Friday, April 29, 2011

The one where I try to do way too many things at one time...

Tell me I'm not the only one who bites off more than I can chew. Show of hands, how many of you out there feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Wow. That's a lot of you. And sorry Gents, but it seems like it's a "woman" thing. I'm convinced its a holdover from caveman days. You guys got to go out and hunt down game while we stayed behind and picked berries, tended children, washed the furs and cooked. Overworked since the beginning of time. Totally explains why I'm so exhausted.

So what all am I doing that makes me too busy to blog? Or read blogs? Or comment? Home Improvement. We painted this house (every room but the kitchen) when we moved in. That's 9 years ago in May. Needless to say, they all need repainting. And the carpets need shampooed. And there was a mold issue in the bathroom. And I need to get it done before Lu's baby arrives. Then there's the showers to plan. Baby showers that is. And a bachelorette shindig. I'm in a wedding in June. There are tomatoes and peppers to plant. And lately, there are books to be read and reviews to write. There are authors to interview. There's a proofreading business to launch and there's fiction to write. And lest anyone forget- this is the time of year when I see my husband only at bedtime. If it weren't for Sean, I'd be trying to do this all on my own. But as luck would have it he's a fantastic painter. And we work well together. Way better than Mike and I work together.

I hope that you all enjoy the author interviews. I plan on doing one a week, tied in with the book I'll review at See Spot Read. There are a lot of great Indie authors out there and they need the word of mouth. Since their ebooks are priced affordably it's a win-win. And who doesn't love finding a new author?

So now some funnies:

Sean and I were painting the bathroom last week and of course we were smack talking each other the entire time. I'd just shot him a really sarcastic comment when I realized I need more paint on my corner tool. As I was up on a chair painting near the ceiling, I handed the tool to him and asked him to get paint on it for me. As soon as I grasped the handle to take it from him, I realized he'd loaded the handle with paint and now my hand was full of wet paint. I was hopping mad. Cursing, I stomped out of the bathroom to wash my hand. He was convulsed with laughter. When I told Mike and Lu about it? Yeah, they doubled over with laughter too. Rude.

Last night Lu and Sean were in my room talking to me as I got ready for bed (don't ask, it's a nightly occurrence. I've tried kicking them out but for some reason they pick that time to talk.) I told them that my thumb I'd sliced on the can lid had healed funny and felt kind of mushy. They both felt it~

Sean: you're crazy. It feels fine to me.

Lu: Yeah, it feels the same as your other thumb.

Me: no it doesn't! You're dad even thought it felt funny.

Lu: It's dad. He always agrees with you.

Sean: Yeah, you could tell him the sky was purple and he'd agree.

Me: *yelling loudly down the hall* Hey Mike!

Mike: *yelling back* Yeah?

Me: The sky is purple.

Mike: Oh yeah?

We all collapsed in giggles. Way to back me up honey!

And last but not least, have any of you ever thought you heard something that wasn't there? Like when you're falling asleep and you could swear someone says your name? Or sometimes I wake up thinking the phone rang but it's all silent.

Me: Remember how I told you that sometimes I hear things?

Mike: Yeah?

Me: It's called auditory hallucinations. I looked it up on the Internet and all I could find was...

Mike: Schizophrenia?

Me: yeah.

Sean: So you're schizophrenic?

Me: of course not! We all agree on that.

Sean: Who's we?

Me: All the voices in my head. Duh.


Me: Anyway, I'm not the only one. Lu has them too.

Mike: Well that explains a lot.

Sean: Maybe you're psychic. Maybe its the dead calling and you should get up and answer the phone that's not ringing. They might have important messages for you.

Me: Hmmm. Sounds like there's a story idea in there.

Sean: They might be like "Stacey...don't leave you're house on Tuesday..."

Lu: That's just creepy. I'm not answering the phone in the night ever again.

Well, I'm off to paint trim because it is a beautiful sunny day and I can't waste it. I'm sure the rain will be back tomorrow. Hope all is well with you dear readers. See you when I next come up for air...



  1. The voices in my head agree with the voices in your head and would like them to turn off that fax machine.

  2. Just don't let the voices start arguing with one another because they will put you in the middle every time! I always enjoy reading your family conversations.

  3. I hear a lot of noises in my house late at night and then have problems falling asleep because I think the animals in my attic are going to come downstairs and nibble on my toes. Luckily, hubby put a have-a-heart trap upstairs and there is nothing. I am very happy with that news since May is clean the attic out month (okay, that sounds as though I do it every year, but this is the first time I'm doing it).

    Btw, when you're done painting, want to do my house? Thanks in advance. :-)

  4. You guys are hilarious. Cany you guys come over and paint my house and let me watch and listen? What entertainment you guys are!!!

  5. Ha! Sounds like you're keeping Sean pretty busy. I'll bet the house looks excellent. It seems like everyone's been pretty darn busy these days. Add to that the fact that we're all so darn happy that winter's OVER, baby!!

    I know I owe you an email. I just need to wash my hair. And throw on a load of laundry...


  6. Hmmm ... the voices in my head agree with you and Elly Lou: and want everyone to just SHUT THE BLEEP UP! I'm trying to sleep over here!

    Good to see you are still conquering your world ... one room at a time.