Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The one where I'm someone's favorite...

That's right! I'm some one's favorite blogger of the week. Okay, so my post was her favorite post of the week. But that totally translates into me being her favorite blogger, of the week anyway. So you should totally read Hamlet's Mistress' post!

In other odd news about me- Did any of you watch Bret Michael's Rock of Love show? C'mon, you can admit it, we're all friends here. No one will point and laugh, much. I watched it. All three seasons. Let's face it- Bret is still hott. And those crazy women! The drama, the fights, the boozing all go a long way towards making me happy I'm not them. So anyway, on season 2, there was this chick from Brazil, Marcia. She was the one who threw up and then kissed Brett (he didn't know). Yeah, now you remember her! She started following me on twitter, out of the blue, just randomly. How weird is that? Like I told Sean- I'm famous, yo.

Also, checking my blog stats and where people travel to my blog from, I'm still popular with the Eastern European crowd (shout out to my homies in The Czech Republic!) but also now, I'm popular with the goth crowd. Woot woot! I was wearing black and reading horror before it was a whole subculture. Go me!

Seriously, I don't understand any of this, but I'm thankful that anyone reads my ramblings. And the fam? Well, they are doing well.

Sean was home for just over 24 hours between West Virginia and New Mexico. Drove him to the train station on Monday evening. May have cried a little after he boarded. He may be a "hott guy" to some of you, but he's still my baby. And while I have complete confidence in his ability to take care of himself, it seems like we've graduated to a new era of his independence and I'm feeling a little lost. Plus, I miss him.

And Lu is settling in to being a mom with remarkable aplomb. Sure, she occasionally tries to pass off a dirty diaper to me to change (ain't happening folks, I did my share), she does everything else herself. Although, she will take me up on the offer to watch Dylan so she can get some sleep occasionally. He's an awesome baby but seems to think playtime is from 11pm to 2am. He's obviously a night owl like his mama. Unfortunately he also thinks being awake from 7am to 9 or so is cool. Not so much his mama and daddy.

Being a grandma is great. I get to smoobie the hell out of that baby, but don't have to get up in the night, change diapers or deal with the "after baby" body grossness. Mike is also way thrilled with being a grandpa.

And the editing business is booming, which reminds me that I need to get back to work...

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Totally watched Rock of Love, but only the first season.

    Personally, I keep waiting for the day to say, "I'm huge in Europe." :)

    Yes, get back to work!!

  2. I'm big in Oman. That's all I got.

  3. Granny Spot, You know what I just noticed? people almost never use the word "aplomb". Thanks for that. Perhaps in Czech they use it all the time but somehow I think they spell and pronounce it differently. Babies are cool. Wonder how old is too old for me to make another one...I'm gonna look soooo dumb on "Maury" when Starkeisha says I am her baby-daddy. OKAY I am rambling...much bloggy love to all!

  4. Claudia~ you missed some of the real crazies if you only watched season one! You will be big everywhere one day soon! And then you'll have to take your Editor *cough cough me* with you when you do European book signing tours. =]

    Elly~ You are popular everywhere! (I was going to say 'big' but I know that you're pregnant and would totally take that the wrong way!) Not just in countries where they have harems and stuff. Although, I can see how they would like your blog. =]

    Mark~ It is so good to hear from you blogbuddy!! I love the word "aplomb"! And you're right, it rarely gets it's fair share of play. I don't think guys are ever too old to make babies, however I would caution you against doing so with girls named Starkeisha. I do love the Maury show though! (I am 110% sure that I don't know who my baby daddy is!) LMAO!!


  5. I couldn't stomach Rock of Love.

    However, I DID watch Bret's reality show. His kids are adorable!

  6. We're of different worlds, I guess! Where you've never heard of Otakon or cosplayers, I've never heard of Bret Michael or Rock of Love. I'm just lame to so many people.

    Congratulations on the inter-blog lovin'!

  7. Amber~ I didn't watch the reality show, too tame. I just love to see some good catfights.

    John~ Um. Speechless. I bet Brett Michaels would be stunned to know that there are people who don't know who he is! Take that Brett's ginormous ego!! That's okay- not knowing these things gives us plenty of conversation topics.


  8. I did watch Rock of Love too! I remember her. Wasn't she drunk most of the show? I mean more so than most of them? I think it's really cool she follows you. I can't blame her. You are so followable!