Friday, July 16, 2010

The one where my cold returns and so will the children

So I thought my cold was better. In fact, I felt pretty much fine yesterday. And then I got up this morning and it was back. With a vengeance. But I got up anyway and stumbled to my computer, mumbling "tea" as I passed Mike in the hall. We've been together so long that he understands that this is in actuality a request for him to please please pretty please make me a cup of tea and bring it to me in order that I might function properly. And he did. I could get seriously addicted to him being home more often. So I consumed my delicious cup of tea, wrote an article about the whole Mel Gibson fiasco, answered emails, played a few minutes of bejeweled. Then I started to stumble out of my office so I could straighten the kitchen, take something out for dinner, make the bed and take a shower. I was mumbling under my breath as I opened my door and nearly ran into Mike, who happened to be opening the door from the other side.

Mike: What did you say?

Me: I feel like crap.

Mike: You sound like crap. Your voice is all raspy and you sound stuffy.

Me: Huh.

Mike: Also your eyes are puffy and you have huge black circles. You look like you feel like crap.

Me: You do realize that you're not helping, right?

Don't you hate that when you feel awful and you tell someone and they agree that you look awful too? Is that supposed to make you feel better? But I haven't decided yet whether that upsets me more or when the person says "you don't look sick". I guess in one instance they're validating your sickness and in the other they're questioning it. I'm sick, OK? I don't need to know what you think. End of discussion.

Took Lu for her appointment yesterday. She got a pneumonia vaccine, which was required before her surgery. Mike got one in the hospital and Sean has had them before. I knew they hurt and swell up like baseball size lumps. I chose not to share that information with her prior to. Lu hates shots. This one was no exception. Then she had a blood draw and finally we saw the NP for her doctor. Platelets are up to 225,000. That puts her firmly in the normal range. Yay! So we don't have to go back for two weeks. I'm trying to be positive about this but we had the same result with the steroids last month only to have them drop by over half in a week. So I guess I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll keep a close eye on her.

Mike continues to do well. He tries to do a little more every day. He's anxious to go back to the doctor and get the results of his blood work and hopefully get released to go back to work. I will miss him. Having him home has been great. Not the way I would have preferred to do it, but still very nice.

The kids get back from camp tonight so I'm sure much hilarity will need to be posted tomorrow or Sunday. They will bring with them a mountain of dirty laundry, a bazillion stories to tell, and a whole heck of a lot of noise. Yeah, I'm totally looking forward to it. Besides, I want to find out what's up with Sean and his ex gf. I've heard rumors...

Have a great weekend everyone,


  1. Ugh yes, I hate when people say I look tired too. It's just a polite way of saying that you look like crap.

  2. Hola Spot just dropping by for a giggle and to say hello! will visit more later. have a great day!

  3. Sometimes brutal honesty isn't always the best way to go. My hubby has that problem too!

  4. I am way, way too honest with Jason, but he brings it out in me. I am so comfortable, I can say anything.

    I've had horrible allergies the last few weeks. Worse than spring. Hope you feel better soon and that Lu is not having a terrible reaction from the shot.

    Interesting on your rumor.....I love a juicy piece of gossip! Can't wait!

  5. I am so sorry you are feeling worse. Mine did the same thing. I got worse after I felt better. Hopefully it will go away for good soon.

  6. Boo for colds! What is the deal, lady? Too much stress, I say. But it sounds like things are looking up. I am glad to read it.

  7. Get better already - wouldja?

    I read you on Gert & Hildi 1st ... so I already know how the weekend wound out.

    Hope all is well now.