Sunday, August 1, 2010

The one where I totally ramble on because that's what I do best.

I know, I know. I left everyone in the lurch this last week. *hangs head in shame*. Very heartfelt apologies. It has been one of "those" weeks. Who'm I kidding? It's pretty much been one of "those" summers and to tell the truth fall is not looking to be much better. So this post will be a long one and a bit of a mash-up as I catch you all up on what's going down in Spot Town.

Monday I had an MRI on the right knee because it does pretty much the same as the left and if I'm going to get one fixed I might as well try to hit the two for one deal, right? I mean walking is highly overrated, right? Seriously, you save money if you combine surgeries because they only charge you once for the operating room, anesthesia, ect. A surgeon taught me this several years ago. And besides the monetary savings, I only have to freak out once this way. And if you've been here since the beginning you know how bad being put under freaks me out. After the MRI, we headed to Springfield, met my folks at Texas Roadhouse (thanks for dinner Mom & Dad!!). It was super yummy and we had a great time. Then we picked up CJ from his house and headed home. Unfortunately, due to a communication snafu between his school and his home they had already given him his night meds. Which means when we got home at eleven, he was wide awake. He didn't fall asleep til 2:30 am. Which means I didn't get to sleep til then. And while he woke up bright and chipper at 8:30, my butt was dragging.

In spite of that we had a great day. We swam in the lake. CJ does a vicious dog-paddle which he learned at the age of two and still continues to manage to propel himself through the water with. We took golf cart rides through camp (his favorite) and then made a trip to town to run a few errands and pick up pizza. And CJ got his haircut at the salon. This is monumental. He hates haircuts and starts freaking the minute you turn on the clippers. But if we don't cut his hair he grows this wild Harpo Marx 'do. The girl was amazing. She spoke softly and reassuringly, let him hold her hand and warned him before she did anything like "I'm going to turn the chair just a bit now". And it worked. Which was a huge relief.

Wednesday Mike & I had to run to town in the morning for an appointment, so Luke accompanied CJ down into camp to hang out with Lu and her campers. I think this was an eye opening experience for Luke who has not spent alot of time around people with disabilities but he did well. After Mike & I returned we swam again and took more rides.

And Thursday CJ accompanied Mike and Luke to camp while they ran the zip line and I took Lu to the doctor. Mike tried to get CJ to ride the zip line. No go. I warned him. That afternoon we took CJ back to his house and I cried. It's so hard to leave him when we've had a great visit. We've decided that when he turns 21 we will move him to a group home in the nearby town so that we can see him more frequently.

On to Lu's doctor visit. Her counts have dropped back down to 50,000. They have to be brought up for the surgery so we start IVIG treatments again on Monday. She was not happy, but she seems to be taking it in better stride. Mostly she hates missing work and spending hours at the hospital (um Me too!). They will spread it out over five days this time in hopes of lessening her side effects. Fingers crossed. The surgery is getting closer though and this last treatment should keep her boosted up enough for the surgery. They will take a blood test that morning to be sure and they will have blood and platelets standing by in the operating room should they need them. She will be in the hospital about 5-6 days. So you know where I will be as well. And then at home recuperating for several weeks. I guess the silver lining is that I will get to spend some quality time with my daughter before she heads out to start her life.

Wondering about Sean? Yeah, it's cool, I know you are. He called me Sunday from the hotel in Virginia. He enjoyed Gettysburg and took pictures for me. Then he called me again Friday night. He was pretty psyched about scuba diving. And he'd just attended a Jewish religious service. Apparently he was quite impressed because it was fun. They sang and danced.

Me: So are you going to become Jewish now?

Sean: No. Probably not. But if we have the chance to attend a service somewhere around where we live, I'm totally gonna take you. I think you'd like it. And I will never make fun of Jewish people again. I'm still wearing my yarmulke. And we're eating dinner with some Jewish boy scouts so I'm totally eating kosher.

Me: Let me know how that goes. What else did you do today?

Sean: I did some archery. I really suck at it. Then we did air rifles, tomahawk throwing and knife throwing. I'm pretty good at throwing tomahawks and knives.

Me: You get that from me. And that will come in pretty handy during the zombie apocalypse. I can back you up with the archery, I'm pretty good at it. Plus I throw darts like no body's business.

Sean: I think I'm just going to go with a flamethrower in the zombie apocalypse.

Me: Why? You know flames don't kill them and then they just end up setting things on fire.

Sean: I read that blog by the Bloggess too. I'm not going to set them on fire inside my house. And I will for sure close the chimney flue.

