Monday, July 27, 2009


My right ovary is killing me! quite literally maybe. Hahaha. But that's not what I meant. Ever since that Dr. appt last Friday, I have been in pain. Really bad Friday, not so bad Saturday, and horrible yesterday and today. It even woke me up twice last night. I've taken Motrin and Tylenol and no dice. Still hurts. Especially if I get up and move around alot. Or if my bladder gets full. So here I sit. I'm tired too. I think I hate being this freakin tired even worse then the pain. But we did take that trip out of town and I slept poorly at my parents house. Their guest room has a queen size bed. I'm used to my king size. I'm used to not having my husband touch me when we sleep. I hate to be touched when I'm trying to sleep. I'm kind of a bitch about it too. It's ironic really. I remember when we first got together and I couldn't sleep without having some part of my body touching him. I mean we used to snuggle up in a twin bed for pete's sake. Of course that was 20 years, three kids and several pounds (for both of us) ago. Now I just prefer we have our own space. Oh we sometimes snuggle...if it's super cold for example. But once I'm warm I send him back to his side of the bed. I think I just got burnt out maybe. When our kids were little (and they are step year between the first two and two years between #2 and #3) they would all climb into our bed in the middle of the night. And lay on me. Never him. I would wake up, look over and there he slept...peacefully. While the children were burrowed into my sides or sprawled atop me. So now...I just gotta have my space. here's our health care system for you...Friday I had that pre-op appointment. Well I told the doctor I thought I might have a kidney infection going on because I had a lot of left flank pain the day before and it would also explain the low grade fevers and fatigue. She said head over to the hospital and give a sample but wait an hour or so since she'd done a pelvic exam. No problem. This is at 11 am. So I have lunch with my mom, who happens to be down my way, then head to the hospital. I do the urine specimen and it's cloudy with floaters. I know from experience this is a bad thing! I've had many kidney infections. So I call the Dr.s office to let them know I'm still in town, please call my cell when they get results. And guess what...they left at noon!!! For the weekend! WTF?!! So obviously, no one is there to read the results. So I call my GP's office and explain the problem. Can they possibly look for the results and prescribe something so I don't have to wait all weekend? Um. NO. They don't read other Dr.s results. Are you flippin kidding me?! You're in the same clinic!!! So had the infection or fever worsened I would have been forced to make an ER visit over the weekend. What an incredible waste of time and money. And so frustrating.

Well that's all I got kids. Waiting on the Dr.s office to phone back and tell me I have a kidney infection and what they're gonna do about that and the pain in the ovary. Other then that I am hoping for a blessedly quiet day. With a nap if I'm lucky! =] Peace out homedogs...


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  1. The health care system is always so frustrating! I had a biopsy earlier this year and after they gave me the wrong aftercare directions for the biopsy site (?!?!) they lost the results, then didn't call to tell me, then finally my personal doctor called and yelled at them until they did. Ugh.

    Hope things get less frustrating for you! Keep us updated.