Sunday, June 20, 2010

The one where we have a hair-raising adventure...

First of all, let me apologize for leaving some of you, especially my kindle readers (hi Lori!) hanging. I'm very sorry. I can only claim exhaustion as an excuse. The good news is that we have been out of the hospital for almost a week. After two days in intermediate care, we were moved to the 2nd floor. We spent three days there and then last Monday we were able to come home. Mike is doing really well. His breathing is getting better every day, his wounds are healing, and he's getting around slowly but surely. His blood hemoglobin is finally on the rise. We saw his regular physician on Tuesday and he emphasized that Mike has to be careful and not get pneumonia (apparently that will be a danger for quite some time). His doctor is a family friend and scouter so he has a really good idea of what Mike's job entails. That makes a huge difference on when he's released for work or how much. He's looking at 3 more weeks of rest before he's allowed to go back at all. Of course, Mike is already going stir crazy. I mean, how much American Pickers and Springer can one man possibly watch??!

Most of Mike's outer injuries that other people see have started to heal well. People who saw him in ICU are amazed by how well he looks and that he's walking on his own. (With me trailing nervously behind.) I have to remind them of bruising they can't see and that his insides are where most of the damage is. Even his black eyes and facial contusions have healed. Well, until he got the new ones...

For days he'd been bugging me to take him outside. He's bored with walking around the house and is used to being outside everyday. And honestly, him calling me "the jailer" was beginning to get on my nerves a little. Since Sean is away being a camp counselor at Cub Scout Camp, I get to do his dog chores. I try to do this early in the morning before it gets so stinking hot. So I helped Mike put on some shoes (he still can't bend over well) and we headed outside. We walked around to the back yard and I opened the kennel door and put the dog on the chain. I then realized that the kennel was a swamp due to all the rain. So I told Mike to stay put and went in for rubber boots. I couldn't find mine, so put on Sean's (only 5 sizes too big). I walked back out and Mike was all the way down to the gravel parking area in front of the house. Well, I put my hands on my hips and started fussing at him (picture in shorts and knee high rubber boots, hands on hips, carping like a fishwife).

Me: Wtf?! I told you not to go too far.

Mike: I didn't go far, I just walked down the sidewalk.

Me: You aren't supposed to go that far without someone with you!! What if you'd felt dizzy? Do not make me chain you up with the dog!

Mike: Stop treating me like a three year old.

Me: Stop acting like one!

About this time, J and L who live in Iowa City and whom we haven't seen in probably two years pull up. They laugh at my attire and the fact that they could tell I was fussing at Mike from the road. We talk to them for awhile and then Mike says he wants to sit down. So J and L leave and I help Mike up the deck stairs and on to a wooden bench we have. I head to the pen and dump the dogs water and wash out the barrel and refill it. All the while Mike is giving me pointers as though changing the dog's water is rocket science. Then I scoop the poop. Ugh. And ewww. So I'm ankle deep in mud and dog poop in the dog pen when Mike hollers down that he wants to go in. I say "okay. I'm on my way." About that time he stands up, says "F*ck" and falls face first. Hits his face on the deck rail on the way down.

I take off for the deck, rubber boots flopping, heart pounding, shrieking. Finally I kick off the boots and bolt up the deck stairs. He's wedged on his left side (the hurt side) between the gas grill and the deck rail, completely unconscious. To get to him I have to move the extremely heavy grill, which I manage to do grunting and panting. Unfortunately, this disturbs a wasps nest and an angry wasp stings me on the back of the leg. I note the pinching feeling but mostly ignore it. Mike regains consciousness and I manage to get him up and leaning heavily on me, inside. I set him down at a kitchen chair and kneel to take off his boots when he says "I'm gonna do it again" and proceeds to pass out a second time. This time I'm able to catch him and twist so that we fall to the floor (me cushioning him) and I wriggle out from under and run frantically to the phone. I dial several numbers before finally getting J to answer. I tell him I need L urgently.

I run back to Mike who has regained consciousness again. J and L are there in record time. L is a friend who was the camp medic this last week. He is an ICU/Trauma nurse in his real life. He quickly took control and assessed the situation. He got Mike's nose to stop bleeding and checked for concussion. All systems checked out. Mike was OK. The episodes were probably a combination of things; the fact that it was hot out and he's no longer used to that, his walking too far, the fact that he hadn't eaten yet, and possible dehydration. L (and J and J & L) stayed with us for a good hour and a half. J and L helped Mike to his recliner, I fixed him something to eat and got him a drink. After everyone left, he slept most of the day. I watched him sleep and tried to calm my heart rate down. I swear that man is trying to kill me. I asked him if he was trying to see just how much I love him. L replied that he was pretty sure everyone knew the answer to that after the last two weeks.

