Monday, January 31, 2011

The one where Lu saves the Polar Bears and we prepare for Snowmageddon...

Dude. Have you watched the weather forecast lately? Well if you're in any of the like 30 states that they are predicting this winter storm for, you probably have. It's supposed to be record-breaking. And I know a lot of you are like "Universe! Stop with the freakin snow already!". But not me. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning!! (yes, I do know that most of you think I'm certifiably crazy.) We are, without a doubt, going to get snowed in. You see they are predicting ice and sleet and snow for today. I don't particularly care for that wintry mix, but as long as both kids make it home from work safe, I'll take it. And tonight the snow is supposed to start. It's not going to end til Wednesday. Somewhere between 12 to 18 inches is predicted, but an inside source told me more like 24. Along with 45 mph winds which will make drifting and visibility an issue. We live on a gravel road off of another gravel road. And the 1/4 mile long drive to the mailbox and county gravel road drifts like you wouldn't believe. So without my hubby to clear the way, we will be stuck. And although he did make arrangements to have someone come and clear snow, I doubt they will be able to get to us until the other roads are cleared. But it's cool. Because I already grocery shopped, laid in firewood, stocked up on candles and matches. We will hunker down and enjoy the isolation. Sean will miss work, but I know he won't mind. (Because my children are crazy too, apparently). So, call me crazy, but I'm looking forward to Snowmaggedon. I hope the rest of you stay safe and warm as well!

And on the cold wintry theme, here's a convo from dinner the other night:

Lu: I have a great idea for how to save the Polar Bears! I'm going to go buy all the bags of ice at Walmart and take them to the North Pole to replace the melting ice caps.

Me: How are you going to get them there? I think they'll melt on the drive up.

Lu: In a refrigerated truck. Duh. Like the one they took Frosty the Snowman in.

Sean: You do realize that's not going to be enough ice, right?

Lu: I'll stop at every Walmart along the way.

Me: But how will you get it all the way to the North Pole? You can't drive there.

Lu: Sure you can. Haven't you heard of Ice Road Truckers?

Me: Um. Yeah, but there's no road. Maybe you could fly along and dump it out.

Sean: And you do realize that if the polar ice caps are melting, then your measly bags of ice are going to melt too. That's like dumping ice in a lukewarm drink.

Lu: Whatever, Sean. It will work.

Me: Do you think Polar Bears prefer crushed or cubed ice?

Lu: Crushed. Duh.

Sean: Well I'm going to shoot all your Polar Bears.

Lu: You can't shoot Polar Bears, they're extinct.

Me: I think you mean endangered, honey.

Sean: A. Polar Bears are not extinct. B. But if they were, you're right. You sure as heck wouldn't be able to shoot them.

By this time I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Hope you are too.

Happy Snowmaggedon!


  1. Your kids are so funny! It has been a crazy year of snow...even for us! Stay safe but have fun and build a frosty for us!

  2. Two posts?!?! *panting* One week1?!?! *more panting* Do I dare to dream this means you'll be here every day?

    *looses consciousness*

  3. OK just a suggestion for Lu, she has to make sure to not drop the plastic bags because if the Polar Bears eat them, they just may become extinct, constipated for sure, then possibly extinct.

    Enjoy the snow :)

  4. I feel the same way ... unfortunately, I have a boss that would rather see me dead on the side of the road than stay home where it is safe ... and we are bracing for your storm today ... BOO!

  5. I love your conversations!

    We're not getting slammed with snow, it's just very cold. Like negative degrees cold.

  6. I hope you all managed to stay safe and warm.

    And I'm sure the polar bears would appreciate Lu's good know, if they weren't extinct. ;)