Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The one where we learn the phrase "Apocalypse-worthy"

Just when you think things are beginning to percolate along in a much more manageable fashion, WHAM! you're blindsided with a summer cold. Yes, Universe, I hear your infinite wisdom loud and clear "Slow Down Spot!" Got it. And I did. I rested for two days. And really Universe, sorry, but that's the max allowance of time I can devote to me right now. I have readers to satisfy, you know??

So since the last blog was all about how bad things were going, this is going to be about how good things are now going. Mike is still healing well and chafing at the bit to get back to work. Some things will still take a while though. As our friend B so eloquently put it the other day "you get up like an old man". Ha! He does still move slower and rather guardedly. And he doesn't have a quarter of the strength he used to have. We went grocery shopping yesterday and I seriously missed Sean, my usual grocery helper. I mean, it was kind of great that Mike didn't throw things at me in the aisle or push me into displays, but Sean lifts all the heavy stuff (cat litter, cat food, dog food, soda cubes). Mike and I took turns struggling with the heavy stuff. And it took way longer to unload. He has his next appointment next week and I think they may let him go back to work.

Lu is doing good. Her side effects cleared up and she's back down in camp. I saw her briefly yesterday and she looked good. Her appointment is Thursday, so I guess we'll see what her counts are then. Hopefully they will be high.

My cold is clearing up. Mike and I are still getting to spend alot of time together and we haven't killed each other yet. He is getting kind of smart-assed, but then I'm used to that. Yesterday we had this conversation~

Me: So I submitted my favorite story I've written to my publisher friend. But now I'm super nervous. What if she hates it?? What if she hates it so much she doesn't even want to see my novel anymore??

Mike: Then you'll know you're a loser and you'd better learn to flip burgers for a living.

Me: You're such a flippin jackhole! (Jackhole is my new word. It's a combination of Jack-ass and Asshole, without actually cussing so you can use it anywhere, even church. Yes, you can use my word.)

Of course he didn't mean it. He just thought he was being funny. And I did laugh when the shock wore off. But the good news is I'm still submitting. The growing pile of rejection notices is not swallowing my ego. Yet.

And, remember how I said I got a new-to-me SUV? Well I love that car. Seriously. Love driving it. And I just got a new freelance gig that completely makes the car payment each month. How sweet is that? I'm writing articles for a new website. As soon as it's up and running I will post a link on my sidebar. I'd still like a job doing book reviews though, so if you hear of any, you know who to email, right?!

And then, there's my upcoming interview! Yes, apparently one of you thought I was interesting enough to nominate at Say Anything. I've been interviewed by Dee and the interview will be up on July 22nd! Most of you already know me plenty well enough, but maybe we'll be joined by a few new readers. Anyway, to whoever nominated me...thank you, smooches and hugs. the best part of this post...As you know, Sean decided to work Cub Resident Camp this year. He was a counselor up at the other Camp during the Cub Scout camp outs and I think he divided his time between helping at the pool and teaching a Scout Craft class (you know, knot-tying, wood working, that kind of thing). Well, one night in between sessions, this conversation ensued~

Luke: So what happened with Twister Girl?

Me: Who's Twister Girl??

Sean: She's this girl on staff that kept trying to get me and K to play Twister with her and her friend. And I told her I only play naked Twister. The next week she brought her Twister game.

Luke: Alright! So what happened?

Me: Hussy! Those are the girls your mother warned you about Sean!

Sean: You didn't warn me about any girls.

Me: Crap. Parenting Fail.

Sean: Anyway, nothing happened. I could lose my job for that. I could lose my job if she even set foot in my tent.

Lu: And that stopped you?

Sean: Well, she really wasn't Apocalypse worthy anyway.

Me: Apocalypse worthy?

Sean: Yeah. I've decided to start making decisions based on how it will affect me in the Zombie Apocalypse. K and I figured it out. She seemed like the kind of girl who would only be a hindrance in the event of Apocalypse.

Me: meaning?

Sean: I think she'd just stand around screaming. An apocalypse worthy girl has to be able to run fast, shoot a gun, and come up with good plans. She needs to smart and kick-ass.

Lu: Am I apocalypse worthy?

Sean: Of course. You've even already got zombie ass kicking boots.

Lu: It's true. I do.

Me: I can shoot a gun in real life, it's just your games that freak me out.

Luke: How about me?

Lu: Sorry hun. You don't know how to shoot. And mom, you don't run very fast.

Me: So basically, this is what you're going to need in a girl you date?

Sean: Yep.

Me: You realize you've just really narrowed the playing field, right?

Sean: Gotta do what you gotta do.

Are you apocalypse worthy?


  1. Me? Probably....not. But, there's always tomorrow, right?

  2. Apocalypse worthy? Now that a new one! congrats on your interview and your new freelance gig! And so glad you're feeling better and all else are doing well...YAY! go, Write, Win!

  3. Well, hell yeah! I can kick ass with the best of 'em...and I can even run and throw things at people at the same time. Does that count?

    But I don't DO all my zombie-fighting will be have to be done indoors.

    I'm not imagining this will be a problem.

  4. Aww, I wouldn't be apocalypse first. It takes me a little time to warm up to new situations. But I'm sure I could learn to kick zombie ass. Right?

  5. Not apocalypse ready. Shoot a gun. Not in this lifetime. I would love to be a foy on your wall. Always entertained. But congrats on the new job. You'll have to give me details once we are back.

  6. I just might be...if there's an over 40 category. I' ve been doing my weight lifting and run 3 miles regularly; how's that? Also I don't scream.

    I do think Sean is on to something. I'm giving him a lot of credit on this one. You never know when the big one's comin and who needs to deal with a wimpy whiner?

  7. Dang! I should have used that as my marker when I was online dating. I need you to kick a$$ and tie zombie limbs on the front of your truck like a deer! HA.

    Sean is too cute! Can't wait to see who catches his eye one day...she's out there. I just know it.

  8. I am SO not apocalypse-worthy. I'm totally the girl who would be thrown in front of the cannibal/zombie to divert its attention from the rest of the group. Yep. I'm a dead duck. I'd never make it through. I know this and I've accepted it. Now, I just pray that the apocalypse is in the very, very distant future.

  9. I can't run very fast anymore but does poking them with my crutches count?

  10. Jeez, I love this kid!!
    I really, really do.

    Can I send you my two so you can whip 'em into shape??

    Apocalypse worthy ... sheesh!

    Glad you are feeling better. Have a super weekend ... and CONGRATS on the writing gigs ... you rock it, Spot.

  11. I am SO worthy. You know it, lady. I am like ready to go Buffy on anyone that asks for it. Except I am too old for your son. This okay, because I can still be in the gang, right? Right?

  12. So glad things are starting to look up!

    I am soooo NOT worthy! Not only would I be screaming but I would be in the zombie gang in no time. I am soo not a surviver in the zombie apocalypse!

  13. Congrats on the freelance job and the interview. Hope you get acceptance instead of rejection letters.

    I can shoot a gun and kick zombie ass but I can't run worth scudoodie.

    I have a new word for you. My cousins growing up weren't allowed to say anything remotely bad so when they got mad they had to come up with SOMETHING so they called each other "pooter hole doo doo". Is that not hilarious?