Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Survey says..."optomistic".

So when I wrote that title I actually heard that host guy from "Family Feud" voice in my head. Do other people do that? Or is it just me? It's probably just me. But at least I don't talk out loud to myself. My husband does that. Omigod. It's so annoying. I just want to smack him. He says it's because he works alone all the time so he's just used to nobody being around. But like in the car, driving along, he'll just out of the blue say something, kind of quietly so I can't really hear it. So I'll ask what he said and he'll say "nothing. just thinking out loud." Gahhh! I just want to reach over and pinch him. That is seriously frustrating. I'd think maybe I was just a b**ch, but it annoys the kids as well. Sometimes I talk out loud around the house when nobody's home. But it's to the cats. Honest. They don't offer much back in the way of advice, but they are fantastic listeners!

The doctors visit went fine. He went over the ct scan, even gave me a copy. It's completely clear except of course for the thriving little community on my ovary. He says it looks so good that he's optimistic that the mass will be benign. Yay! I know there's no possible way to know for sure until the biopsy, but I refuse to spend the next two weeks worrying about it. After all, it won't change a single thing. He thinks the pain I've been having in my upper right tummy is gallbladder. He said the ct often misses stones and to keep track of it. If it continues to be a problem we'll do an ultrasound. And I finally got the ankle that's been killing me xrayed. I've been dealing with it for six months but I have so many aches and pains it seems senseless to dwell on them all. Something must be weird on the xray because the xray techs put it on the viewing thing then decided to go look at it on the monitor, then came back and asked a zillion questions. That's me...Spot...medical anomaly.

Had some drama with the kids last night. Haha...I have a houseful of teenagers, how could there not be drama?! Two of my biologicals are camp counselors this month. They do this every summer at a camp for kids with disabilities, which happens to be run at the camp we live at. So basically they spend a month in the front yard, although it's about a half mile from the house. Well, as with any camp where you have co-ed counselors, there are relationships, gossip, drama, ect. Last night, apparently, my daughter caught my son in a rather compromising position with a girl she does not like at all. Then a rather loud and public chewing out ensued. And then she texted home to tell me how awful her brother was. And how he had broken her friend's heart. Well, my hubby went down to talk to my son and get his side. And there appears to have been some miscommunication between him and said broken-hearted girl. He says the night before they stayed up for four hours talking and through the talk she kept reiterating how glad she was they'd never been more then friends. She told my daughter that she told him many times how much she liked him. ??? Seriously (aside from the compromising position, and I did not ask for details, but omg that's my baby!) this is better then "Big Brother". Lol.

Well dears, I'm off to Springfield to pick up my biological oldest from school. He's coming home for a three day visit and I am ecstatic!!! Even if the autism means he can't talk...he gives the best hugs ever.


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