Saturday, February 27, 2010

And then she said...

So, I've been absent a few days and I'm so far behind in my blog reading/commenting. You guys should maybe stop being so prolific. I mean, if I skip a day even, I get behind. The other day I was even contemplating giving up an hour of sleep in order to catch up. And if you knew how much I love my sleep, you'd realize that this is crazy talk!! So stop blogging while I'm sleeping, it makes me feel lazy.

So I got the results of the gall bladder glowing x-ray. No, they didn't call me, I had to call them. The other nurse (the one who actually knows her shit) said the test came back normal. The doctor was out this week so no idea what the next move is. I told her I've been doing okay lately so I'll just let them know if anything gets worse. My bruise is till pretty. Although its not purple anymore, just browns, yellow and gray.

We got CJ on Wednesday and then took him back yesterday. We had an awesome visit and I will update you later with pictures. But today I'm exhausted. I stayed up way too late finishing the fabulous new Joe Hill book. And all the busy this week is catching up with me. So today I'm just going to give you some convos that I have rattling around in my head from these last few weeks. If they're as funny as they were to us at the time, you may want to set your drink down...

Driving to pick up some food in Myrtle Beach after shopping all day~

Lu: I'm really thirsty!

Sean: Me too.

Me: I know right?! I'd kill for a fountain coke (my weakness) right about now.

Lu: Why do people say that? I'd kill for something. I mean, would you? Really?

Me: Um. Yeah. I think I would kill for a Coke right now. I mean, not someone I liked. But someone I didn't like. Like J** E***? I'd totally take him down for a fountain Coke right now.

Sean: You scare me.

Lu: I get you. I guess there's totally people I'd take out for a Coke right now.

The other morning, right after I got up and stumbled in to get a cup of coffee, as I passed through the living room on my way to the family room~

Sean: So I guess the faggots only killed black cats.

Me: (completely appalled at his use of the word "faggots" and also completely confused as to what he's talking about) What?!

Sean: (a little slower) The faggots only killed black cats.

Me: Why would faggots kill cats?

Sean: What faggots?

Me: Exactly?!!

Sean: Omigod! I said the VATICAN only kills black cats.

Me: Oh. Well that's not what it sounded like. But that does make more sense. How do you know?

Sean: I watched a program on history channel last night.

Me: Oh. Huh. (and I walked off).

After dinner the other night, as we're clearing up and talking about getting our vehicles fixed~

Lu: well Porky needs to look at my car. I really need that new blower motor because I don't think mine's working at all. I drove the whole way to work this morning and the car never heated up.

Me: Really? It was cold in there the whole time? Because it was making noise when I borrowed your car, but the heat seemed to be working.

Lu: Well the temperature thing never did get all the way to where it usually does.

Hubby: (with a slightly perplexed look that was mirrored by Sean and I) what temperature thing honey?

Lu: You know! The one that says "H" and "C" and has the little read needle. When my car is warm it's usually between the "H" and the "C", but today it barely got above the "C".

Hubby: (desperately trying not to laugh) Honey, that gauge measures the temperature of your engine, not the inside of your car. It was extremely cold this morning so your engine never warmed up all the way. That has nothing to do with your heater or blower motor.

By now, Sean and I are convulsing with laughter and Hubby loses it too.

Lu: STOP making fun of me!! It's not that funny!

But it really was. She was so mad she went to her room and slammed her door. All night long the rest of us could barely look at each other without laughing again. But because I'm a good mom, I did go talk her out of her sulk. But?? Buahahahaha.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I fully intend too!!


  1. No Coke and no cats here. Just dogs and Pepsi... so back off, lady!

    Funny post.

  2. 'C'mon, you know you have something t say! Just do it already!'

    Well no -- I don't have anything to say other that I didn't take your advice and set my coffee down. Now it is all over my shirt from laughing.

    I'll send you the cleaning bill!

  3. I so know what you mean about getting behind when you can't read for a day or two. I've just had to accept that I can't read & post as often as I'd like. Heartbreaking, I know!

    The faggot/vatican thing rings so my house we are always misunderstanding what we're saying to each other, which leads to some pretty interesting conversations. Though usually entirely meaningless and amazingly long.

  4. I've been completely out of the loop lately too, my Google Reader count is up in the 200s! Ugh.

    I'll have to try to request the new Joe Hill book from the library, I'm still waiting for the Stephen King book, it's in high demand...who knew?

    I can't wait till my kids start driving, I'm sure it will provide endless comedic material...although, wait, I am so not looking forward to the kids driving!

    Glad your tests came back normal but I hope you get your questions answered soon.

  5. I am having trouble keeping up too ...

    Funny convos seem the "norm" inside your family circus ... you really should write a sit com about your fam ... it would rival the Cosbys - I'm certain.


  6. The vatican kills cats?!?! But I can't get a cat from an animal shelter without 6 references and a hope inspection? Bitches.

    Oh but I'm happy for your TB.

  7. Tell Lu sorry but it REALLY IS that funny. I'm glad you warned me to put down my coffee cup cuz I lost it over the faggot/vatican killing black cats! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  8. SG~ I like you're safe from any Coke-fueled killing sprees. Wow. I wonder how that's going to pop up in a search engine. I'm probably on a "no-fly" list after that

    Jerry~ um. You can't send me the bill as I so obviously put a disclaimer in my post!! But I'm sorry you got coffee on your shirt. But I'm also glad that it's because I made you laugh.

    DfG~ He really should know not to talk to me for the first 45 minutes as there are apt to be misunderstandings. But I'm really glad that random black cats aren't being murdered!

    Mrs Bear~ You poor thing!! Still waiting on the Stephen King?! By the time the library gets to you, it'll probably be in the bargain bin at Walmart!! It should be out in paperback by september if that helps! And yes, the new Joe Hill is absolutely amazing!!

    Dani~ they are the "norm" for us. Lol. Hmmm...a sitcom. We're probably not that funny.

    Elly~ I know right?! Ridiculous. It's like they think they're special or something.

    Suzicate~ Thanks. Glad to make you laugh. I am having a good weekend. =]


  9. Oh, too funny! Love the one about the Vatican!

  10. That was hilarious! Hubby and I got a really good laugh over Lulu and her heater! LOL!

    Glad your gall bladder is okay.