Friday, January 28, 2011

The one where I finally get my life back...

I absolutely cannot believe that I have not blogged in almost two months. That seems crazy to me when it's one of my all time favorite activities. Not to mention, the way I connect with so many people near and far. Oddly though, I have noticed that several people took blogcations and went AWOL. Thank you to those of you who still commented or sent emails or kept up with me on Facebook. I'm still alive. And improved. Not new. Just improved. So I guess I'll just catch everyone up as best I can and go from there. This may take a while so grab a beverage, put your feet up and dive in.

I had some health issues while I was gone. Namely, pneumonia that played "musical lungs" and hung on from December 15th (my birthday) until about January 18th. Not being able to breathe pretty much sucks. And coughing so hard you actually crack a rib is not high on the list of fun stuff either. I would never have made it through Christmas (remember it was my year to host my mom's family) if I had not been oddly organized this year (I say odd because I'm never this organized at Christmas). I had bought most of my gifts early (yay for online shopping!) and had actually planned my days out so I could get things done. Also, Mike helped more this year with Christmas than he's ever, in our entire life together, helped. In fact, I may consider having pneumonia ever year. Or at least faking it. Cough. Cough. "I'm sick". And the kids pitched in too. And I finally gave myself permission to not sweat the small stuff. And to consider many things "small stuff". So Christmas came off with out a hitch. The cleanup was another matter. I didn't get the trees down until January 19th. I also had my gallbladder surgery. Finally. We'd had to keep rescheduling it due to the pneumonia. It wasn't bad as far as surgeries go and I've recovered rather quickly for me. So I'm finally feeling more or less normal. Better than normal except for a continuing cough. Surely it will be gone by March?

Mike is doing well. He's actually off to National Camp School for a week to head up and teach the Ranger portion. He was suggested by someone he'd met, they conferred with his bosses, talked to him and off he went. He was so nervous. Public speaking is not his favorite. But we went over his lesson plans and everything the other night and he's going to rock this gig. The new rangers are lucky to have him because he'll be a great teacher. But he hasn't been gone for a whole week in like 5 years. I'm going to really miss him. And I sure as hell hope we don't get snowed in. I have no idea how to drive the tractor and plow snow. Also, for those of you who are thinking "Ha! Her husband's gone for a week, lets rob the place", first, there's not much to take. Second, we have guns and Sean will shoot you. I much prefer sharp stabby things so I'll shank you with my vegetable knife. But worst of all...we have a pregnant Lu who will probably gouge out your eyes with her bare hands. Seriously. Those hormones are wild.

Sean is good. Still rocking the telemarketer world and keeping us all in stitches with tales of his daily worklife. He almost makes me want to get a job there. Sean and Lizzie did drop the "not dating" part and dated over Christmas break. Unfortunately, it was short lived. Now they really are not dating. So girls, he's up for grabs again. And he's racking up a tidy little nest egg. Although, I must admit he's pretty generous with his money. He's currently making his summer travel plans and seeing how he can fit some work in there too.

Lu is good. Her pregnancy is going well and she has the cutest little baby belly. She's really starting to show this last week and you can tell it's baby not pudge. She hasn't had any problems other than tiredness and some nausea at all. Her blood work is looking good and holding out high. We heard the baby's heartbeat at the last appointment and it was strong and 166. This leads me to believe it's a girl. The name picking is not going so well. She wants something uncommon, but not ridiculous. Maybe I should have a "name Lu's baby" contest. The baby's father is very much out of the picture. He can't seem to put aside his own feelings and realize that there's a baby involved, it's not really about him anymore. I think it's hurt Lu's feelings somewhat on behalf of the baby, but mostly she's relieved. There is someone else in the picture. He is ready to take care of both Lu and the baby. But they are taking it slow to see where it goes. With her hormonal mood swings, dating her is challenging. I won't say anything further because some of the baby's daddy's friends read my blog and it doesn't need to get back to him unless they get serious. You know who you are...and so do I. So don't go telling tales. She's still working at her retail job and planning to take online classes in the fall after the baby is born.

Well, bet you finished that drink, huh? If you made it through all this, then you are pretty well caught up. I can't wait to read some of your blogs and find out what's going on with the rest of you! And I do have some wickedly funny conversations saved up. It's good to be back. I've missed you all.



  1. So glad you're back. I've missed you. Sorry things didn't work out with Sean and his girl. Glad Lu's pregnancy is going well. Glad you got your surgery out of the way and are doing just don't get to wild on that tractor while Mike is away!!!!!!

  2. Wow! It's so weird that you haven't been on here. SOOO happy to see you back, Spot.

    You should TOTALLY have a "Name Lu's baby" contest!

    Take good care.


  3. Spot!!! So glad to see you back and healthy and still making us laugh! Good to hear Lu is well and we are all excited to see the little one in an ultrasound and then in a photo. Glad all is well in Spottsville!

  4. Really have missed your blog (and YOU!). I meant to comment a lot more on Facebook. I get your updates by mobile and felt pretty kept up. I was just sick for you over the pneumonia. OHMYGAH! Sooooo hoping that is behind you for good.

    I love that Lu is doing so well. With her family support, she is going to do great! Took me forever to name Sydney. Her dad really wanted to name her Blazer (alt sp: Blaiser). I really kinda liked it, but it is out there. :-) I love playing name games.

    Thank-you dearly for my comment. Coming from talent like you I consider it as treasured as pure GOLD. Thank-you!

  5. Don't go leaving us all alone for that long again, k? Also, stop getting sick. And? *hugs*

    Now how am I gonna break the news about Sean to Rocco?

  6. Well, I was thinking this would be a fine time to rob you, but now I'm afraid to get within a hundred miles of your place. Christmas organization -- we need to take some lessons from you on that.

    Welcome back -- all healthy and wise.

  7. Glad to see you back Stacey,

    "Name Lu's baby" sounds like a good idea, I'mm going to cheat and give you a vote just in case you go for it :)

    Stormy--uncommon, but not ridiculous, will work for a boy or girl, goes along with Lu's hormones, and decribes the fight that brings this wonderful life to us :)

  8. Suzi~ I can barely drive the tractor in the warm weather, I'm not getting close to it in the ice and snow. No worries!

    Dani~ Thanks! It's great to be back!

    Mark~I know! I can't wait for her ultrasound in March to know whether it's a grandgirl or grandboy!

    Angelia~ Thanks! That pneumonia really was a kicker, but all's well now.

    Elly~ Gently. Rocco's no doubt going to be heartbroken.

    dbs~ Welcome and thank you!

    Jerry~ Thanks!

    Jimmy~ I do like Stormy. And it accurately describes Lu's mood most of the time.