Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The one where I re-think my goals for the year...

Thank you to everyone for all your wonderful comments! Except you...you follower who deserted me. For real?? Kick a girl while she's down?! What kind of person does that? Rude.

You know what weirds me out? Not much actually. But it weirds me out when I'm in a group and I go to tell a story and someone says "Oh yeah! I read that on your blog". I know right?! In a sense it's a little annoying, because obviously I wanted to tell that story and now they've ruined it. But also because it means people I know know way more about me than I do them. It also makes me think twice before I write anything, which shouldn't be the case but it is. I mean if I bitched about someone I know on the blog now it would totally get back to them and probably blown all out of proportion. I mean, don't get me wrong, being widely read (at least in my little neck of the woods) is awesome but also kind of surreal.

Lu is doing well here at home. She hasn't run a fever, she's eating more, and other than tiring really easily she is symptom free. She takes her medicine with a jello cup or pudding cup and that seems to help it stay down. She is going stir crazy though. It's tough to be stuck at home when you're eighteen. So I spend alot of time hanging out with her to keep her entertained. Since I love hanging out with her, it's not much of a hardship but I do seem to fall behind in my tasks. Which got me to thinking about goals and how I haven't accomplished any this year.

Normally, I don't do New Year's resolutions. But turning forty last year had me thinking I needed to set some goals. You know, something to strive for. We're almost three quarters of the way through the year and I have accomplished exactly none of my goals. So either I need to reevaluate my goals or step up my game.

My goals were simple, because I believe in making them attainable so I don't feel like a failure (the way I kind of do right now). I wanted to lose twenty pounds (should be easy to do in a year, right? Hmmph). I wanted to get two stories accepted for publication. And I wanted to finish a novel. I have not lost any weight. Unless you count the five pounds I'm continually losing and then re-gaining. I guess I've done it at least four times now so technically I lost twenty pounds and said goal didn't state that I had to keep them off. I haven't had any stories accepted for publication although I have collected some really nice and some form rejection letters. And I have two novels in progress but nowhere near finished. And I haven't written a word of fiction in over two months. These goals are kicking my ass. So my Dad suggested I make a list of the things I have accomplished this year even if they weren't even in my thoughts when I made the last goals. So here goes:

1. Began freelancing. This wasn't even something I'd given thought to last December when I made my goals. I didn't think I had the skills or connections. But now I make enough money freelancing to pay the payments on my new vehicle plus save some. Thank you to Kathryn who talked me through getting started and gave me the pushes I needed.

2. Attended my first writing conference. Thank you to Deena and everyone at Coyote Con for coming up with and presenting an online conference that made it easy to attend. I learned so much and met so many amazing folks. I'm a better writer for it.

3. Began submitting again. Thank you to Tina for her encouragement and editing skills. Thanks also to Suzicate and Kenzie for being my fruit loop girls! I so want success for all of you as much as I do for myself. I haven't had any acceptances yet, but there are still three more months to the year...

4. Renewed my relationship with my husband. It's funny that this wasn't one of my original goals when I now know that it should have been. This relationship is the backbone of our family and both of us had taken it for granted for far too long. It's a shame it took such an earth shattering event for us to realize it, but you take your wake up calls where you find them.

5. Found out that I have the most amazing (and world wide) support group ever. So much love and support were sent our way after Mike's accident, not only from family and close friends, but from the entire community and the Internet. It feels amazing to realized that you are so blessed.

6. Found a renewed sense of my spirituality. I'm not going to preach here, but it's hard not to have faith in a higher power after everything this year has brought.

7. Managed to retain and even add a few followers to this blog (except for the deserter...). That means alot to me, because this blog has become so much a part of who I am.

And that's where my mind is at right now. Contemplative. What were your goals and have you reached them? Are you progressing towards them or is it time for a re-evaluation? Do you even set any? Enquiring minds want to know...



  1. I tend to not make goals for that very reason. We have no idea what life is going to throw our way and I hate feeling like a failure.

    The beginning of your post is exactly the reason I took down my former blog and started an anonymous one. You read my previous blog (Extraordinarily Ordinary), but just in case you think Amy from that blog is the deserter... I assure you, I am not. I love you, your family and your blog and I'm here to stay.

  2. I like the way your are looking at your goals and I need to do that. I feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished this year, but in fact I have received five acceptances and one rejection...and the rejection was the nicest I have ever recieved. It offered a critique which said if it was a true story (which it was not) I could resubmit it to nonfiction or work on my characters to build the story and resubmit because they like the plot. I am so glad both Mike and Lu are doing well. I know Lu has to be bored out of her mine. It is so wonderful that you two are close and you can spend time with her and keep her spirits up. And no my fruitloop friend, I will not desert you!

  3. Look at you! See, you may not have accomplished your written goals, but you've obviously accomplished some awesome things! I especially like the renewed relationship with your husband, which is really sweet. :) And you're my fruit loop virtual big sister. You know I will support you always! You're amazing. I wish I knew how to get out there and feelance. Maybe one of these days. :) Be safe! (And give Lu my best.)

  4. Stacey, your dad's idea is a brilliant one and something I have to think about myself. In a year where so much seems to have happened, beyond anyone's ability to prepare for, counting the things that you learned or achieved is a very good plan. You should add that you have been a rock to everyone who needed it this year. Everything that you have been through will add depth and richness to your writing too.

    My goals are like yours - weight/fitness (enjoying the gym now at last); submitting stories; publish the novel. It may not happen in a year, but who says next year is too late?

    The Clean White Page

  5. Honey, it's like when you make a "To Do" list and you wind up doing a hundred things but you didn't think to put THEM on the list.

    We need to do that more often...'cause the truth is, you may have not reached the goals you'd originally set for yourself but you've achieved far more. You've stared down some pretty savage monsters and then you beat the crap out of them.

    If you "accomplished" nothing more this year, I think you should be extremely proud of yourself. I know I'm proud as hell of you. You're one of the strongest people I know.

    List be damned.

  6. I'm glad Lu is feeling better! And...Good for you for managing to accomplish so much, in only a few months too! Your adoring fans will always be here with you. We think you're awesome! And... I saw 2 dogs poop today. Doesn't have anything to do with anything but after I got home I vowed to include it in all my comments today.

  7. Well now I feel really bad about un-following you. :)

  8. I know what ya mean about being careful what you write. I soo want to gripe abaout a particular family member but it will just start a war I'm not in shape for YET.

    So glad Lu is finally starting to feel better.

    I had goals at the beginning of the year but so far only two of six have been accomplished. You have absolutely NO reason to get down on yourself. You have accomplished soo much more than you ever thought you could.

  9. I agree with Heather. I wrote about 2 of my high school "friends" and didn't realize either of them read my blog. The one "Unfriended" me on Facebook and wrote some really mean things about me for blogging about her. I had used fake names but she definitely knew it was about her. I guess it's all for the best. It was one of those renewed friendships that I wasn't sure I should have renewed and then didn't know how to gracefully get out of. Took care of that without even really trying! And I've had several people say that same thing to me that I didn't even know knew about, much less read my blog. I try to be more careful about what I write but I sometimes feel that stunts my writing.

    I really enjoy your writing. I really enjoy reading about your family. You are truly blessed despite the trials and tribulations you have been through this year. Everything happens for a reason, right?