Friday, September 2, 2011

The one where my children make me laugh...

Okay, so that's pretty much every post. My children are silly and ridiculous and crazy just like I am and we spend a lot of time laughing at each other. Personally, I'm convinced that's a good thing. I think it works as well as my Oil of Olay to keep me looking and feeling young. So these are some snippets from this week...

Lu had her 6 week check up at the doctor after Dylan's birth. And because she hates to go anywhere and especially to the doctor by herself, she drug me along.

Me: I can't believe you lost 21 pounds already. That's amazing.

Lu: It's not enough. I'm still fat and gross.

Me: You are not fat and gross. Your body just changes when you have a baby and never goes back to quite the same. But you look gorgeous and healthy and amazing.

Lu: My thighs are enormous. They rub together.

Me: Um, no. Your thighs are not enormous. My thighs are enormous and rub together. Yours barely whisper "hello" in passing.

*Huge eye-roll from her*

Me: I'm so blogging this.

And Sean and I went to see the Air Force and Navy Recruiters-

Air force- You'd be really great at special ops. We really need para-rescue, combat control, and combat weather.

Me- what does combat weather do?

Sean- duh. They're weathermen.

Me- but how do you combat the weather? I mean, it just is, there's nothing you can do about it.

Air force- (trying not to laugh) they monitor the weather conditions in the combat zone. If the wind is blowing 300 miles an hour you can't jump out of a plane. Well, you can. You just won't make it to the ground with a parachute.

Me- ohhh...


Navy- So let me ask you this- if you went into infantry in the Marines, what would you do with that when you got out? There's not a lot of call for guys who just know how to kill people.

Sean- well I'd probably start out with bank robbing and depending upon my level of success and degree of enjoyment, I might try out serial killing.

Me- he's a bit of a smart ass. Good luck with that.


Navy- and since you're stuck on the boat for six months and get a little stir crazy, we stop in different ports so you can have some R&R.

Me- and that's how the Navy got their reputation. Shore Leave.

Sean- She's a bit of a smart ass too.

Navy- must be where you get it.

Later in the car, Sean and I were discussing his options. And I asked about search and rescue or being a Navy diver.

Sean: I hate rescuing people.

Me: But you're a lifeguard.

Sean: I know and I hate it. I had to rescue ten kids this summer and I hate it. I just want to say "Listen moron, if you can't swim that well you probably shouldn't be in water over your head."

Me: But you still saved them.

Sean: And you know the stupidest rescue? The one where the kid was wearing a life jacket. For criminy sake! A life jacket! Swim your ass back to shore! And out of ten rescues? Only one kid said "thank you."

Me: Really? That is kind of sucky. I'd totally thank someone if they rescued me.

Sean: Yeah, and that was one I pulled out for hypothermia. Poor kid apologized for having to be rescued and then said thank you. But I still had to get in that cold water and he got my shirt and towel wet also so I was freezing after that.

Me: So rescue of any kind is out for Sean, the reluctant lifeguard. So noted.

See, total ridiculousness. It's what we do. Also, if Lu doesn't stop being so damn picky and find a dress for her wedding soon, I'm going to pull my hair out. She has no clue what she wants. She won't even decide on a flower for the bouquet. We have two weeks left here folks. Two short weeks. Arghhhh...


PS- first I bitch about not getting enough comments and then I hide the comment thingie. Smart, eh? For those of you having trouble- it's invisible until you roll over it with your mouse. It's right by the time stamp. I'll try to get it back....


  1. purple leather mini - what more needs to be said?

  2. Your relationship with Sean is very similar to my own with my son. He's one of my favorite people to be around! It sounds like you guys have lots going on and I wish you luck with all of it. Enjoying the blog - thanks!

  3. Two weeks til the wedding?!?! I thought I was waiting too long getting my dress a month ahead. Are you guys a ball of stress or what?

    Jason is a marine. He was in Japan a year and his brother is a marine and got stationed in Hawaii. Those are good enough reasons for me. Lol.

  4. brinkka2011 says: Thanks so much for posting all of the good content! I am looking forward to reading more.

  5. I'm sure the rescuing gets old quick. You'd think people would be more grateful about not drowning and stuff.

    Oh my goodness, weddings and babies and recruitment, oh my! Never a dull moment!

    21 lbs at 6 weeks. Lu is a rockstar. Tell her not to worry about her whispering thighs, mine are fit to start fires but that's okay. Who doesn't love some curves?