Thursday, August 5, 2010

The one where we spend alot of time at the hospital and Mike thinks he's funny.

Hola! For those of you who don't watch Dora the Explorer, that's "hello" in Spanish. See how coming here is totally educational? New languages, new words for the old language, zombie apocalypse survival strategies, it's like one stop shopping only for blog reading. And I'm hoping it's totally making up for my sporadic blog posting of late.

This week has been mostly spent (or at least it feels like it) at the hospital with Lu while she gets her infusions. Monday we had to see the doctor first and it took forever. Her platelets had dropped 33,000 points over the weekend leaving her again at 22,000. Good thing we'd already scheduled the IVIG. They decided to spread it out so that she may not have such a bad reaction this time. So the first day took 4 hours. It's not so bad for Lu, they give her a huge dose of Benadryl and Tylenol to help combat any reaction and once she's hooked up she pretty much passes out for the rest of the time. Seriously, even the blood pressure cuff taking her BP every half hour doesn't wake her up. But Luke and I are here just basically watching her sleep. I finally thought about bringing the laptop yesterday but I forgot the plug and it was dead. This time I was better prepared! So far so good reaction wise. Other than fatigue (even with a 3 hour nap every day) she's had no other side effects. She looks really pale today though, but I've got my fingers crossed she stays okay. The receptionist, the nurses, everyone now knows Molly by name. They're all extremely nice and caring. And we've met some wonderful people who are in here having treatments too. Most of them are elderly so they are very curious about a young girl and what her ailment might be.

Sean is doing well. He called last night from the hotel in Virginia again. They left Jamboree yesterday and began their whirlwind DC tour. He sounds exhausted. I asked if he was still Jewish and he said he might be. Lol! He said one of the oddest things from the day was how a homeless man stole food from one of the scouts in Union Station. Apparently it was Taco Bell on a tray the boy was holding and the homeless man walked up and grabbed it and mumbled something and ran off. I said it's probably good karma to let bums steal your food. And he probably mumbled "thanks, dude". He's having a good time but he sounds ready to come home.

So apparently since Mike's accident he thinks he's developed a real funny streak. Some illustrations~

Me: (on a Sunday night when once again he's asking if I want to go to the bar) No. I'm not going anywhere. I had to go to town every flippin day this last week. I'm being a hermit today. I don't want to deal with people. Did I tell you how much I don't like people sometimes?

Mike: Yes. You made your opinion known. Loudly. Yesterday. While you were throwing groceries at me.

Me: Good. But I was not throwing groceries. I might have been slamming them around, but I was not throwing. I wouldn't want to dent cans or smoosh bread.

That same night, our air conditioner froze up and we had to shut it off so it could defrost. I'm so not good with heat. We found a fan and set it up to blow directly on my side of the bed.

Me: I'm sorry I'm going to be hogging all the fan.

Mike: It's okay. I'm considering sleeping on the couch.

Me: Why??

Mike: Because I'm afraid I'll roll over in the night and accidentally touch you and you'll yell "don't touch's hot" and I'll lose an appendage.

Me: Wow. You really do know me well.

Pretty sure I like this more snarkastic side of him. Pretty sure I still need to move north to avoid the heat. *note to self* Write Blockbuster Bestseller sooner rather then later.

Hope you all are having a good week!

PS- hamletsmistress- took your advice, upped the calories, five pounds fell off! Score! Thanks mucho!


  1. Hey Spot! Maybe it is just a female thing about the no touching when it's too hot. One accidental shin kick can be a precourser to a disfiguring late night beating. Mike is clearly taking the safe course and grabbing up premium couch property. LOL Have a good day.

  2. Whee! Heyyyyy, Mark! (Waves upwards)

    I'm glad Lu's basically getting by w/o too much in the way of side effects. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

    Bummer about the a/c...I would be the same way. I love summer...but I don't like to be TOO hot. Let me clarify: I don't like the TEMPERATURE to be too hot.

    I'm liking this snarky side to Mike as well! Bring it on!

  3. Good for Mike! And good for you liking his snarkiness!

    I'm gladd things aren't too bad for Molly and hopefully Sean will be home safe and sound soon. I'm sure he's enjoying DC though.

  4. Hey Spot ... have been on vacay and not reading a great deal (of my blogs...)

    LOVE the new look!

    Love the newly exposed snarkastic side of hubs!!

    Love to you and yours.


  5. Tell Mike that groceries are too expensive to throw so next time you'll go outside and get rocks! Glad things are looking up!

  6. Woo Hoo on the 5lbs!! That's excellente!

    Glad Lu is taking it well, and good idea on the laptop. :-)

    Mike is too funny! So nice to see the smiles and jokes. Ohhh I hate being touched when I'm hot. :-)

  7. Precious, the last reminded me of a time, while married to my first hideous mistake, I was a WOMAN ON THE EDGE. Unbeknownst to him when he arrived home around 8 PM, ETOH, and looking for dinner, I hurled a raw chicken I was trying to get ready to make for dinner. Unfortunately I missed HIM, it hit the wall, and wall switch, which I had to clean, *sigh* My first and last hissy fit. I was 22, is that a good enough excuse??!!??!!

  8. Ha, I do yell "don't touch me" at night. I really hate my sleep being disturbed.

    I love your new look by the way.

  9. I have heard Cindy say that too--heck I think she knows when I am starting to move and yells "Don't even think about it!!" sigh OK I see it's not just her :)

    Glad to see Mike coming around so good and the kids will be fine I have faith.

    Bums gotta eat too huh

  10. Pink suits you well Spot. Me likes it a lot. If you are only throwing groceries around at this point, I say you are doing pretty darn good girl!

    Post when you can, rest when should, and take care of yourself!

  11. This is me trying to post a comment. Again.

  12. I have been trying to post on your blog for two days.. *stomps feet*

  13. Oh my gosh!!! awesome about the 5 pounds!! I wish I could help myself some in that area.

  14. I sure hope things are going well with Lulu. I can just imagine the looks the elderly are giving out, wondering about the girl.

    I think your hubby has found his funny. "don't touch's hot" and I'll lose an appendage.
    LMAO!!! I'm like that too when it's hot.