon has promised to make it as pretty as possible, no railroad Frankenstein thing like her Dads. Lol. But she will be in the hospital for 5-6 days and have a 4 week recovery.

And then, there are the results of my MRI. Guess who gets to schedule her surgery sometime when everyone else is doing well? Yep, me. Turns out my meniscus is torn. And the chrondomalacia is severe. The doctor asked how I was walking around on my knee without chewing on painkillers all the time. I told her no one sent me the memo where I had a choice?! Anyway, hopefully it will get taken care of in September. Seems like a relatively easy surgery compared to the others. Two small incisions on either side of my knee to remove torn part of the meniscus and shave away some of that roughened cartilage on the back of my kneecap. Maybe that knee won't make that grinding noise anymore! And then a week on crutches and I'm good to go.

Well, I wouldn't want to leave you thinking we've had only bad news this week. So in the good news category: We had an awesome 4th of July with my sister and her family. Great food, swimming, and some small fireworks for the girls. Kids and sparklers are so much fun! Sean got his class schedule set and is officially a college freshman! And I got a new (used) SUV that I love. And I didn't get any rejection notices this week on the stuff I have out on submission. So there is positive. Always. And there has been funny. I promise funny next time.

Hope everyone in blogland and facebook world are doing well. Your emails, comments and well wishes are always appreciated. Even if I don't have the time (or energy) to respond, know that they make me smile.

Happy Saturday,


  1. YAY! Glad hubby and kidlet are doing better. And seriously, how DID you walk around like that?? Sheesh, woman!

  2. Your strength is amazing and your love shines brightly Stacey. You are an inspiration, and I am grateful to read you. Blessings and peace be upon you as you and your family continue to travel this road.

  3. Wow, when it rains it pours! I've missed you, but you've beenexactly where you've needed to be. I hope everyone continues healing well. You just keep whipping htem into shape. We'll call you Sargeant Spot! Big hugs to you and yours and positive thoughts for continued good things coming your way.

  4. You definitely had a mixed week. Looks like things are only going to get better for hubby and I hope the same fro Lu.

  5. Jesus lady, you're your own frickin soap opera, aren't you? You need to launder your karma or something. Did you say something really catty about the Universe or something?

    You know I adore you, Spike. (That's my fave so there.) Keep kicking...just not with the bad knee.

  6. It's the bionic family! Almost all of you have or will have undergone "enhancements". I am definitely not going to piss any of you off!!HA.

    I am so glad things are going better than they were five weeks ago and truly what is wrong with Lu's doc?? Gee!

  7. Phew!!! It was exhausting just reading this, I can't imagine living it. Hang in there Spot and glad to hear that everyone is still healing up!

  8. So glad things are getting better for you. I've been reading (faithfully) but have been busy enough that comments have been far and few between. I think things are working their way back to normal. Hopefully for all of us! Take care Spot!!! :)

  9. Honey, your fam has been through so much! I hope the worst is behind you guys and all the surgeries ( many!) will mean years of uninterrupted fun and laughs. SO deserve it.


  10. tap tap tap ... is this thing on? (speaks to universe)


    Chin up buttercup ... we're all in your corner ... we're not much help, mind ... but we're here.

  11. Whew, I definately admire your strength.

  12. I am continually amazed at your family's strength.
    I know it is so easy to tell the hubby to chill and wait. I did it with my hubby for the two years he was home from his accident, OMG he was a pain in the arse!! Soo eager to get back to work before the doc said so. Seriously he was back to work before the ink was dry on his release form! LOL!

    I would have been pissed too at Lulu's doc, that was a ridiculous waste of time and money. I hope all goes as planned with her treatments.

    Now you...Love ya miss ya, but please take care of yourself. I know you are super woman but you don't have to prove it!

  13. how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do