Saturday, April 9, 2011

The one where we need to have a little chit chat...

So my Dad has this voice that we call his "dictator voice". It means that in the following discussion he will brook no whining, silly excuses or disagreement. He's kind of like Dr. Phil. (If Dr. Phil had spent 24 years in the Air Force bossing around other people and dealing with live bombs). Even at my advanced age and parental status, the "dictator voice" scares me. But I called him on it and now it's kind of a joke. Still, when he starts a sentence with "we need to talk", I figure I've got some 'splaining to do and start frantically searching my mind for what I've screwed up recently.

It has come to my attention recently that I "need to have a talk" with some people out there. The subject? Lu's pregnancy and the father of her baby. It seems somewhat crazy to me, in this day and age, that people are blaming Luke for this situation. Wth? Peeps, wake up and smell the decade! It's not the fifties folks. If I was going to take anyone to task over Lu's pregnancy (which I am most certainly NOT), it would be Lu! She's the one who's responsible for her own body. And here's why:

1.) She's not sixteen. She's nineteen and legally an adult. She was raised to make her own decisions and well educated on sex and birth control. She knows how to prevent pregnancy and not to rely on someone else to handle that prevention.

2.) Luke is only a year older than she is. Its not like he's some older guy who walked in and seduced an innocent and then abandoned her.

3.) They were planning on getting married when said conception occurred. They'd been in a monogamous relationship and living together for a year and a half. And we'd already started looking at wedding dresses for heaven's sake!

4.) He did not abandon her, she asked him to leave. While there was some miscommunication and screw ups in the beginning, he was not trying to abandon his child or Lu. In fact, he's been doing a pretty decent job of stepping up.

5.) Neither of them planned nor anticipated this pregnancy. It was an accident of malfunction. Shit happens. And it happens for a reason.

Therefore, there is no blame to place and I would like everyone to stop trying to assign some. Mike & I are not angry because Luke "knocked up our little girl". For real people?! We are truly supportive of them both in their effort to work things out and become the truly awesome parents we know they can be. So back off or I'm going to come at you like a spider monkey.

And now for a giggle~

The other night Mike, Sean and I were watching a scary movie:

Me: Omg! Why would he put his bed between two windows?! Who does that?? The only way to watch them both at the same time is to sleep on your back. I can't sleep on my back. I'd be exhausted all the time!

Mike: You do realize our bed is between two windows, right?

Me: Yes. But that's different. You're between me and one of them.

In the car:

Sean: What is that smell?

Me: I don't know. But it kind of smells like soybeans. Its spring, time for weird smells in farm country. It must be an RSC.

Sean: RSC?

Me: Random soybean cloud.

On the return trip:

Me: Ewwww. That stinks! RCSC!

Sean: RCSC?

Me: Random cow shit cloud.

Sean: You truly confound me with your ability to make up and throw out random acronyms. Its like you don't even have to stop and think about it.

Me: I know. Lightening fast acronym skills are just one of my many super powers.

Sean: Make that an acronym.


Sean: Astonishing. But not particularly useful.

Me: You're just jealous.

On the way to the movies:

Sean: Come on *dancing in his seat* let's get pumped up for this!

Me: You want me to sing the "Friday" song? "We so excited"

Sean: No! Wait..."partyin partyin"


Sean: No but let's get P to the U to the M to the...*loooong pause*

Me: To the P

Sean: *crickets chirping*

Me: to the E to the D. You know, your rapping would be more effective if you could actually spell.

Sean: That's right. Make fun of the Dyslexic guy.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday as much as I am,


  1. You're too quick for me with those acronyms...heck, I had to double check how to spellit...I'm with Sean, stop showing off your mad skilz and picking on us dyslexic people!

  2. You're daughter is 19 and you're right. She has just as much responsibility when it comes to birth control as Luke. And guess what, birth control isn't a 100% fool-proof. Go figure.

    It's great that she has supportive parents and you haven't sent her to the nuns to have the baby in secret (I think that's what would have happened in the 1940s & 1950s).

    Do soybeans really smell?

  3. First you are absolutely right on the Lu/Luke situation. It would aggravate me too.

    Second, you guys crack me up with your convos. I love your acronym skilz and am a little jealous here! Tell Sean don't feel bad, hubby is a really bad speller too and he can't blame dyslexia.

  4. Suzi~ Sorry! But he's right. Acronym skills are not highly called for. Lol.

    LittleMs~ Yes soybeans do have a distinct and not good smell. And I know! I was convinced when I was a teenager that if I should get pregnant, I'd be sent to a home for unwed mothers. Thank goodness times have changed.

    Peg~I'm glad you stopped by and got a laugh! I think bad spelling is like an epidemic. I guess in the grand scheme of things, its not that important anymore.


  5. You are perfectly right on Luke situation,nice post,your way of writing really attracts me

  6. Yesterday was Thurrrsssday, TODAY is FRIDAY.


    OMG! Have you heard the heavy metal version? I couldn't stop watching it? LOL.

    I can't believe that song - hilarious.

    Reading about Lu and the whole parent thing - I just keep telling myself please don't let me grow up and be old fashioned.

    Glad you spoke up for her. I'm proud of her and her adult decisions. :-)

  7. *sticks tongue out at your dad ... and runs away*

    Not his place to say ... sez I.

    You have a beautiful (and highly enviable) family unit ... and any addition to it (be it grand babies or sons in common-law) will be nothing short of a blessing!

    *blows raspberry*