Friday, March 25, 2011

The one where we head for Memphis...

So I don't know how many of you are like me...I'm always up for a road trip. Especially when I'm going through states I've never been to. There's not many states I haven't been to at some point but this trip is hitting a few of them. We started off in Mendon this morning and then hit St. Louis, Mo; Blytheville, Ak; Memphis, Tn; and came to rest in Southaven, Mississippi. Now I've been all over the great state of Tennessee but Arkansas was new to me. We really barely clipped a corner of the state and I was kind of disappointed to find it looked no different then Missouri. After 7 hours, two gas/potty breaks and a ton of 80's music we checked in to our Holiday Inn before going out to chow down on some BBQ (we are just south of Memphis after all!).

Here are some brief glimpses of our day:

After a stop in Arkansas for gas, I asked the attendant how to get back to the highway. Another gentleman joined the conversation and then I headed out to the car where the kids already were.

Sean: Were you talking to people in there?

Me: Um. Yeah. I was getting directions.

Lu: Mother!! Stranger Danger!! Stop talking to strangers.

Me: They weren't that strange...

Sean: You're hopeless...

While driving:

Lu: Can I see the Atlas?

Sean: No.

Lu: please?

Sean: Ask me again in six minutes.

Lu: (waiting) Can I see it now?

Sean: No. You still have two minutes.

Lu: How about now?

Sean: No.

Lu: But you said ask you again in six minutes.

Sean: Yes. But I never said I was going to give it to you...

After dinner we came back to the hotel room and Lu decided to take a shower so she could sleep in a bit later tomorrow. She takes her stuff into the bathroom and we hear the shower start, immediately followed by a thump, an "oh shit!", and strange noises. We couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying.

Sean: do you think she fell?

Me: no. the thump wasn't that loud.

(Lu is still making the noise) I go to the bathroom door and knock.

Me: Are you okay in there?

Lu: (muffled) Yes.

She opens the door and she is laughing so hard she's crying (so it WAS both). She points at the floor and I see it's flooded with water!

Lu: The shower head was pointed out into the bathroom and I didn't see it before I turned the shower on!

Leave it to Lu!

I'm so happy to be back below the mason-dixon line where the only acceptable beverage is sweet tea, everyone says "y'all" and "yes ma'am", and grits are a staple. But I am going to let them keep their fried pickles. Those were just gross dude.

Well tomorrow will come early and we have another 8 hours on the road before we hit the gulf. Good night y'all.



  1. Woo-Hoo! Hope you hit the surf by now.

    I love road trips! Jason and I are heading to hill country today. Should be lots of wildflowers blooming. There is a cavern with bats and a river cruise where you can spot bald eagles. I am so excited!
    Ha. ;-) Enjoy!

    And I would totally do maternity photos of Lu, just plan a road trip to Texas or Oklahoma. I'll meet you. :-)

  2. Ya gotta love grits and ya gotta love G.R.I.T.S. (girls raised in the south). I hope yall have a great time at Gulf Shores!

  3. Sounds like yall are already having loads of fun. Happy traveling!

  4. Nice blog on travelling ,you choosen some interesting things to blog on which i never think about