Friday, September 18, 2009

Just to prove...

yesterday's point, here's what happened today: I got up, put chicken breasts in the crock pot for supper, had my cup of coffee while I checked in on my facebook. My youngest son came in and chatted and we checked out a youtube video a friend had recommended. He left to walk the dog. My daughter got up and jumped in the shower. She then asked what I was doing. "Reading Blogs" was my reply. "oh" says she. "I was hoping you were going to say- making my lovely daughter something to eat." Ack. The guilt. So I made us sandwiches and juice. Made my bed. Ate with her then decided to jump up and get the housework knocked out. Cleaned the kitchen, tidied the other rooms, ran the vaccuum through the whole 1st floor. Of course, then I was gross and sweaty so I took a shower. Finally, I sit back down at the computer. My son comes in to get clothes and tell me he's hopping in the shower. My daughter comes in to tell me she's running to town to do errands. Ah...peace at last. NOT!!! I then receive a text message from my hubby: Can you please come to my office? I growled. Seriously.

Then I got up and walked through the hall, the living room, the kitchen and into his office. As I was wearing my reading glasses and a scowl, he correctly assumed I'd been working and apologized. Do you know what he wanted? A sandwich!!! Gah!!!!

frustrated & growling,


  1. I hear ya!
    It's not dissimilar to working outside the home ... the biggest difference being that you can't really 'quit' your family ... oh and you have nobody to come home and complain to about how your boss(es) takes you for granted.

    It happens in my home too, but it's more along the vein of finances and 'what are we gonna do ... hun?'
    Hang tough!

  2. Yes, running a family is a full time job! Which is why when filling out forms and it asks for my occupation I always respond with Domestic Goddess. Laugh. I dare you. But I thought I was to the stage where they could at least be somewhat self-sufficient. Silly me! And with teenagers it's double hard. Sometimes they won't talk to you so you have to take advantage of the times they are feeling chatty. Somehow that's never at my convenience.