Thursday, July 22, 2010

The one where nothing says "good time" like a cavity search.

Okay so first off, I'm jumping around like a giddy little kid on Christmas morning. And all because my interview is up at Say Anything and I don't sound like a complete dork in it! Yay me. So if you want to take a break and go read it, I'll wait...*tapping foot* done yet? Okay, how about now? Good, you're back. And if you're new, please stay. Really. C'mon, it'll be fun. Promise. Look at the other nice people...they like me. (You guys like me, right? I'm not just talking to my self here, am I?) Anyway, that's part of the good news. The other part is that Mike got the green light from the doctor yesterday and he's back to work with no restrictions as of today. And he was excited. I think he texted everyone in his cell phone the minute we walked out of the exam room. True story. My man is a super goober who loves his job. So we had this convo~

Me: You're such a dork. You were still getting paid, you got to spend time with me and relax and yet you're eager to go back to work. You know, some people would have totally milked that out.

Mike: I feel like I did milk it out. This whole last week I've felt OK.

Me: Um. You almost died six weeks ago. Six weeks off work is not milking it out. And you had legitimate reasons for not being at work last week. You know, in the form of doctors orders.

Mike: Well I'm fine now. Gotta go fix the ice machine, hook up the new water heater, grade roads, mow. *him running for the door*

I should see him again sometime in October...

So Sean leaves for the National Boy Scout Jamboree on Saturday. Two weeks out east. One week at Fort AP Hill Virginia and another week site seeing in DC. He's super excited. I'm nervous as hell. I've never been away from him that long. And yeah, I know as of yesterday, he's seventeen. But he's still my baby. We had this conversation~

Me: So I'm going to get you a phone card since you won't have electricity to charge your phone the first week.

Sean: We can't have any electronics the first week. But we can the second.

Me: So I'll get you a phone card so you don't have to call collect.

Sean: Um. Why would I call?

Me: Because you'll miss me?

Sean: Um. Sure.

He's not going to call. Jackhole. But he is going to visit the White House. Which spawned this conversation~

Sean: You know thanks to mom I'm on some kind of terrorist watch list.

Me: You're definitely on the no-fly list. You're welcome.

Lu: Wait. Why is he on those lists?

Sean: Because your mother tells the world everything. And she wrote that post about me and the things that blow up. And then she told the Army recruiter that I'm really good with explosives. And he said to be quiet, we didn't want to be investigated by the FBI.

Me: And I said it wouldn't be the first time. *shrugs* Besides Sean, obviously if I tell the world everything than we're not hiding anything. What's to investigate?

Sean: Me. I'm probably going to get taken to a 'special' room and searched before they let me in the White House.

Me: Well nothing says 'good times' like a cavity search. You'll have a memory you'll never forget.

Sean: Great. Thanks mom.

Me: You're welcome!

I don't really think he'll get cavity searched. But you're totally wondering about that FBI investigation aren't you?? Well, that's a story for another day...

phone taps & video surveillance,

PS- There's new posts at The Gert & Hildi Chronicles also, proof that my sister is just as insane as I.


  1. He'll miss you I'm sure...give it a few days...

    I can't wait for story about the FBI investigation and how hubby's first day went.

  2. hi...loved your interview at say am now a follower. I like your friendly style.

  3. Huh. With that title, I was totally expecting it to be a follow up post to all that "alone" time you had with a healthy hubby. Bow chicka bow now.

  4. LOL Thanks for doing the interview. And yes, we like you. A little. :D

  5. Hee! I loved your interview, dah-ling. I finished it reading it, and then popped over here to finish reading your post. Sean and you always make me laugh.

  6. Do a book about you lot being fruit loops..go on..we'll all buy it. It'll be James Thurber in a modern world.

    Love the interview!

  7. Nice interview, Spot! I didn't know you started out your blog with your sister...that's cool. Happy to see Mike's back at work, and extra cool beans you were able to get your kid on the no fly list. :)

  8. Hey famous lady with a notorious explosive son and bionic husband.
    Great interview! Loved it. My daughter has been gone going on 2 months. You can make it. Think of all the reading and writing you'll get done. So happy for Mike. Amazing!!

  9. Great interview! I too like the posts that involve Sean as a dictator! LOL!
    Glad Mike got to run out of the house and back to work.
    Sean will miss you, you just wait and see!

  10. First - Yay to bionic hubby ... he is quite a guy. So truly very happy he has made such a cull recovery.

    Second ... Sean'll miss his mama. He mightn't admit it readily, but he will.

    Plus ... imagine how lovely and peaceful your house is going to be while everyone is off doin' their thang. Sheesh! I'm totally jealous!!

    ...and finally - I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love ya, Spot. You are a rock star!!

  11. Great job on the interview.

    Sean may not call you but he will surely miss you. I'm with you on the enjoying your alone time and freedom. I love my family but sometimes it's just nice to be by yourself!

  12. The interview was terrific! You sounded so professional and worldly. Two things I admire about you.

    Love the way your kids talk about you as if you're not in the room...have you noticed that? THAT'S when you know you're getting to them!

    Glad Mike's getting back to his routine...