Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yes, I am alive...

Okay that should have been YES!!! I am alive. And not dying! The surgery is over, the healing is not, but pathology reports have come back completely benign. If my stomach didn't still hurt so badly, I'd do a happy happy dance!

The surgery itself took twice as long as predicted and there were a few complications. Seems the cyst would not pop, would not drain, would not reduce it's size. As it had grown since the ct scan and was now the size of a freakin grapefruit and of a rather leathery consistency, they had to widen the incision. Then I'm told, they nicked an artery and had to sew that up right quick. All in all I came out with more then I'd bargained for pain wise. The incision is an ugly 4 inch gash on my left side that is rather indented and gross. It also pulled apart some when the glue came off so I won't be modeling swimwear anytime soon. (Not that I ever did). It's healing slowly and as long as I don't make any sudden jerky movements (coughing reduces me to tears) it's not so bad anymore. Funny how you don't realize how often you use your stomach muscles until they've been slashed open and re sewn. Yesterday I had to make a trip to the ER for fever. Spent an hour getting meds and IV fluids and was told to go back to "taking it easy". Wow, just when I'd resumed mountain climbing. lol. Really...I'm so tired of sitting on my behind doing nothing it's ridiculous. And house is suffering. Note to not schedule surgery for the day before your daughter runs off to Texas, thus leaving no one to do housework. Oh yes...there are the guys. Hahahaha. They don't really get housework. But at least Sean has been good about taking care of me.

I'm trying to heal fast because the Myrtle Beach vacation is less then a week away! We leave Friday morning to head to Ohio to meet up with the rest of the clan. Then it's a three vehicle, ten people, 12 hour caravan to the coast. I'm insane you say? Yes well, I thought that had already been established...

missed you dear readers,

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  1. I left a comment and something weird happened. Anyway, delighted it was benign, worrying me like that!