Sunday, August 15, 2010

The one where I reassure you that I'm still alive...

Yes indeed I am still alive for those of you who are wondering. I do apologize sincerely for not posting even somewhat regularly lately. And for not reading and commenting and knowing what's also going on in your lives. The last two weeks have been hectic and stressful and some days I just don't have the brain power left to post. So this is a quick update.

Mike is still doing well after being released to go back to work. He did end up with an infection in his finger where the stitching had left a hole. And we saw an orthopedic doctor about the shoulder pain he's had since the accident. The doctor wants an MRI.

Sean won his election yesterday. He's now the chief of the OA Lodge. Yes it is an honor and also a huge responsibility. I know, without a doubt, he'll live up to the challenge. And besides, he has an awesome speech writer (me). He starts his first college courses on Monday. I think I'm more excited than he is.

Molly had a blood test Monday and her platelets had only climbed to 122,000 after the IVIG. It was very disappointing that they didn't get boosted more. On Friday we went back to her hematologist to find that they had dropped to 93,000. The IVIG was not doing it's job. The doctor put her on a high dose of steroids to hopefully boost them up for the surgery Tuesday. The continued dropping and non response to treatment has me very worried. Her hemoglobin is also down. He's convinced that the two are not related and that the low hemoglobin is just iron deficiency anemia. But she's already on a high dose of iron twice a day. I'm not one to ask for prayers but any love, positive thoughts, prayer, or good karma that you can throw our way would be greatly appreciated on Tuesday and beyond.

And me? Well, I'm exhausted, stressed, slightly grumpy and the knee is giving me trouble. And I'm currently without my best friend. My computer is having issues and is unusable. I'm borrowing Mo's laptop and it's a civil relationship at best. I miss my computer. The good news is I backed up all my writing online and pictures on SD cards. Somedays I'm smarter than the average bear.

So here's just a few random items:

*Mike got an awesome new work truck. Like the last one, only better. And thank god it's dark blue and not red. I would have flipped out. I still get trauma room flashbacks and hate when he drives off camp property alone.

*Thursday night I dreamed I got a rejection notice on one of the stories I currently had out on submission...guess what was in my email inbox Friday morning. How come prophetic dreams are always about bad stuff?!

*Mo's Luke got a job at Applebees and likes it.

*I'm going to a writer's conference in Ohio the end of the month (provided Mo is doing okay) and my sister Hildi is going with me!!

*We have to be at the hospital for Mo's surgery at 6 am on Tuesday morning. Are they freakin serious?? Apparently they are.

*I haven't written a single word on my fiction works for almost a month. That's no way to treat your career. Luckily I'm (just barely) managing to keep up with my freelancing. And that's only because I need the paycheck.

*When Mo was getting her infusions, the pastors from my Grandmother's church stopped in on different days. One is older and always tells a joke. The other is young and very personable. The young one and I had this conversation-

Him: Well God always has a plan even if we don't know what it is.

Me: so everything happens for a reason, right?

Him: Yes.

Me: when Mike was in the hospital someone told me that God never gives you more than you can handle.

Him: that's right.

Me: (leaning in conspiratorially) well, just between you and me, I think he may have seriously overestimated my capabilities.

Him: No, he just has faith in you.

Me: I think he may have too much faith.

So friends, bloggy buds, tweeples, bear with me. I am certain things have to slow down. And I will be taking the laptop to the hospital with me while I stay with Mo. I'll post updates when I can. Take care of yourselves and be good to one another in my absence. You are all in my heart and thoughts.



  1. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and Lu. I can't imagine all the stress. Please don't feel bad about visiting blogs. I'm just glad you are still a fruitloop and not soggy mush!!

    Way to go Sean!!

    Lots of love to you all. Keep truckin' down that tunnel. I'm sure you will see the light soon.

  2. Hang in there Spot, and remember to give yourself a little 'me time' every day, it will help!

  3. *hugs*

    Remember, what doesn't kill us? Well, at least it doesn't kill us.

  4. Hey Spot. Missed your regular posts but I can see how busy you are. I am sending good karma your way. Sickness and injury and hospitals suck...I know. Rest assured we are all thinking about you and your family. Write when you can.

  5. Hang in there, hugs! Will keep you all lifted in prayer.

  6. Stacey,

    I have been mucho worried about you and your family. I wish there was something more I could do, but being in another state limits me. LoL You have all my prayers and love, though.


  7. Sending some major positive mojo your way Spot! It definitely sounds like you've been through your share of crap lately and here's hoping things are turning around!
    Prayers for Molly!
    Congrats to Sean! :)

  8. Just loads of love and best wishes, Stace.

  9. I have not been the best at keeping up with my blog reading either. Life does that sometimes. Hooray on healing, won elections, new trucks, and potential writing conferences. I will be thinking good thoughts and praying for a speedy recovery for Mo. You can handle it simply because you have to. It's what moms do. You'll be in my thoughts.

  10. Well as you can tell I haven't been here much either, since I am 3 days late getting here. Your reasons are way better than mine. You have had one heck of a summer that I'm sure I would not be able to handle. You are stronger than you think.

    Many many well wishes for Mo's speedy recovery.

  11. Holy crap, girl!

    AS usual I am a day late and a dollar short ... but my thoughts are still with you. I hope Molly is doing well.

    Take good care of you, Spot.


  12. Aw, you poor sweet girl...You've really had MORE than your fair share. I hope that pastor passes along your rejection of any more burdens to the big man upstairs...

    I do believe you deserve a HUGE vacation...with no responsibilities and LOTS of booze.

    Sending warm wishes for Mo's speedy recovery..

  13. Take care of yourself Spot, it sounds like for the most part everything is moving in a positive direction, I am a true believer in the statement "Play with the hand the Good Lord gives you because if you couldn't handle it He wouldn't have given it to you"

    Keep the Faith Spot because everything is going to be OK.

  14. Take care and stay strong.
    We're not going anywhere and we're all in your corner cheering you on.

  15. I've just come back from a 2 week plus break myself and am so sorry to hear of your ongoing troubles. I'll be thinking of you, sending you my best wishes, positive thoughts and strength. Your bumpy road will turn smooth again. ps love the new background.

  16. Love to you all!!! Thinking of you.