Sunday, October 9, 2011

The one where music is useful...

So my husband actually got on me the other day about blogging. No, he wasn't telling me to stop. He was telling me it had been too long in between posts. Apparently, he checks out my blog every couple of days. I found this pretty humorous. I mean, he lives with me, he knows what goes on.

Then he came in yesterday and said that one of the scout ladies (the one who painted the thunder bird sign and did a fantastic job of it) was looking at some pictures someone had tagged on FB of her son and somehow ended up at my blog. He clearly admitted he had no clue how FB worked so I explained how this random occurrence may have happened. Anywho, he said that she started reading this blog and her husband was reading the work on my author blog. So hello new people! I love you. Thank you for reading my ramblings. Of course, if you know Mike and Sean, you know it's all true.

And I know that you guys are still waiting on the wedding post. And I have another post about Sean & I in Ohio, but honestly, I'm swamped with work right now so this has to be just a quick funny post.

We like music. Not unusual I'm sure, except that we have very eclectic tastes and on road trips have to listen to some of every one's music. This makes for some entertaining CDs, let me tell you. Recently, music popped up in a couple of conversations~

On Lu's wedding day, as we were driving to the salon to get her hair done~

Me: So are you excited?

Lu: Yes, very.

Me: Are you super nervous?

Lu: I am. Marriage is a big commitment.

Me: It is. And you come from a long line of very long marriages. And marriage is hard work. But just remember, when times get hard, remember when you were sitting there by the water, he put his arm around you for the first time...

Lu: What?

Me: It works for Tay-tay.

Lu: Are you quoting me Taylor Swift lyrics as marriage advice?

Me: Yes. And also- Love is a battlefield.

And when Sean and I were driving back from Ohio, we were listening to Hot Chelle Rae's "Tonight tonight". At the end of the song, I was singing the "whoa, oh, oh" part.~

Sean: Why are just singing the "whoa, oh, oh" part?

Me: Because I'm good at it. Listen, "whoa, oh, oh"

Sean: You know most people like to picture themselves as the lead singer and sing that part.

Me: Um, I know my limitations. I'm not lead singer material. I'm definitely more of a "whoa, oh, oh" singer. Or maybe a "La, la, la" girl.

Sean: Only you.

Me: I'm comfortable with the back up singer role, because I'm pretty sure that lead singer can't write a story to scare the stuffing out of anyone.

And when my sister, Sean and I were going car shopping~

Me: Sean, you are looking sick and sexified.

Sean: I've got that glitter on my eyes.

Hildi: And your stockings, ripped up the sides?

Me: And his hot pants, on and up.

Hildi: I got Jesus on my neck-a-lus.

Sean: We are who we are.

That's from Key-dollar sign-ha's song "We are who we are" in case you don't listen to Ke$ha. And yes, we're liable to comment with a line from a song at any point in time. No matter the gravity of the situation. Because we really are who we are.

So I hope someone gets a giggle out of this. I will try to post more frequently so my hubby knows what I'm doing. And because you all deserve it.

Happy Sunday,


  1. I got a good laugh out of that! I so love your family conversations. Our family is sort of the same with our eclectic musical tastes. But our kids will listen to about anything now!

  2. Peg- I'm glad someone did! Lol. I love them too. I just wish I had more time for blogging them and reading blogs lately.