Thursday, September 24, 2009

Show me some blog love...

C'mon! I have statcounter people...I know you're out there! Reading and lurking. Please take the time to comment. The reason being...

I was raised to believe "If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything." Which, now that I think about it, is kind of ironic considering my mom is the one who used to tell me this. Because now my mom has turned into kind of a bitch and says really mean things all the time. I mean really really mean things. Things that make you say "ouch" or "gee thanks mom, 50 points for you and 0 for my self esteem". Like this one time my daughter had been sick (with whooping cough of all things, who still gets that?!) for like 3 months and hardly ate anything and lost all kinds of weight and then at Easter we were at my gma's and she had some mashed potatoes and my mom is all "potatoes will make you pudgy". Are you kidding me?! For real mom! The child is practically anorexic at this point and that's what you come out with??! See what I mean? On the upside, my family did laugh about it later and we called Molly "pudge" for months afterward.

Or just recently, on family vacay, I walked into her bathroom when we were getting ready to go out and she says "You look really pretty tonight" (I know you're thinking that this is probably a compliment...but just wait...there's always a kicker) and I said "as opposed to my usual look?" and she says (here it comes...) "well I really hate your hair and don't think it looks good, but tonight it does". Gah...! I had just cut it short and loved it. Thanks mom.

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So a result of you all reading and not commenting I think it means that I suck. Because if I can't say something (anything) nice, I don't comment at all. And I guess I just figure that's how everyone works. So if you read it and you like it...tell me so. Otherwise you're just feeding my paranoia, and really, what kind of person does that make you?! Lol. And even if you can't say something can still comment. Really, I can take it. As you can see...I've had a lot of practice.

catty remarks & snarky comments,


  1. Aww c'mon, Spot ... I comment ... :)

    I know what you mean, though - it's bad that I'd even know this, much less admit it, but somehow I feel validation when someone comments.

    I mean just how much validation does a person really need, anyway?

    :):) from one needy gal to another :):)
    I'm here ... I reads ya ... I luvs ya.

  2. Well at the risk of ruining your perfect record of 0 comments, here it comes. I liked it. You arent the only person who ever had a nutty parent so your readers can connect with that line. Keep writing and who cares if nobody comments...ok we all do. Not sure why but it is important. I have been shamelessly begging for readers and followers so I totally sympathize with ya plight. :0) Man I hate those little smiley face things.

  3. Hi Spot,

    I'm new to blogger and youre blog is one of the first I came across. I've read quite a few of youre past entries and thought after this post I'd give you some 'blog love'

    As for comments that youre mom makes, my grandmother is exactly the same with me, wraps snide remarks up in compliments, her usual is "oh havent you lost weight, lets see if we can keep it off this time" says she who isn't exactly CatWalk model! So I know where youre coming from there.

    Anyway, before I ramble on to much, just want to say I think youre blogs great!


  4. Ah Danica! You are my validation! Yes I know you read and comment so I can count on at least one. Yay! I don't have to face those "0"s. Lol. And the answer is lots! I need lots of validation.

    Mark...thank you for your comment! I think we all shamelessly beg for readers and followers and to some day be the BoN. Although how they choose that has totally got me baffled. But thanks for reading and commenting and I will for sure go check out your blog now. Please feel free to follow. =] (I like smileys)

    Sparky...Thanks luv. And that is exactly the kind of thing my mom would say even though she's not scrawny herself. God love 'em. I will go check out your blog (and comment!) promptly. Thank you for the blog love.


  5. But if it weren't for bitchy mom comments, we'd have much less to write about!
    I get that..."Did you get your hair cut?" "Yes" "Oh." She clearly sees the new hair, makes sure to let me know that she noticed, and then ensures that I am aware she doesn't like it without saying it. Grrr.

  6. Messy true! And she does have her good snarky comments today. =]


  7. Omg your mom actually says stuff like that? Wow...I can see that coming from a mother-in-law or something though. XD And...just to make a point...haha...I always comment on the blogs I read. That's part of the fun of blogging...leaving comments. (:

  8. Thanks Insanity! And in her defense (geez, she is after all my mother) sometimes I don't even think she realizes that she's said something mean. If I call her on it later...she's like "I didn't say that!" or "well, that's not how I meant it..." Lol.