Thursday, June 10, 2010

The one where we change rooms...

We made it to intermediate care!! Room 3410 for anyone who still wants to send an ecard. Last night was a rough one. He was running a fever again and was super restless. When you're the ice chip giver and your patient keeps waking up with a sore throat, well you aren't going to get a lot of sleep. There was also the worry and the steady stream of vitals checks.

This morning was rough. I started it by missing the Surgeon's visit. Can you believe I slept right through it?? He was standing 3 ft from me! He woke Mike up but not me. I'm sure he thinks I'm a pest with my gazillion questions. But if it weren't for my perseverance, he would never have gotten the breathing treatments that now make it easier for him to breathe. Then his Internist came in. He mentioned yesterday that I was the "chest x-ray girl" because I always ask about them. Well, pneumonia is a big fear. So today he checked them BEFORE he came in. He's learning. He ordered a CT scan to check things out because of the fever.

After he left, I noticed that the stuff coming through Mike's NG tube (the one that runs from stomach to nose and sucks out the stuff in your stomach) wasn't algae green like usual, but brown. When I looked closer I saw some bright red blood. Can I just tell you how badly that freaked me out?! I immediately got Bertha (the amazing super nurse) and the CT got upgraded to "stat". Luckily, the results came back okay, except for increased swelling and fluid in the left lung. Which is likely the cause of the fever. The doctor decided it would be safe to move Mike to IMC and before too long we were ensconced in our new room, on a new floor. It's a step down from ICU, a step up from a regular hospital floor. It's much bigger (he has to have private because of the compromised immune system). I now have a fold out couch to sleep on and we have a private bath (haha that only I use). It seems like the Hilton compared to what we had in ICU.

He got to lose the NG tube and is now on a clear fluid diet which means Jell-o. Lemon at that. He ate four bites. He also got rid of the catheter. He got up and sat in a recliner for 45 minutes and also walked about 10 steps. He has to be supported on both sides of course, but this is still progress. Also, he's now helping them to roll him over and change positions in his bed, he's no longer just dead weight. He was much more himself today, joking with the nurses, and Hildi. The nurses love him because he will try whatever they ask and is so laid back. They even told him how proud they are of him.

His Internist caught up with me in the hallway this morning and said~

Dr: Honey, you need to go home and get some sleep.

Me: I will. When he's better.

Dr: Don't you have a day job?

Me: (laughing) No. I'm a freelance writer and fiction writer. I have my laptop here and I work after everyone leaves and he falls asleep. I do think I might not make the deadline to get my novel to the editor now though.

Dr: A novel? What's it about?

Me: Well, it's a horror novel set in rural Illinois. About a family who moves from Chicago to the wrong town. It has to do with the Pied Piper fairy tale.

Dr: I know someone famous!

Me: Um. I doubt I'll be famous, but if I do get famous, I'll totally mention your name.

How am I holding up? I'm frazzled. I'm tired, I'm still worried and sometimes the close call takes my breath away. But I'm holding it together. I have the most wonderful support system. I did cry today, but it was tears of relief when the CT scans did NOT show some new horrible thing to deal with. And I cry every time my husband pulls my head down to his chest and rests his hands (poor slashed up sutured hands) in my hair. I know that he's trying to give me strength. But all I can think is how close I came to losing him. And how much I took him for granted before the accident. And how lost I'd be without him.

As we left ICU today, amidst hugs and promises to stop by and check on him, our "super nurse" Bertha told us it had been a pleasure to meet and work with us. That it was quite obvious how much we loved each other and our kids. That we had a great family. And you know what? We do.

Goodnight all,

PS- thank you again for everything. The cards, comments, ect really make our day. You all are our wonderful support system. I hope all my blogbuds will forgive me for not making it to their posts to comment. I would love to catch up as soon as I can.


  1. That's great news! Onward and upward!

  2. That is fantastic news! I'm so glad hes out of ICU.

    Still sending Love your way

  3. Kick ass! Now just keep on kicking...

  4. Excellent news Spot! You guys just keep hanging in there, it's all going to be good!

  5. One day at a time, sounds like you're headed in the right direction!

  6. Thank you for keeping us up to date! This is news of the most excellent type! Stay strong and sleep!

  7. I got all teary eyed at the end of this post. I am glad he was able to move rooms!

  8. I came home and purposefully set out to check on you guys. I'm so surprised you are actually writing.

    I'm so pleased things are moving in a positive direction. I will continue to pray.

    I can feel your family's love through every word you write. It's inspiring.

  9. I am so proud that he is making these improvements, him being in a private room will be so much better for the both of yo and Jell-o is a start.

    Don't worry about commenting because we all know you have your hands full now and getting Mike back home is your priority.

    I'm looking for a Guest Post from Mike when he is feeling up to it--Think about it Mike I know you want to :^)

  10. I'm so happy to hear he's out of ICU and moving around a bit. After what he went through, your husband sounds like a strong man and a definite fighter.

    On a different note, did I miss that you sold a book?

  11. I'm smiling happy tears. He deserves the best care and support out there. It sounds like you have it. Always thinking good healing thoughts your way.

  12. I'm so glad he's doing better, sweetie! That's all that matters right now.

    Oh and forget about trying to catch me, it's practically impossible! Just go forward when you have the time and inclination....everyone'll totally understand.

    Continuing to send healing thoughts your way-

  13. So happy he's got his own room and you have your own bathroom! ;-) Hope things continue to look up.

  14. Wow. I can tell from this that your heart was soaring. A move is good.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  15. Okay now I'm crying..Such a loving and tender moment. So glad he is progressing nicely.

  16. I'm so glad you guys are doing better! Still praying!

  17. I just went back and read about the entire ordeal. Oh my goodness, Spot! That's terrifying. I'm so glad he is okay and healing. I can only imagine how watching him sleep and breathe must have been a comfort to you after such a harrowing event. And the truck. Take care of him and keep us posted. I will be thinking about you and your family. Sending love and healing vibes. :(

  18. Worried that there have been no updates...hope you are just very busy taking care of your sweetie. Lori (Kindle Reader)

  19. Sorry for not checking back sooner. You are a trooper and sounds as though Mike is as well. Two troopers kicking ass and loving each other, great doctors,nurses, and family. What more could you ask for in a situtation as stressful as this?