Saturday, November 20, 2010

The one where a hatchling leaves the nest and why I will never be famous...

A friend and blog reader emailed me the other day just to check and see how things are going in "Spotsville". I replied that things are hopping. And its true. I wish I could tell you all about it, but some things will have to wait. But first, I want to thank each and everyone of you for not only reading about my vida loca but also for caring about it. And to the many of you I keep in touch with outside the blog...I adore you.

So we are currently down in household size from 6 to 4. And no I don't mean because Mike is so busy working on the dining hall roof that he's hardly ever home. Although that is true and is a small bone of contention. I mean who else can say that the "other woman" is a tin roof her husband is building. Complete with "floating rafters" (whatever the hell that means). He even sent me a picture in a text message the other day of the roof. I answered "um. wow. It looks roof-y?"

No, Luke and Lu have called it splitsville. Well, actually, Lu decided it was splitsville and so he moved out roughly two weeks ago. Sometimes, things just don't work out and you have to move on.

And Bobby is leaving the nest. His brother bought a house and asked him to move in with him and his girlfriend. It's twenty minutes closer to town and not on a gravel road. We agreed that this was a good time for him to test his wings. We also made sure he knew that if it didn't work out he still had a home to come back too. I will miss him. And yet, I'm proud. It's a funny bag of mixed emotions.

And now for some random conversations that have taken place over the last few days:

***As Lu and I were standing in line to see the play "Forever Plaid" at the local community theatre:

Lu: *leaning over to kiss me on the cheek* Thanks.

Me: For what? The tickets were free.

Lu: No. For making me pretty.

Me: Um. Well, I didn't have a lot to do with that. That's more of a "thank the Universe" kind of thing. What brought that on anyway?

Lu: I was just looking around and looking at you and you're pretty and I look just like you, therefore I'm pretty too.

Me: Oh. Well in that case, you're totally welcome. You're really just glad I don't dress horrible and embarrass you, aren't you?

Lu: Yeah, that too.

***The other day when Mike came into my office in the middle of the day:

Mike: Are you working?

Me: Generally if you hear the keyboard typing non stop I'm working yes.

Mike: Oh then I won't bother you.

Me: You kind of already have so you might as well just tell me what you need.

Mike: I don't need anything.

Me: Then why did you come in here?

Mike: I was just checking on you.

Me: Checking on me how? What did you think had happened to me exactly?

Mike: I don't know.

Me: *sighing* well I'm glad we cleared that up. I'm fine thanks. I just bid on a new job. It would be a lot of articles though. I'd probably have to start taking myself a little more seriously and really putting in 6 to 8 hours a day.

Mike: you don't need to do that.

Me: I know. But I want to. And extra money would be nice, it would pay really well.

Mike: You don't need to do that because we keep you plenty busy around here taking care of us.

Me: Did you honestly just say I can't further my career because you and the kids are so needy?!

Mike: Yeah. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

Me: You should probably leave my office now. *And that my friends, is why I'll never be famous. Because my family requires too much of my time.*

***Sean and I talking before he went to bed last night, Lu was in the room too.

Me: So who painted your nails this time?

Sean: Dawn at work. I need to take it off before Monday so she can do a better job. She was in a hurry.

Me: Are you going to take it off before your scout thing tomorrow?

Sean: Nope. I did the last one with sparkly pink nails that my supervisor painted.

Lu: Only you would be able to find a job where you get to do such ridiculous things and still get paid.

Me: Are you going to take it off before your date with Lizzie?

Lu: Where are you taking Lizzie?

Sean: Hamilton Family Diner. I promised her some ham fam next time she was back. And no, I'm not.

Me: I wish you would.

Sean: Why? Are you being gender stereotypical?

Me: No. I just don't like fingernail polish on guys. You know how goth guys wear black fingernail polish? I just don't like it.

Sean: It's not black. It's Burgundy.

Lu: *Explodes into giggles.* It's Burgundy!!

Me: I don't care what color it is, I just don't like it.

Lu: *more hysterical laughter* It's Burgundy!

Me: Um. Are you alright there Lu?

Lu: Yes. You guys just crack me up. You should blog this. It's Burgundy. *giggle snort*

And that's what's going on around here.

Have a great weekend,


  1. Yeah the nest may be emptier but I suspect you'll fins 'em creeping in all too often.

  2. I'm proud to see that all is going well and that it's burgundy instead of black because there is a big difference.

    Be proud of your needy family because all of these experiences just may be the book that makes you famous :)

  3. I'm with Jimmy. You guy's could actually be a sitcom with your conversations and THAT could make you famous. Writing sitcom about your own life. Or a bestseller that becomes a blockbuster movie! Hey I wonder who would play you? Julia Roberts is too old to be you and Natalie Portman is too young....I'll have to think about that one! ;-)

  4. Too funny. All of you. I love it. And you. :o)

  5. Well, burgundy is certainly a step up from, say, hot pink. That would just make him appear slutty. :)

  6. "Sean: Why? Are you being gender stereotypical?"

    I love it! Really cute and funny stuff. I have missed your exciting convos. The new job sounds good except for neglecting the family part. :-)

    That is so wild about the nest getting emptier. I bet it is sooo different with two less people!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week!

  7. Wow ... some of that news was unexpected.

    You are always a pleasure to read ... love the crazy convos at your house.


  8. The adventures of Spotville never fails to entertain. Now what is that news you're not telling us???

  9. Sean should stick with the sparkly. I'm very wise in these things. Trust me.

  10. Jerry~ too true. And it's only slightly less full. Soon to be filled again.

    Jimmy~ I know. Thank gosh it was burgandy! Lol.

    Peg~ isn't it funny when you think about who would play you? I've always had my heart set on Sandra Bullock playing me. =]

    Hamletsmistress~ you know that love is totally returned.

    Mindy~ I gigglesnorted so hard when I read this comment. We wouldn't want him to appear slutty. Lol.

    Angelia~ it is very different. But in a nice quiet kind of way. =]

    Dani~ thank you maam! We aim to amuse. Oh, there's more unexpected news on the way to be sure.

    Dreamfarm girl~ You are the only one who asked! I find that odd. I thought everyone would be curious. News coming soon.

    Elly~ I will pass on your wisdom. I'm sure he'll heed it. Besides he said he liked the way the sparkly caught the light..


  11. It's Burgundy! Isn't it just Fabulous?

  12. LOL! Yall are always having a great time together. Love it! Hope the upcoming news is good. Hope you get that new gig.

    "You should probably leave my office now." LMAO!