Today he's doing well, although I won't let him walk anywhere (even the bathroom) on his own. His face looks horrible. He has a cut above his eye and one on the bridge of his nose. A scratch that goes all the way down the nose. It's swollen and bruised. I guess no one will think he's all healed up now. He has a Dr. appt tomorrow and I'll be certain to discuss it all with him.

Btw, guess who's allergic to wasp stings? Lol. When Mo got home and learned of our excitement she was highly upset because I don't have an Epi Pen currently. I told her no worries, I had enough adrenaline pumping through to combat the problem. Today it's swollen, hard and itchy. About baseball size. I keep telling Mike it's all his fault. But I'm just teasing. Small price to pay for him still being OK.

Hope you all had happy and less exciting weekends.


  1. Well I guess we will just have to cut the walks a bit shorter :^)

    Yes I think it is a good idea also to discuss it with the Doctor, I am happy that he is coming along so well otherwise.

    Keep an eye on the wasp sting and give Mike a Happy Fathers Day from us.

  2. The crazy adventures of Mike!! Oh my goodness, I think you need some beta blockers handy. Lol.

    Hope Father's Day was much less stressful. I am still praying for a full recovery. So glad he is home, too bad you couldn't bring super nurse back to the crib.


  3. So glad you're home (although I knew that cuz I sneaked a peek at your twitter last week cuz I was worried).Sounds like you both have to slooow down a bunch! Hope the swelling goes down for both of you and that you had a nice Father's Day evening!

  4. Man, oh man is that a crazy day! So happy to hear Mike's home, but maybe we need a nurse to take care of both of you (bee sting episode). You need to remember (epi pen) to take care of yourself in order to be there for everyone else. I'm worried you are wearing yourself out. Yes, i know I sound like a mother hen, but it's kinda what I do best, peck, peck,peck. Thank goodness, Mike was not seriously hurt when he fell and that you didn't have a serious reaction to the sting. I pray for continued speedy healing.

  5. Whew! My heart was racing just reading that. Thank you for the update. I have been wondering. Was so happy to see you comment on someone (can't remember who's) blog!

  6. OMG! I have been sporadic with reading and writing blogs, but have been wondering why I haven't seen anything from you...never imagining of course such high stake drama. I'm so sorry you all are going through this and thank goodness Mike's okay. I am surmising some sort of will need to go to your archives and catch up. Well I'm glad to see he's out of danger, but take care, both of you! Goodness!!

  7. Oh, Spot! I am in total tears for you...I just read the post about the accident. I am sooo soo sorry this happened to Mike. How unbelievably frightening. I hardly know what to say...and I feel awful that I somehow missed this and haven't been here to send you my thoughts and prayers. But I am now! Sending you the warmest recovery wishes from down here in the heart of Texas. Godspeed !

  8. I tried to leave you a comment yesterday but my laptop has been misbehaving so I'll leave it now. Along with Suzi I will join in the hen party...get an epi pen! Likewise, you need to take care of yourself because you have so many people depending on YOU right now. I hope things continue to heal and not take those backward steps!

  9. Good LAWD, woman!

    Stop beating that man and let him heal already :)

    You guys ... I dunno. Please take it easy - both of you.

  10. I'm glad Mike is okay -- but you gotta' keep him okay, which sounds like a full time job. But my dear, take care of yourself too.

    God bless you two.

  11. Adrenaline pumping just reading this update!!!
    Holy crap girl, I don't know how you are holding it together. I would have been crying and shaking way before the wasp stung!

    I knew you were a strong person, but you still amaze me.

    Glad it wasn't something more serious.

  12. Oh. My. God.

    I could totally picture you pounding towards the deck...flinging off Sean's too-big all unfolded in my head....

    You poor thing! Poor Mike! Stupid wasp!

    Okay. I'm just gonna say it: Enough, already.

  13. Oh my goodness! That scared me as I read it. So glad it isn't as serious as I first feared. Man, tell Mike he needs to stop scaring you. I would've been freaking out to the point of hysterics.
    Still hoping for recovery ^_^