Because, no matter how far away he is, he realizes the importance of preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I've taught him well. I may or may not be a little miffed though that he's managed to text a pretty girl the whole time, but not his mama. Rude. They leave the Jamboree Wednesday morning and head for DC. Look out Washington, hear comes Sean.

So lately I've been doing something that I thought I would never in a million years do. Forgetting to eat. For real. I seriously never thought I would forget food. But without Sean to remind me that it's time to cook, I've actually been skipping quite a few meals. I realize sometime in the afternoon (when I get dizzy) that I haven't eaten. I'm also eating less at meals. You'd think that would translate into losing weight wouldn't you? Um. No. The scale refuses to budge. Even when I call it nasty names. I'm also crankier. Seriously, Friday I had to go through a 4 1/2 hour virus removal with the company we get our computer security from. And I had to be here the whole time. I was so cranky that day I threatened to rip some one's arm off and beat them about the head with it. And yesterday? Well, I had to grocery shop. Alone. On a Saturday. I came to the conclusion that I do not really like the general public anymore. Although, I did let an elderly gentleman go in front of me in line because he'd already checked out once and forgot to get ice. I do that every. damn. time. So I let him ahead of me so his ice wouldn't melt. He called me a sweetie. I figured I needed the Karma points since I was going through the express lane with 24 items instead of 20. C'mon, those lines were long!! Anyway, I've concluded that the crankiness is a direct effect of low blood sugar so I'll probably try harder to remember to eat. Now I'm staying chubby to save lives. Is there no end to my generosity??

Happy Sunday,


  1. Like the new look. Purple is the best! Good luck to Lu and you with your knees and Washington with Sean!

    You guys will be the First Family after the zombie apocalypse. No one else will be prepared and the survivors will make their way to you.

  2. Storing up Karma points and staying chubby to save lives...the things I learn here, and I thank you for giving me more excuses to add to my list! Hope all goes well with Lu. Spot, don't forget to take care of yourself!

  3. Poor Lu...and poor YOU. Did you try the serious-stance, staring upward and yelling, "ENOUGH!" Sometimes, that does it.

    Sounds like you had a lovely visit with CJ. You're so lucky that you get to choose what town he'll live in at 21. He sounds like such a sweetie.

    You need to remember to EAT, sweetie. Set the timer!

  4. Spot, thanks for the reminder to "be prepared" (scouting pun) for the almost certainty of a zombie apocalypse...I have been remiss in my weapons training. Hope all goes well with the surgeries. I prefer to think of myself not as chubby, rather I feel like maybe I'm just really hard to kidnap! Stay funny!

  5. Sorry to hear the nes on Lu, but I'm sure they'll get it in check for the surgery. You guys are in my thoughts.

    I'm so glad Sean is have a nice time and even happier to hear that he's a conscientious preparer for the zombie apocolypse. It's good when you learn new skills to file them under "yea" or "nay" for zombie killing effectiveness.

    On a side note, if you don't eat enough calories, you don't lose weight either. Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news on that one...


  6. Holy geez you'd think English was my 2nd language. In actuality it's just that half my left hand is numb from how I'm sitting. No, really.

  7. If staying chubby saves lives, then I should get a Nobel Peace Prize. If you combine your surgeries, can you still get double the pain meds? I need you to stay focused on the important stuff, muffin.

  8. Sounds like you've had plenty to keep you busy! The looming surgeries might keep me from eating too, either that or they'd tip me in to eating more. Hope the best for both you and Lu.

    I do love the conversation with Sean though, sounds like our house. You need a zombie apocalypse survival plan, it's just good parenting. :)

  9. I'm feeling really unprepared for this Zombie Apocalypse. I guess that means I'll be one of the Zombies! BRAINS! BRAINS!

    I can see why your family will be targeted. :-)
    At least you will know your way around the hospital well. You know they always end up at the hospital!

    Praying for Lu and hoping the five days works out better healthwise, so glad Sean is kicking butt and taking names (I expected no less), and CJ with his dog paddle is just too precious! I love a good dog paddle.

    I hate shopping with or without my peeps.


    Take care and keep your chin up and your knees padded. Heh!

  10. Umm, I know you are the major caretaker in this family, but who's going to take care of you when you aren't going to be able to walk? I'm worried.

    I sure hope all goes well with Lulu's surgery, seems like she really needs something good to happen.

    Lovely that yall are going to have CJ closer, eventually.

    Sean if your reading this..come back soon, your mother can't shop without you!!

    I too get dizzy when I don't eat at certain times of the day..please take care of yourself.

  11. Spot - I think you should come here to visit with me and I'll take care of you.

    (I may have to duct tape your ass to an easy chair, mind you ... but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do)

    I'm thinking good and healing thoughts for Molly and a speedy return for Sean.