Friday, September 11, 2009 I took

a really long vacation! Sorry...but wow. It's just been hectic. First there was the surgery that didn't go well, then there was the packing for the vacation, then there was the actual vacation, and then there was the week of the infected incision, really bad cold & freakish wasp sting. See? I told you it had been hectic! But hopefully (and if anyone feels like crossing their fingers for me at this point please do so) things are on the mend and the cart is back on the track to normal. Or what passes for normal anyway.

So here are the things I've learned recently:

1. Never ever under any circumstances schedule surgery two weeks before a vacation regardless of how minor the doctor assures you it will be.

2. Never expect things to go exactly as you've planned them. (I know- you're thinking surely she already knew this?! And I did, I just forgot).

3. Wasp stings hurt really really badly. And my body reacts freakishly to them.

4. Having your incision slit open with a scalpel with no numbing agent also hurts really badly.

5. Your mother pouring bactine on a wound and bandaging it for you will make you feel like a five year old even when you're 39.

6. I may possibly have the worst luck of anyone I know.

But the good news is...I'm still alive, things will settle back down, and I killed the freakin wasp!!!

Happy weekend,

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